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Camicazi looked over the teens and then turned and looked at the chiefs. She looked Astrid in the eyes and asked, "So…where's Hiccup? I figured he would have been here to greet us, well me at least." She looked at Thuggory and gave a mischievous grin while saying the last part.

Thuggory chuckled and scanned the crowds before looking back at the group. "Yea I was wondering about that too. Usually when he comes to visit one of us he's already off the boat by the time it nears the docks. It's strange that he ain't here." Thuggory looked each of the teens in the eye, "So where is he? This really ain't like him."

Astrid looked at each of her fellow teens before addressing the heirs. "Well we don't really know where he is. You see we-", the next thing Astrid knew it Camicazi had drawn a blade from her back and had it pressed against her throat.

Camicazi stared into Astrid's eyes as she spoke in a very cold voice laced with concern, but still held a deadly threat. "What did you do to Hiccup?"

Astrid was caught off guard by the sudden change in Camicazi's manner, she never expected her to be that fast and precise at the same time. Astrid could feel that if she moved even a little the dagger at her throat would cut instantly. Astrid's eyes never left Camicazi's as she spoke in a very calm voice, "We haven't done anything to Hiccup. He presented "Windcrusher" to his father and then started his little test."

Camicazi pulled her blade away looking a little confused, "What kind of test, and why did he have to make a test?"

Astrid rubbed her throat but iratably answered their guest's question. "Hiccup knew that each of us were going to want one of his "Blood Steel" weapons so he left to live in the forest until, well today. I'm the only person who was able to find him, but I didn't pass his test."

Thuggory listened carfully and noticed the look of annoyance on Astrid's face when she told them she hadn't passed the test. "Ok well what exactly did you have to do, and how did you fail."

Astrid begrudgingly told them everything that happened on her hunt, leaving out how she found Hiccup and the notes that he wrote…and the recipy.

Camicazi searched the crowds again hoping to see Hiccup before she started to speak again. "Hmm…I'm surprised he let you find him…well ok not that surprised what with how he talked about you in his letters. I'm disappointed, you aren't anything like he mentioned…well except the hair at least."

Astrid's eyes widened instantly upon hearing this. "What do you mean your disappointed, what did he say about me?". Astrid said this in a much less fearsome tone than she was wanting.

"Cami don't answer that question. It's of no concern to her, and it would be kinda embarrassing." All talking stopped at the sound of this voice. As one, the throng of people looked up to a high rock and saw Hiccup sitting at the top with a leg dangling over the edge. Hiccup smiled at the people below him before nodding to his father and the other chiefs. He jumped down from the rock and made his way to his friends.

Cami ran towards Hiccup and jumped on him latching her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist. "Hiccup what the Hel happened to you. Your…your…so different.", said Cami into Hiccup's chest amazed by how defined she could tell he was just from the hug. Normally one of Cami's full-body hugs would send Hiccup to the ground but this time he barely moved.

Thuggory came jogging up after Camicazi followed closely by the teens. "Ok who are you and what did you do with Hiccup, did you eat him or something?", said Thuggory wide eyed as he got a better look at how much taller Hiccup had become.

Hiccup smiled at Thuggory and was about to shake his hand but was hindered by Camicazi still clinging to him. "Umm Cami…do you think you could let go. It's kinda hard to greet Thug with you…um…"

Thuggory laughed as he poked Cami in the side making her squirm against Hiccup making him go very red. Cami had finally let go, letting Hiccup and Thug do their normal greeting. All the while the teens stared on at the scene before them, and Astrid was becoming more than a little annoyed that the heirs had forgotten about them.

Just as Astrid was about to speak the three chiefs had made their way over to the group, Stoick looked at Hiccup noticing a bundle on his back the large man smiled before starting to speak. "Well Hiccup I have to admit it's good ta hear your voice again, but why did ya decide to just now start talkin again." Hiccup just smiled at his father and shrugged his shoulders. Stoick had explained to the other chiefs how Hiccup had gradually stopped talking, but the three were greatly pleased to hear the young boy speak again. "Well Hiccup I suppose that those there are your friends' weapons?", Stoick said while pointing at the bundle on his son's back.

Hiccup smiled broadly as he reached behind him and held the bundle in front of him. He looked at both Camicazi and Thuggory and gestured for them to stand in front of him. The two looked at each other and stood in front of their friend. Hiccup pulled out both "Bloodfang" and "Liferend" getting a collective gasp from not only the heirs, but also the teens, the chiefs, and the rest of the Vikings. Hiccup handed Camicazi "Bloodfang" and she stared at the perfect blade amazed how it fit her so perfectly while Thuggory received "Liferend", he too was amazed by the way the axe felt in his hands.

