Rating: R due to violence
Contents/Warnings: Violence
Pairing: John Cena/OC-Sharlotte Taylor
Disclaimers: I own nothing or anyone associated with WWE or TNA. I own only the original characters. This is just a fictional story that came from my imagination.

Little did Sharlotte Taylor know that her first little tweet to WWE wrestler, John Cena, would change her life forever. Hearing about his nearly finalized divorce, and seeing so many hate tweets to him regarding his failed marriage, she wants to send him something light-hearted and positive, so she sends him an uplifting bible scripture. Finding the tweet refreshing, it sparks Cena's interest and leads to a flirty, but close online friendship between the two.

This, in turn, begins a chain reaction of events that neither of them could have foreseen.

A lunatic wrestler from the past is returning after years of lying dormant. And he doesn't want to climb the proverbial WWE foodchain—he wants to devour the head of it. And Sharlotte is the bargaining chip he'll enjoy using to do just that.

Chapter One

Sharlotte Taylor stepped into the country-style house she shared with her older sister and nephew. Sighing with relief at coming in from the Florida heat, she hung her purse on a coat hook in the hallway, then walked through the large living room and entered the kitchen. She found Noah Taylor, her eleven-year-old nephew sitting at the large kitchen table, working on his homework.

"Hey, kiddo," she greeted him, ruffling his chestnut brown hair. "How was your day?"

"Okay," the young boy answered. "I just wasn't ready to go back after the Easter holiday."

"Oh, I know," Sharlotte agreed, sitting at the table beside him. "The library was chaotic today. So many people forgot to bring their books in before the holiday and so the computer kept prompting me to collect the late fees even though my boss said to let them slide due to the holiday. It made my day crazy." She stretched her arms above her head. "So, I was thinking…What would you rather have for supper? We can order pizza, or I can make my special fish sticks."

Noah thought for a moment. "You're tired. We could just order pizza, if you want."

"Oh, God bless you, child," Sharlotte smiled, reaching over and kissing the top of Noah's head. "Thank goodness you're such a mature and thoughtful kid."

The young boy smiled, revealing his missing front tooth, "Do you think we could have the fish sticks tomorrow night though?"

She laughed, "Sure thing. I promise."

"Can we have sweet potato fries too?"

"Noah, would I dare offer you my fish sticks without sweet potato fries," she joked.

"And tartar sauce?"

"And tartar sauce. Now, why don't you take your homework up to your room and I'll call you down when the pizza gets here."

"Okay," Noah said, grabbing up his school materials. "Remember, me and mom like pepperoni and extra cheese." With that, the boy exited the room, and Sharlotte grabbed the cordless phone out of its cradle. Dialing the privately owned Italian restaurant a few blocks away, she quickly ordered a medium pizza with pepperoni and extra cheese, as well as a personal-sized one with mushrooms, tomatoes and arugula.

She was generally a healthier eater than her sister and nephew, so when she splurged she would still find tasty, yet healthier options. She had grown up with healthy eating being drummed into her due to her dreams of becoming a figure skater. The dreams began when her parents discovered how easily their little girl took to the ice at only three years old. From there, they'd pushed her into the profession, in hopes of becoming rich to fulfill their fantasies of luxurious possessions and endless money to support their excessive drinking habits.

For years Sharlotte trained but never felt pressured to do so, though only because she enjoyed the training. If she had balked at the long practices, she would have found out quickly that she had no choice in the matter.

She entered every contest she could and won many of them. Her bedroom walls were lined with shelves which held numerous trophies, plaques, and medals. Finally, in 1998, she was fifteen and more than ready for the Winter Olympics. She came in second in the United States Championship, only a couple of points behind Tara Lipinski.

She went on to the Olympics in Japan but unfortunately for Sharlotte, during a practice for her long program, the shoelace on one of her skates snapped free in the middle of a triple lutz, triple toe loop combination. The ending result was a terrifying fall to the ice which left her with a severely broken ankle, and a concussion that kept her unconscious for a couple of days. When she awoke she received more horrible news than she could bear.

