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The five teens enter the Great Hall and see that most of the tables are empty, and watch as Camicazi joins the chief's table were guests of honor could be seen and heard laughing and chatting merrily. They each grabbed a tankard of mead and headed towards the table closest to the chiefs, hoping they would learn anything. Like most in the village they weren't allowed to drink until they reach the age of 13, most slowly drank their mead for the first two or three years before truly dinking like a Viking. There were few who quickly built a tolerance for the golden liquid. Fishlegs was one of these few, mostly due to his size. Each of the teens would enjoy the drink every now and then, but Fishlegs had it every other meal.

Snotlout still wouldn't accept the fact that Hiccup had beaten him, and had made himself think it was Astrid who knocked him out. He more or less glared at the chief's table and its occupants as he drank. He noticed something when he looked back at his friends, Ruffnut was staring. Not at him or anyone else with a mischievous glint in her eye, or even in annoyance. She looked almost…Snotlout didn't have the vocabulary to describe it. He figured Hiccup did and that thought made him start to drink a little faster, no matter what it is Hiccup should not be able to best him.

Astrid noticed Snotlout scowl a little harder into his mead after looking at Ruffnut. She knew what her battle sister was staring at, and began staring in a similar direction only instead of looking at Thuggory her eyes were trained on a former screw up that had a large smile on his face that looked so much better than his usually empty expression. Astrid Hofferson does not stare...and she most certainly wasn't staring now…she was just observing…intently…and she certainly didn't have to remind herself to blink every now and then. She quickly looked away and was defiantly not blushing, she just drank a little too fast is all.

Hiccup had noticed his peers enter, and was more than aware of their staring. Thuggory and Camicazi noticed this also and the three shared a quick glance that, all agreeing to the unasked question. Hiccup looked at his father and the other chiefs, "Would any of you mind if we invited Astrid and the others to join us?" Hiccup was happy to see little resistance given to this slight change in tradition. Hiccup stood up and walked over to his peers, he wasn't surprised to see them stiffen slightly as he approached. Stoick was known for having Hiccup "ask" people to leave during any kind of business with other chiefs on his behalf, normally business involved drinking but that was beside the point.

Astrid and the others were looking at each other hoping that he wasn't going to tell them all that the chiefs wanted them to leave, while they would argue none of them wanted to deal with Stoick coming over and throwing them out…literally.

Hiccup stopped at the head of their table and looked each of them in the eyes, all the while smiling. "So you guys wanna join us for a little game?" Hiccup was met with blank stares and silence.

All of a sudden Tuffnut jumps up, "Yea we wanna join! Why didn't you ask sooner, like when we got here?" The teens all stood and followed Hiccup to the chief's table with their tankards in hand.

The workers in the Hall brought five more chairs to the table and they all sat lightly drinking. Camicazi was the first to speak, "Well Stoick what was it you were talkin' about before? Somethin' about warrior types wasn't it?"

Stoick nodded his head and looked at the newest members of the table, "Any of you know what warrior types are, and do ya know of any specifically?" Astrid and Fishlegs were the only ones who knew what they were. Astrid simply nodded while Fishlegs' hand popped into the air before he could even consider not answering. "Alright Fishlegs tell us what they are, and any you know of."

Fishlegs looked at his hand and realized what had just happened, "Oh-um o-ok…We-well warriors a-are separated into different types depending on how they fight. Fighters like Chief Bertha and Astrid are considered to be Valkyries, because they only use battle axes and are usually fairly strong or fast, and are said to send you to Valhalla no matter how they kill you." Stoick nodded his head and motioned for him to continue. "A-and fighters like Chief Mogadon are known as Hammer Fists, they typically have a lot of strength and use hammers, maces, or their fists. It's said that a Hammer Fist will send you to Valhalla if they crush or smash their enemy's head in. And Chief Stoick, you're considered a Reaver. Fast attacks and movement in battle, and typically uses a hammer or sword, sometimes paired with a shield. Reavers are said to send their opponents to Valhalla with parts missing or crushed. Though Stoick is a little different in that he also has qualities of a Hammer Fist, like his strength and that you only use a hammer."

Stoick looked at Fishlegs, he was very impressed with the lad. "Aye that's right. Do ya know which ones you missed?" Stoick received a confused stare from the large blond boy. "Alright…Astrid can you finish the list?"

Astrid nodded and began to speak, "There is also the Volreik, they normally use a sword and shield or a bow, all Vikings are trained in this form early on and most never leave that class. There is also the Berserker…They will use nearly any weapon, but usually they use axes. They are said to go into a "blood rage" where they feel no fear and will not die until their enemy is slain. They are said to be the most deadly of warriors, because they will send you to Valhalla and will follow you there just to continue the fight." Stoick nodded and Astrid gave her usual proud smirk.

