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The remainder of Christmas Day was uneventful, but Ziva and Tony enjoyed the calm, comfortable relaxation. Tony put on a marathon of Christmas movies until both were tired of the holiday theme, and instead they began to watch classic Cary Grant movies. In the middle of Arsenic and Old Lace, Tony stood and stretched before he walked over to the large window in his living room.

"Snow has finally stopped," he rubbed the fog from the glass to get a better look. "Still piled up, but at least it'll have some time to start warming up and melting before we have to be back at work on Monday."

Ziva chuckled, "Assuming no one gets murdered between now and then."

"It's Christmas. Murderers need a holiday too." He protested. He glanced at the clock, "It's already past six. Think we can find something in there to make for dinner?"

"You have something that could be deemed food and not alcohol?"

He shrugged, "Maybe. We'll find out." Tony headed back towards the kitchen to browse the cupboards and fridge. "I hope there's something here. I doubt anyone's delivering in this weather."

Ziva joined him in his search, "I doubt anyone is even open in this weather." She let out a small cheer, "A box of instant mashed potatoes."

Tony glanced over at the box, "Oh, yeah. Forgot about those." He held up some packages. "I found some cold cuts and cheese. We could make sandwiches with a side of potatoes." Tony placed the food on the counter before he rummaged in the freezer. "Found a bag of steam broccoli. And ice cream for dessert."

"Sounds delicious." Ziva smiled at him as she ripped open the Instant Mashed Potatoes. "So…how does one make these?"


The meal was random, but enjoyable. They munched quietly, watching the end of the movie, the only sound that came from either was occasional laughter as the chaos played out with Grant and his family members.

Ziva licked the last of her ice cream off the spoon and placed the bowl and spoon down on the end table with a light clink. "That was very tasty."

"Not a bad Christmas Day feast." Tony agreed, leaning back comfortably into the cushions.

Ziva pulled her legs underneath her and leaned back as well, sighing with satisfaction. Tony scooted over to her and draped an arm over her shoulder. She snuggled closer into him, resting her head on his chest.

"So I take it we're not going to pretend that nothing happened? We're going to remember everything?" Tony asked cautiously, her head buried in his shirt.

"Perhaps some things need to be remembered." Ziva responded quietly.

He pulled back a little, placing his hand on her cheek as she looked up at him. Tentatively he brought his lips to hers, encouraged as she returned the kiss. He shifted on the couch so that he pulled her on top of him, wary of bringing back memories of Somalia if he pressed himself over her.

Ziva straddled him as she took a sitting stance, leaning down to kiss him as she pulled off the OSU shirt that she still wore from the night before. Tony's breath hitched as he got his first real view of Ziva wearing only her bra which had dried overnight. It was lacier than he had expected – black, which he knew having seen the dark line under her shirt the day before and while wearing his tee shirt, but covered in frills and lace which was surprising for Ziva.

He pulled his own shirt off, raising up off the couch slightly to get it over his head. Ziva ground her hips against his as he growled lowly at her, his arousal already beginning to show through his pants. Leaning back down, Ziva pushed her body tightly against his, kissing him gently. Tony reached around her and unsnapped the hook on her bra effortlessly, pulling the straps down and letting the bra fall to the floor. She groaned lustfully as he reached between them and took her breasts in his hands, massaging each smoothly with his fingers. Tony pushed her up and slipped down further under her to wrap his mouth over her breast, flicking his tongue around on her nipple as she moaned with pleasure above him. Ziva leaned herself over him, reveling in the feel of his mouth on her.

Tony suddenly lifted her up and crawled out from under her, "Come on." He pulled her from the couch and led her to his room.

"A twin bed, Tony?" Ziva raised her eyebrow at his bedroom.

He shrugged, "I'll explain later."

Ziva snorted lightly and crawled backwards on the bed, motioning for Tony to follow.

"Are you okay if we…I mean, if I…" he stuttered a bit moving his arms around to try to mimic him on top.

"It is okay, Tony." Ziva smiled at him, "I trust you."