She would never skate competitively again. Nor would she ever perform the leaps and jumps she so loved to do. She was then informed by some officers that her parents had cleaned out the large chunk of savings she'd accumulated and fled with the money. Sharlotte had always suspected her parents loved her talent rather than her, but it hurt worse to discover they'd totally abandoned her. She hardly had time to wonder what would happen to her, when the cops then explained that her parents were killed in a plane crash; an ironic twist of fate. Despite her parents' coldness, she grieved over their deaths. And she grieved over the loss of her dreams; a career cut way too short.

Her twenty-year-old sister, Julie, arrived at the hospital a couple hours after she was notified of her sister's accident. This unfortunately didn't occur till after Sharlotte awoke, since the parents had put themselves down as their daughter's emergency contacts. Now, being deceased, the next of kin fell to Julie. But her name did not appear on any of the emergency information in Sharlotte's records. So they had to rely on the young girl to tell them who to contact.

"Oh, my God, Sharlotte," Julie had cried, seeing her baby sister in such horrible condition. Her leg was casted, she had a bloody bandage on her head, and her face was puffy from all the tears she had shed. "Baby, I'm so sorry I didn't get here till now. They told me Mom and Dad hadn't listed me as an emergency contact," she said bitterly. "Not that I'm surprised. I-"

"Mom and D-dad…they're dead…" Sharlotte cut in, breaking down into sobs all over again.

"What," Julie demanded.

"They died. They found out I'd never skate competitively again. They took my savings and ran with the money. Their plane crashed."

Julie couldn't bring herself to feel grief. She'd been on her own for four years, living in her own house, while their parents doted on her younger sister.

They only cared about Sharlotte, she reasoned with herself. Or rather, they loved what money she could make for them. "Good," she finally said in a low voice. "They deserved it." She was still unable to forgive them for keeping Sharlotte from visiting her, or from her visiting Sharlotte. She had been disowned for trying to live her own life.

Sharlotte realized Julie hated their parents, and in a way, she could understand the older girl's anger. But she still hated for anyone to die. She wouldn't have wished such a terrifying death on her worst enemy. "Julie, please," she cried. "I know you hate them. And you have every right. But still… They were all I knew."

Julie instantly felt badly, and gently pulled her sister into a hug, stroking her long blond locks. "I'm sorry, sweet girl," she whispered. "I know this is so scary for you."

"What will happen to me, Julie?"

Julie pulled back and looked her in the eye. "You're going to live with me. Finish high school. Go to college. And have a career like everyone else."

"But my skating…"

"I know," Julie whispered, pulling Sharlotte into another hug. "I know this will be so difficult for you. But you're a strong girl, and you'll get through it. I'll be there to help you in any way I can."

"I love you, Julie," Sharlotte sobbed softly, hugging her sister tight.

"I love you too, sweet sister. And I've missed you so, so much."

There was a knock at the front door then, jarring Sharlotte back to the present. She shifted her gray eyes to the clock on the wall and realized she had reminisced for the past half hour. Lord what a nightmare, she thought back on her younger days as she headed for the front door.

Minutes later, the pizzas were on the kitchen table, and she tiredly headed upstairs to change out of her dressy work clothes, and to tell Noah that dinner had arrived.

"Noah," she knocked on the boy's door and opened it quietly so as not to disturb Julie while she slept just across the hall. "Noah? Supper is here."

"Okay, I'll be down in a minute," he said, closing his math book.

"Would you mind putting down some plates and glasses? I'll get us something to drink when I get back down stairs."

"Sure, Aunt Sharlotte," he said.

"Thanks, kiddo."

She turned and went into her bedroom, closing the door behind her. Opening one of her dresser drawers, she pulled out a pair of cut-off jean shorts and a pastel green tank top. She changed into them quickly and then pinned her hair up in a messy top knot. Then she headed back downstairs feeling much more relaxed.

She entered the kitchen and was surprised to discover Noah had not only set the table with plates, and glasses, but he'd also poured himself some milk, and some Cherry Coke Zero for her.

"Thanks, Noah," she smiled as she washed her hands, and then sat down at the table to serve their plates.

"Remember, to leave enough for your mom," Sharlotte warned. "I imagine she'll be hungry before she leaves for work."

Noah nodded, and after Sharlotte asked a blessing over their meal, he took a small bite of his pizza, seemingly deep in thought. "Aunt Sharlotte," he finally spoke. "Why does Mom always have to work overnight?"