The smirk vanished however when Stoick started talking, "Well you are almost right, there is still one more and they are the deadliest." Astrid, Cami, and Thuggory noticed Hiccup lower his head slightly. Stoick did the same shortly after and Astrid was very confused by their sudden glum mood change.

All eyes turned to Hiccup as he started to speak, "The last class of warrior is the Battle Fury." After a moment of receiving nothing but confused stares from the other teens he continued. "Battle Furies are said to be the deadliest of warriors because they are like Berserkers, only they won't follow you to Valhalla, they will damn you instead…It is said that the mold of the Battle Fury was held in Asggard. Odin gave this new warrior mold some of his battle wisdom, Thor gave some of his proficiency in battle, and a blessed touch in the forge. Freya was to breathe life into the mold so the three could have a shared champion, but Loki stole it to spite Thor and gave it to Hel for safe keeping. Hel decided that she was owed a champion of her own, and so with her breathe she gave these warriors life and sealed the pact with a scarred kiss. It is said that anyone who is killed gloriously in battle will find a place in Valhalla at Odin's side, but should you be slain by a Battle Fury wielding your weapon you will be damned to Hel no matter how glorious the death."

The teens stared at Hiccup not only for hearing about the Battle Fury but also because they hadn't really ever heard him say that much at one time, not even before he stopped talking. Astrid was the first of the group to come out of the minor stupor, "Ok if Battle Furies are so amazing why haven't we heard of them before?"

Camicazi decided to speak this time, "It's because the few who had Battle Fury blood in their veins were and in some since are still seen by many as agents of Hel herself. No warrior wants to be denied Valhalla simply because they died to a person touched by the gods. Many were hunted, and no matter how great the warrior, a hundred to one are odds no human could win."

Astrid was about to some more questions but was stopped before even opening her mouth by Hiccup, "Ok that's enough on that subject. Let's get back to drinking, that is the reason we're here isn't it?" Hiccup received a few startled looks followed by curt nods by the chiefs and other heirs. "Alright well let's get started then. Oh I almost forgot, Dad should we use the new rules?"

Stoick let a large grin spread across his face. "I think our guests would enjoy the little changes. I'll explain the rules while you, Cami, and Thuggory grab the mead. You can explain the rules to them while gettin' the drink." Hiccup nodded before heading to the section of the Hall used to house all the mead, with Thuggory and Cami on his heels.

On the way to the mead store room Hiccup explained the new rule, telling them that to win, the last person has to drink everyone else's unfinished drink. His friends found the change interesting but the moment they entered the store room Cami asked the question that had been echoing in her head, "So what was that all about? And before you try to ask what I'm talking about, I mean ending the conversation about Battle Furies so early."

Hiccup sighed, "Cami I knew what kind of questions would come from those five if I didn't. And I really don't want them to know that my mother was a Battle Fury, and I defiantly don't want them to know that I'm one also."

Thuggory grabbed three barrels of mead before turning to Hiccup, "Are you worried that one of them will try to kill you or something? None of them can touch you, Hel I'm not even sure if our parents could touch you."

Hiccup grabbed three barrels also before answering, "Thug…I just really don't want them to be afraid that I'll steal their daggers and slit their throats if I get mad."

Camicazi grabbed two barrels herself before cutting in, "Well why not it ain't like you haven't considered it."

Hiccup stared at his cute friend for a moment, "I'm not going to answer that…Anyways I just don't want them to know. I have a feeling that some people of the village would over react, and the last thing I want is to have a tribe member try to prove themselves by dying to a Battle Fury."

Cami and Thuggory agreed to keep it quiet, and headed back out with the mead ready to start really drinking. When they entered the dining area of the Hall the heirs noticed the surprised looks on the other teens' faces.

The heirs set the barrels down just as Astrid blurted out, "HICCUP! You're saying that Hiccup has already killed a man and a Roman commander no less?" Stoick nodded his head before looking at Hiccup.

All that passed through Hiccup's mind as he stared at his father was that tonight would be a good time to disappear. He looked at the other teens as they stared at him in disbelief, "What…It was an accident. It's not like I meant to kill him." The others still only stared at the young smith like he had pulled a dragon from his pocket.

Mogadon broke was the one to break the silence, "Well I have to admit it was funny to the bastard fall off that damned wall. It would have taken a lot longer to get away if you hadn' surprised everyone the way you did." Hiccup smiled at the large man and filled his tankard, he was still considering either leaving early or drinking one of the barrels to start the contest. If nothing else it would let him leave to take one Hel of a piss.

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