Camicazi looked at "Bloodfang" and noticed the runes etched into the middle of the double edged blade on both sides. They runes were of protection, precision, accuracy, and of calm mind in battle. Thuggory's axe "Liferend" also had the same runes etched into both sides of the twin blades. The guard of "Bloodfang" and the shaft of "Liferend" both had runes of wealth and luck etched into them. Hiccup smiled when he saw the looks of surprise and amazement not only on his friends' faces but also on the faces of all the surrounding watchers, including the teens and the chiefs.

Thuggory gave a few large practice swings with his axe before running over to a average sized tree. Hiccup knew what he was planning to do and just laughed while yelling after him. "Thug you know I made that for chopping people in half not trees." Thuggoy just shot him a small smirk before preparing his swing. Know chopping down trees was something any Viking could do, and it only took about 30 minutes to chop down the size Thuggory was going after. However Thuggory was able to level the tree in just one solid swing. The falling tree made several villagers move out of the way less they be squished. Snotlout was among those that were forced to move.

Snotlout looked at Thuggory before starting in and none of the other teens could stop him in time. "Hey what's the big idea!? Who do you think you are throwin' a tree at me like that? If you weren't an heir I'd kick your ass for that!" Many of the villagers just shook their heads and walked away after hearing Snotlout's words, while all of the other teens simultaneously face-palmed.

Thuggory chuckled as he came walking back to Hiccup and Camicazi's side. "Sorry about that. I would have figured that you of all people would have just caught it, what with all the boasting you do about your strength." Camicazi laughed at Thug's comment while Hiccup just let out a small chuckle.

Snotlout became red in the face, "Well I bet you wouldn't be so tough if you didn't have that axe Hiccup made."

Thuggory just smiled before addressing Hiccup, "So tell me again why you haven't killed this idiot. I understand that he's your cousin and all but one person can only put up with so much stupid."

Before Hiccup could even open his mouth, Snotlout was shouting at Thug, "WHAT DID YOU SAY? HICCUP!? KILL ME!? You've got to be kidding, Hiccup couldn't beat me if his life depended on it and I'd only need to use one hand." The twins were laughing at the idea of Hiccup killing Snotlout, but promptly shut up after receiving a warning glare from Astrid. Before she could remind the twins about what happened in the chief house she heard a somewhat undignified scream come from behind her.

When Astrid turned around she saw that both Cami and Thug had their new weapons pressed on either side of Snotlout's throat, and Hiccup was trying not to laugh. Camicazi spoke after a moment, "Ha! You think you're some kind of great worrier, but either of us could have killed you in a matter of seconds. Who do you think you are saying you could beat Hiccup, I'd be willing to bet "Bloodfang" that Hiccup could kick your ass without really trying." Cami pulled out her dagger and held the tip near Snotlout's crotch, "I bet he's even better "equipped" than you." She looked back and saw that Hiccup wasn't laughing anymore, he was just giving her a mischievous smile.

Hiccup stepped forward and put a hand on each of his friends' shoulders. "Well Cami I did challenge them to a dual, and if I remember correctly it was suppose to be today. Isn't that right Astrid?" Astrid's eyes were on Hiccup the entire time as he spoke and once he addressed her all she could do was nod. Cami and Thug immediately withdrew their weapons and looked at Hiccup, giving him very shocked and happy smiles.

Throughout this little altercation the chiefs stood to the side and just watched. Bertha leaned over and whispered to Stoick and Mogadon, "So we're ganna get to see Hiccup fight! I can't wait…Stoick how much trouble would he be in if he killed the fool, what was his name, Snotlout?" Stoick thought of a moment, "Well…hmm, that depends whether or not the boy does anything to deserve it. Besides I don't think Hiccup would actually kill him, he has no real reason to." Bertha and Mogadon looked at each other, tempted to tell Stoick but decided agenst it and fallowed Hiccup and the teens up the path from the docks and behind the chief's house.

Hiccup stood alongside Cami and Thug, while Astrid stood next to Ruffnut with Tuffnut and Snotlout on either side of them. Cami and Thug joined the fight because Snotlout and Tuff accepted their bet involving the "Blood steel" weapons. That and they insisted that Hiccup shouldn't fight all alone. Fishlegs meanwhile stood next to the chiefs, and would act as a referee of sorts with the chiefs being the witnesses (the chiefs also placed bets on who they thought would win). The heirs had divided up who was going to fight who, Hiccup had decided to take on Astrid and Snotlout, Cami would fight Ruff, and Thug would fight Tuff. Astrid was sure that she could hold her own, and expected Snotlout to go down quickly since he hasn't seen Hiccup fight, but neither has she at least not seriously. Astrid was happy it was a fist only fight, while she was unmatched with an axe she wasn't sure how well their weapons would hold up to both "Bloodfang" and "Liferend".