She swallowed her own bite of pizza and wiped her mouth with a napkin. "Well, Noah, that's just part of her job. Nurses don't have the easiest time in the world. Their work is hard, and not always fair. They work in shifts, and they don't always get to pick the shifts they're hired for. Your mom works very hard to make sure you have everything you need. Try not to mention this to her, okay? It might make her feel guilty. If you need to talk, why don't you come to me? I'm a good listener."

Noah nodded. "Okay. I don't mean to complain. I just miss her. It feels like I never see her."

"I know. I feel the same way sometimes. But Julie's just doing what she knows she has to do." Sharlotte paused a moment, as if something just occurred to her. "It's not too much longer till summer break. I'll have a talk with your mom and see about letting you stay up later so you can see her for a little while at night before she leaves for work. How's that sound?"

Noah's brown eyes lit up, "Thanks, Aunt Sharlotte." He stood and gave her a hug. "You think she'll let me?"

She kissed his cheek, "I'm going to try my hardest to get her to, kiddo. Love you."

"Love you too."

"Okay, now get back to eating your supper," she chuckled. "It's going to get cold. Plus, RAW comes on in a little while. We've got a date, right? "

"Woo, woo, woo…You know it!"

Sharlotte busted out laughing and joined in when Noah began fist pumping.

A moment later, the two settled back to eating their dinner, and talking about how good RAW was going to be that night.


Thirty-five-year-old Julie Taylor sleepily went down the stairs and headed into the kitchen to eat her late supper before getting dressed and heading to the hospital for her overnight shift.

She found Sharlotte sitting at the kitchen table, sipping on a can of regular Coca Cola while flipping through a magazine. "Hey, sis," Julie greeted. "Rough day at work?" She knew due to their alcoholic parents that Sharlotte didn't drink alcohol. She normally drank diet sodas, but reserved herself one can of a regular drink per week as a "comfort" food instead of resorting to alcohol.

Sharlotte tipped her can of soda up in salute, "You guessed correctly. This was a day I could have done without. Thank goodness for cold Cokes and wrestling on Monday nights. Oh, your supper is in the oven. Pepperoni pizza. I had it heating up for you."

"Thanks," Julie said, heading to the stove. "Pizza sounds wonderful." She pulled the pizza box out of the oven and sat it on the table. Grabbing a plate and glass she sat down and poured a glass of water. "So did you and Noah enjoy wrestling tonight," she asked stiffly. She was by no means a wrestling fan.

"Yes, as always," Sharlotte smiled. "Although he did crash about thirty minutes before it was over. I had to take him upstairs to bed. Anyway, since Sunday is Wrestlemania, I figured I'd order the pay-per-view and surprise Noah with it. He never gets to see the pay-per-views except for on his computer."

Julie nodded and bit into a slice of her pizza. "He'll love that, I'm sure."

Sharlotte's face took on a serious expression, "I kind of need to talk to you about Noah, Jules."

Julie swallowed another bite of her pizza, "Okay. Is everything alright," she asked, concern crossing her features.

"Well, he's missing you," Sharlotte replied bluntly. "He feels like he never sees you. He loves you very much, and he's feeling abandoned I think."

The older sister sighed and set her slice of pizza back on her plate. "I know. I feel the same way. I'd been hoping he wasn't. He's already gone off to school by the time I get home, and I'm in bed by the time he gets home, and then he's in bed when I get up to leave for work. I'm rarely off on weekends, and when I am, he's usually got plans with friends." She sighed again. "I swear…if I had known what kind of hectic life nursing would be, I'd have chosen a different profession."

"I'm sorry, Julie," Sharlotte said, reaching over and taking her sister's hand. "I didn't mean to make you feel badly."

"No it's fine," Julie said. "You're right to tell me about it. It's not good for Noah to not be around me much."

"Well, how about when summer gets here and he's out of school letting him stay up till you leave for work? He could at least have a couple hours with you each night."

"That's true," Julie thought out loud, brushing her brown hair over her shoulder. "And a good idea," she nodded. "Yeah, I'll let him know as soon as I can. Hopefully, this weekend, if he doesn't have any plans."

"I can tell him if you aren't able to."

