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Rating: R ish, meaning I'm not exactly sure yet but we'll go with that for now.

Pairing: Santana/Brittany

Summary: When Santana starts to feel lonely and wants a room mate her friends try and help her out. All she was expecting was a room mate and maybe a friend, love was never supposed to be part of the picture.

All Or Nothing

Santana Lopez was sitting in her apartment talking with her best friend Quinn Fabray, and Quinn's girlfriend Rachel, who Santana had met in college and decided that she'd be perfect for her best friend. "Why can't you just move in Q?"

"We tried living together doesn't work remember, me being the 'slob' and all." She air quoted the last part since Quinn was as neat and tidy as a Mr. Clean commercial.

"Rachel?" Santana tried with a smile.

The girl shook her head. "That smile doesn't work with me and you know it. What's wrong with living by yourself anyway? I happen to like it."

The other brunette raised an eyebrow. "This one," she pointed to Quinn, "is always over, and your two best friends, dumb and dumber, practically live on your couch."

"That is besides the point Santana." Quinn made a gesture which Rachel tried to ignore. "No, Quinn I said no."

"What?" Santana looked between the two girls but couldn't come up with the answer on her own.

Rachel shook her head and before the words could escape Quinn's mouth Rachel's hand was over it. "It's my friend, Brittany, I've told you about her." Santana nodded and gave her a look that urged her on. "She's moving back her from Ohio and although I'm sure she'd love a place of her own she might be willing to move in with you. Since she's not me she might actually like living in a place like this."

"Wait. The Brittany, Brittany Pierce your really..."

Quinn finished her sentence, "hot best friend. That's the one." Quinn winked and felt a hard slap across her arm courtesy of Rachel.

"It beats putting an add in the paper, at least you know she's not completely crazy like some random from the street. Give it some thought, I talked to her about it briefly but I didn't give her the details or anything and she isn't a huge fan of moving in with someone she doesn't know. So get to know her." Rachel slid a piece of paper with an email address on it. "I want my best friend back on this side of the country and the sooner she finds a place the better. No pressures though, but like I said, give it some thought I think you two will get along really well."

Later that night Santana was sitting on her couch watching cartoons since nothing else was on t.v. when she remembered the piece of paper Rachel had left her with. It wasn't that she needed a roommate but she thought it'd be nice to have someone else around, the place was far to quiet. Plus Rachel had advised her that talking to her dog as much as she did was classified as unhealthy. Turning off the t.v. and turning on her stereo she walked over to her desk and turned her computer on before walking over to the table where the small piece of paper still sat. Sitting back down at her desk she added the address to her instant messenger and waited a couple minutes to see if the girl was online.

Looking up at the clock she realized how late it was and decided to leave her lap top on and take a shower. When she got back, towel still wrapped around her head she smiled when she seen an instant message but as she got closer she realized it was just Quinn asking her if she had messaged the other girl yet. Telling her to mind her own business Santana walked back into her bathroom and finished drying her hair. Again when she walked back over to her computer there was a message but to her surprise it was the message she'd been hoping for. It was worth a shot to at least get to know the girl, she had seen more than one picture of the girl and she wasn't bad on the eyes. In fact she was one of the most beautiful women Santana had ever seen outside of a magazine.

After a half an hour of small talk the girl in Ohio decided to call it a night. Even though it was only 10 p.m. Santana decided to call it a night too as she had an early start the next day. As she laid in bed she couldn't help but think about the girl she had just been talking to. Even though they hadn't really talked about more than music and Santana's hip piercings it wasn't an awkward conversation like she thought it might have been. Brittany was easy to get along with, or at least that was her first impression. With any luck they'd become friends, because whether or not they ended up living with one another they were most certainly going to be hanging around the same group of people.

For now all Santana knew as she got comfortable in bed was that she couldn't stop thinking about the girl. From the brief conversation they had she wanted to get to know her more. The feeling didn't make sense to but for some reason is felt right, it was one of those things that just seemed to click.


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