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Stoick had walked up to the dead bear curious as to how Hiccup had killed it. The bear was average sized and weighed probably a mere 1200 pounds. Stoick rolled the beast over and saw what looked like about two inches of an inch thick stick poking out of its chest. He grabbed the wood and pulled it out revealing the stick to be roughly seven inches long, more than enough to pierce its heart. He inspected the carcass before dragging it to the tanners hut. Stoick couldn't help but remember what Hiccup said he would do at the first tribes meeting if he and the other chiefs didn't agree to the pact. He chuckled to himself happy that his son could have pulled it off. He considered taking the bear to the tanner's hut to make it into a cloak for his son, but decided that selling the pelt and the meat would allow him to get Hiccup a really good Snoggletog gift.

Hiccup had been running from his tribesmen for about ten minutes before he lost them. He still couldn't believe that his plan to kill the bear worked. Since Astrid had his dagger Hiccup only had his brain and a few acorns to fight with, then he remembered some of the bear traps that were in the area. Hiccup jumped down from the tree he was in and led the bear towards the closest trap. These traps were simple pitfall traps with five foot long wooden spikes sticking upward that impaled any bear or occasional deer that wondered into it. Sadly the bear was much faster than Hiccup, but luckily they weren't far off from Hiccup's destination. Unfortunately the trap was already occupied by a rather large bear, Hiccup guessed that it weighed at least 2500 pounds. Hiccup saw that one of the spikes sticking out of the dead bear's back, he grabbed it and pulled. The spike had broken and was know only seven inches long. Hiccup was a little worried know that the bear was closing in. He turned and threw an acorn at the bear making it stop, because the acorn was now lodged in the bear's nostril. Hiccup took this time to run towards the village as the bear was busy trying to remove the offending nut.

As Hiccup ran he could hear the bear huffing and sneezing, trying to get rid of the acorn. The commotion caused by the bear drew the attention of a passing squirrel. The tiny fussy creature passed by the bear trying to see the problem just as the bear blew its nose hard, finally removing the acorn while simultaneously farting killing the poor squirrel. The bear began to chase Hiccup once again and could smell the little meal just ahead. The bear suddenly felt a sharp pain in its chest but continued to run until it fell through the bushes.

While the bear was distracted Hiccup ran ahead to place the spike in the ground at an angle before continuing to the village praying to Odin that the spike was placed right, and that this plan would work. Hiccup was near the forge by the time he heard the bear running again. He jumped up into one of the trees and waited, the bear was running fast but slowed as it neared Hiccup's tree. Hiccup was worried that the spike wasn't placed properly that is until he saw the blood trailing behind the large brown beast. He watched it stumble forwards and fall through the bushes before he jumped down, he walked out of the bushes and saw Astrid standing by his father. He had heard what Astrid had said before and was tempted to hand her an acorn but simply grabbed his dagger and ran as his tribesmen charged him.

Hiccup figured that since he had a two person limit and the fact that about 40 people were chasing him, it would be ok to lose them all. They slowed quickly as they couldn't all run through the thinker parts of the woods all at once, but still tried to fallow him. Only a few people were able to fallow past the mass of Vikings that blocked the most direct path, the twins being among the few to get by. They fallowed as best they could but could only find tracks leading to large rocks or cliffs, all the while getting pissed off by the acorns that bounce off of their helmets. After about three hours of searching the last of the Vikings went home, hoping to have better luck in finding Hiccup tomorrow. Hiccup had fun avoiding and playing with them but after the he saw Boogjah the Hunter give up and leave, he knew his fun was finished for the day. Hiccup decided to head over to the cove and see what Toothless had been up to.

Hiccup arrived at the cove but didn't see Toothless anywhere, he knew something was wrong because normally Toothless would have been out to talk to him. He walked over to the cave Toothless was staying in and saw he friend curled up into a tight ball. Toothless looked like a black rock and was even a little cool to the touch. Hiccup had heard of things like this before and knew he could do nothing but wait, but as he left the cave he noticed a burnt mushroom. He walked over to it and examined it, his eyes grew wide and he dashed to the back of the cave hoping he was wrong.

Hiccup found that his worries were correct. Toothless had eaten Delrutaka mushrooms. These mushrooms are used as a sleep aid when eaten raw, and are a deep purple color. If they are cooked or burnt however the person who eats them experiences hallucinations and violence. Hiccup was surprised however to see Toothless sleeping soundly. "Hmm maybe it works differently on dragons." Hiccup couldn't help but remember the time his father ate a cooked Delrutaka mushroom.