Julie nodded, "Yes, but I hope I can. You telling him probably wouldn't inspire much faith in me."

"Well, I'll leave it up to you then, and if you decide you need me to do it, just let me know." Sharlotte smiled softly, and finished off her soda. "Well, I think I'm going to bed early tonight. I need some sleep. Goodnight, Jules."

"Goodnight. Love you."

"Love you too."

Sharlotte headed upstairs to her room then, while Julie finished eating. Shutting her bedroom door behind her, she approached her desk and booted up her computer, then entered her bathroom to brush her teeth. Minutes later she stripped out of her clothes and pulled on her pale-peach silk nightgown, and relished in the feel of the light material against her skin. After she folded the covers back on her large bed, she sat down at her computer and checked her email, as well as her Facebook and Twitter.

Laughing at a few pictures her online friends had posted on Facebook, she clicked the "Like" button below them. Then she posted a quick status update about her busy day and moved on to Twitter. Scanning down through her timeline, which consisted of quite a few friends and many wrestlers, she saw a couple of tweeted photos Stone Cold Steve Austin had posted showing some rattle snakes he'd found and killed on his ranch. She shuddered, quickly closing off the photos and moved on. She read several of her friends' posts about how their day went at college or work, and she saw a picture one friend posted from their trip to Universal Studios.

Chuckling, she clicked on the "Reply" link and typed into the text-box, "Ride the JAWS ride once for me! #Jealous" and clicked the "Tweet" button. She eyed the Universal Studios photo a moment longer and sighed wistfully. It had been ages since she and Julie and Noah had gotten to do anything even as small as driving into Orlando and going to an amusement park. Instead they were stuck each day doing the same thing, over and over.

It wasn't as if she loathed where they lived. She loved the large country home with its huge, old-fashioned doors and the beautiful bay window in her bedroom. She just wasn't happy with her life in general. The only time she felt remotely happy was when she came home to her sister and nephew, and she could shut the door on the outside world. She knew she must be going through a depression to accept the way her life was, without the slightest fight.

"What's happened to me," she asked herself. "I never used to be this way. I was…I was tough. I never gave up on what I wanted."

Growing sleepy, Sharlotte scanned over a few more posts on her timeline and spotted a tweet from WWE wrestler, John Cena, which caught her attention.

"Hope you all had a great Easter holiday. Be sure & tune in this Sunday to see me beat the Rock. Unless he decides to bring it #ViaSatellite #KungPaoChicken"

Sharlotte chuckled at the Kung Pao chicken remark that had backfired on the Rock. "Leave it to Cena to take an intended insult and turn it into a compliment." She was tempted to reply to him and wish him good luck on his match, but she didn't figure he would see the tweet anyway. And even if he did, she thought, he probably wouldn't answer. He probably has already gotten a ton of tweets wishing him luck. He probably gets millions of tweets each day, period.

Sharlotte's addiction to wrestling spanned over the past decade. She couldn't put her finger on what got her hooked on it. She had gone through a depression after her career-ending injury and had wanted nothing to do with any sports or athletics for a long time. But one day—years later—she came across a WWE match between Triple H and Randy Orton on television and began watching regularly from then on. She admired the athleticism, the grace and strength of the wrestlers. She could only imagine the adrenaline flow they must get. She envied the athletes and sometimes watching them doing what they obviously loved, hurt her, but not enough to make her stop watching the programming.

Noah had even started watching wrestling with her since he was a tiny boy, inhaling everything to do with the WWE. One day he came home from school and informed Sharlotte of how his friends were talking about a smaller wrestling company known as TNA. He found out the time and channel it came on and asked her if they could check it out. They were then hooked on the newer company as well.

Noah swore he was going to become a professional wrestler when he was old enough. She felt badly for the boy. He wanted it so badly, and his mother was not thrilled with the idea. Sharlotte wanted to support him in it, but she was afraid of him being hurt by an injury like she had endured, as well as being devastated by the loss of a dream. Both trials were painful ones and she did not want to see her nephew go through that. But instead of coming out and discouraging him, she opted to not say much on the subject. Chances are he'll mature and decide on a different career anyway, she reasoned as she shut down her computer. Then she climbed between the soothing covers of her bed.

She was asleep in only minutes.