Hiccup was quiet as Camicazi started her usual taunts, and Thuggory began popping his arms and hands. Tuffnut looked Thuggory over trying to figure out the best way to attack him, meanwhile Ruffnut was quickly losing her calm to the incessant taunts being thrown at her about her looks, clothing style, her questionable relationship with her brother, and everything else the young Bog burglar could think of. Astrid patiently waited for the fight to start and was trying to come up with a good strategy, but was constantly being interrupted by Snotlout's boasting and terrible attempts at flirting.

Fishlegs raised his large arms above his head and gave the shout to start the fight. Ruffnut was already extremely pissed thanks to Cami's words, and quickly made the mistake to try and tackle Hiccup's blond friend. Camicazi caught Ruff by the shoulders and twisted sideways sending the female twin spiraling into the ground. Ruff looked up just in time to receive a solid boot to the face that send her rolling backwards. Ruffnut was able to dodge the second kick coming for her head but failed to notice the knee aimed for her stomach that was followed by a hard right hook, the female twin laid on the ground for a second before trying to get up again. She was able to stand but quickly fell forward unconscious. Camicazi was pleased with herself and looked over to Hiccup and Thuggory to see how they were doing before dragging Ruffnut over to the chiefs and earning cheers from her mother.

Once the fight started Tuffnut charged at Thuggory and lowered his head. Thuggory cocked his head to the side in confusion and just waited wanting to know what the crazy blond boy was planning to do. He found out not too long after when Tuff bounced off of Thuggory's hard flat stomach. Tuff lay on the ground dazed for a moment after what felt like running into a stone solid stone wall. He looked up and saw Thug trying not to laugh, this enraged the twin and he stood quickly and charged again this time however he didn't lower his head and he simply went for a left hook. Thuggory blocked the punch and hit Tuff square in the nose with a right jab. Tuffnut grabbed his nose and was about to yell only to have the wind knocked out of him by a large right fist connecting with his stomach. The male twin gasped for air and after a moment stood on shaky legs and looked up only to see the large boy swing a left hook the connected with Tuff's temple, making the thin boy fall limp to the ground. Thuggory looked over and saw his father cheering along with Camicazi, he then looked over towards Hiccup's fight and started laughing before lifting Tuffnut by his belt and carrying him over to and placing him by his still unconscious sister. Thuggory and Camicazi then walked over towards Hiccup and stopped a good ways away so as to not distract the remaining fighters.

At the start of the fight Snotlout charged in headlong hoping to end this fight quickly with a heavy right hook, he did not however expect Hiccup to block him, grab his arm, and then be thrown over Hiccup's shoulder. Snotlout looked up and saw a smile on Hiccup's face and this really pissed Snotlout off. He did not like being embarrassed by anyone especially not by Hiccup. Snotlout stood and dove for Hiccup only to have the heir to jump out of the way, causing Snotlout to receive a kick to the face from Astrid. Astrid didn't bother to check on Snotlout, instead she started throwing left hooks and right jabs only to hit air. Hiccup was trying not too laugh at the enraged look on Snotlout's face as he tried again and again to punch and tackle Hiccup only to get in the way of Astrid's attacks. Hiccup sighed as he looked at Snotlout and threw him once again, this time however Hiccup fallowed up with a kick to his stomach, then a knee to the face, and a jab to the nose. Snotlout stumbled backwards but kept himself from falling. Snotlout was about to start another attack only to see Hiccup right in front of him. Snotlout saw stars as an uppercut from Hiccup sent him flying 5 feet back before finally landing.

Astrid was about to try kicking Hiccup in the head again but stopped when she saw this. She couldn't believe the strength that Hiccup had just showed and was trying to think of a better way to attack him. Hiccup looked over his shoulder at Astrid and they locked eyes, Hiccup turned and gave her his usual half smile before charging at her. Astrid's heart did an involuntary flutter after seeing his smile, but she shook it off just as he reached her. She kicked at his head only to have him catch her leg and send her to the ground hard. She looked up and saw Hiccup's bright green eyes, she stood slowly and the moment she stood up completely Hiccup knocked the wind out of her with a solid punch to the stomach. All she could feel were his warm strong arms wrapping around her slowing her fall to the earth before she passed out.

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