He returned her smile, and climbed over her on the small bed, lowering over her to kiss down her bare stomach. Tony reached the pajama pants she wore and hooked his fingers in the waistband, pulling on it lightly as he slipped the pants down over her hips, allowing her to kick them off from there. She took her turn as she unbuttoned the jeans he was wearing, pulling on them as he shucked them off as well.

The two paused, taking in the scene before them as both lay in their underwear. Despite the undercover mission as husband and wife, Tony hadn't had a chance to really study her body, and he was enjoying memorizing every part of her.

His erection strained in his boxers as he pulled her panties down slowly, watching her reaction in case she became nervous. Instead she stared up at him, waiting for more, desire in her eyes. Tony pulled off his boxers and pressed himself against her, his cock twitching as she moaned deeply. He rubbed his head against her clit as he slid a finger into her, smiling at the pleasured gasp she let out.

"Tony…" Ziva's voice was rapsy and low, making Tony almost shudder at its sound.

He stroked her quickly as he removed his finger and thrust gingerly into her, filling her slowly. She moaned loudly, pushing her hips against him to fill her deeper. It was his turn to groan in pleasure as she gyrated her hips, causing friction against his cock as he slid halfway in and out of her. "Zee-vaah…" Tony sighed her name with a slight moan.

With a quick smile Ziva wrapped her arms around him and pulled him closer to her and holding him there as he made quick, hard thrusts as she gasped loudly with pleasure, calling out his name. He slipped his hand in between their bodies as he thrust and lightly rubbed her clit with his thumb, keeping time with each movement.

Ziva whimpered his name at his first touch, but then steadily grew louder as she neared orgasm. Tony leaned down and kissed her deeply and forcefully, cutting off her screams in his desire to be closer to her. She moaned against his mouth, its tone growing higher-pitched and more shrill as her climax built rapidly. All at once she pulled away from Tony's kiss, unable to hold it in any longer as she fell over the brink, shuddering wildly as her orgasm flooded through her. She screamed his name in a low voice, engulfed by the ecstasy.

Her screams pushed Tony further towards his own climax, turned on by her lustful voice. He thrust faster and harder as she tightened around him, until he too edged over into his orgasm, surging into her as he called her name, blissfully shuddering with relief.

The pair laid closely together on the small bed, happily wrapped in each others' arms.

"I think I need a bigger bed now."

Ziva chuckled, "Oh, I dunno. It is nice…being this close."

Tony smile, but then laughed, "Until one of us falls off in the night that is."

"Then how about we go to the couch and watch a movie?" Ziva suggested, detangling herself from Tony's legs.

"Sure. And then if the movie gets boring I'm sure we can find…something else…to do." Tony grinned at her.

"Mmm…I like the way you think, Tony."

They each pulled on their underwear, the apartment a little chilly. "I see now you weren't lying when you said you're a screamer." Tony winked at her as he headed towards the living room, Ziva following behind.

"I am not afraid to enjoy physical pleasure. Many are ashamed; they should not be. It is natural." Ziva shrugged at him as she settled on the couch.

"And now it's my turn to like the way you think." Tony chuckled as he grabbed his phone, checking for missed calls from their boss. "Got a text from Abby. Probably a 'Merry Christmas' message." He opened the text and read it, a confused look crossing his face.

"What does it say?" Ziva's curiosity was picked by his confusion.

"It says…'hope Santa brought you what you wanted. He sure came through for me.'" Tony looked over at Ziva. "Wonder what that's supposed to mean?"

"I suppose Abby had a good Christmas?" Ziva guessed. "Perhaps she got the gift she was hoping for?"

Tony placed his phone back on the end table. "I guess so. At least I'll be able to tell her on Monday that Santa gave me what I wanted too…" He smiled over at her and held out his arm.

"I think I can agree there. Even if Hanukkah is over." She slipped into his arms, glancing out the large bay window in the living room at the snow that had started to fall once more. This time she was not worried about being stuck in the apartment. That prospect suddenly seemed a lot more promising.