Hiccup was 8 years old and had just accidently burned down one of the yak pens during a dragon raid. He was yelled at by most of the villagers and his father. Hiccup and Stoick went to supper that night and the twins were planning on humiliating him a little by putting a new mushroom their parents had found in his food. It was a Delrutaka mushroom. They knew that it would put him to sleep when he ate it, but did not relies the different effects it had when cooked. Sadly Stoick had a habit of taking smaller things off of Hiccup's plate and eating them himself, the large man ate the cooked mushroom and fell silent. He suddenly got up and left the Mead Hall, coming back a few minutes later brandishing, in his eyes, a mighty sword and shield while wearing magical armor given to him by the gods to slay the demons that had infested Berk.

Stoick had ran around the village attacking random people for two and a half days. The weapons he used were not a sword and shield nor did he wear magical armor. The sword he used was in fact a frozen rabbit ear, he slapped many people with the ear leaving interesting looking bruises. The shield was actually a sheep, anyone that wasn't slapped by the ear was punched with the sheep. But worst of all was his magical armor. He had ran around slapping people with the ear and punching others with the sheep all while being completely naked. Needless to say Stoick never ate off of Hiccup's plate ever again. The twins were severely punished by their parents after they found out why the chief had gone crazy, they even had to apologize to Stoick and the village for the incident much to their displeasure. Food based pranks were rarely seen after that.

Hiccup had gone over to the pond in the cove and was about to get a drink when a squirrel came near him. He looked over at it and smiled slightly, then a blue fireball hit the squirrel sending the small and now charred creature flying into a hundred different pieces. Hiccup jumped up and looked at the now very worried and awake Toothless. "Toothless you're awake! Why did you blow up the squirrel?"

Toothless looked at Hiccup and charged, tackling the boy. "Oh thank the gods you're alive I thought I lost you Hiccup. I ate a mushroom and had the most amazing and awful dream." Hiccup got up once Toothless was off of him and explained what the mushrooms were. "Oh…good that explains a lot of what happened." Toothless then began to tell what he dreamed.

Toothless had awoken to the sounds of fighting outside of the small shack he was in. The shack was by Hiccup's house, just as he walked out he saw Hiccup standing on the hill overlooking the village. Hiccup was naked and wielding both "Liferend" and "Bloodfang". "Hiccup what is going on? And why are you naked?"

Hiccup said nothing for a while but then said, "Well bud it looks like we have a fight on our hands, lets go." Toothless was surprised but waited for Hiccup to get on. Hiccup jumped into the air like he normally did when he was in a hurry to get onto Toothless' back, but Toothless never felt him land. "Hey bud what are you waiting for lets go." Toothless looked up and saw Hiccup flying on his own.

Toothless was very confused but jumped into the air anyways, surprised by how stable he was without Hiccup's help. As he approached Hiccup he saw what was keeping his boy in the air. Hiccup's back was facing the ground and his frontal tail was spinning rapidly, keeping him aloft. Hiccup nodded his head to Toothless before flying off into the fight, Toothless fallowed close and saw that the fight was not between men and men nor men and beast, it was between men and demons. All of this seemed very strange to Toothless since he thought Hiccup's frontal tail was only used for mating, but he had little time to think about that as Hiccup quickly descended and began chopping the heads off of the enemies as he flew by. Toothless in turn descended and began lashing out with fire and claw.

They flew over the enemy several times attacking with fire, claw, and blade. But then Hiccup was shot in his frontal tail by an arrow. Hiccup hit the ground hard but quickly stood and removed the arrow from himself, he then used his tail to fire the arrow at one of the demons. He quickly turned and bashed another demon in the head with his tail, killing it instantly. Toothless was amazed by the multiple uses of Hiccup's frontal tail, not only could it be used for reproducing and flight but also as a close and long range weapon. As Hiccup fought on the ground Toothless provided as much air support as he could, raining multiple fireballs down into groups of the demons that tried to surround Hiccup as he cut down their brethren. Toothless was able to avoid most of the arrows that were fired at him but after so long he was forced to land by Hiccup, the two fought on until the last demon was slain. Hiccup walked over to a cliff near his house after the battle to watch the sun set, the wind was blowing causing his frontal tail to wave gallantly. Then a squirrel ran up to Hiccup and kicked him in the butt making him fall over the edge. Luckily his tail had healed enough to allow flight, but an army of squirrels came out of the trees and jumped onto him. Hiccup was eaten by the squirrels right before Toothless' eyes. Toothless began to turn to stone and could not help his friend.

"Well that's about it Hiccup, that's why I was so worried about the squirrel." Hiccup sat cross legged looking at Toothless with his hands protectively covering his crotch, they had not moved from their spot since Toothless mentioned the arrow piercing it. They sat in silence for a while as Hiccup let his friend's dream sink in. "I don't think I'm going to be eating any more of those mushrooms…ever."

Hiccup chuckled a little at this before saying, "That is probably a good idea. Wouldn't want you aimlessly attacking any more squirrels or whatever else you may dream of." The two laughed at the joke as Hiccup stood. Toothless also stood and the two went for a long flight, chuckling every so often when they thought of the dream.

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