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Hiccup returned to the village and noticed it was strangely quiet, normally by this time one could easily hear workers down by the docks or at least some of the shop keepers shouting at each other. He walked over to the forge and saw Gobber gently tapping hot steel. Unsure as to what was going on Hiccup entered the forge and began to heat the few items laid out to be fixed.

Before Hiccup could begin hammering Gobber finally spoke, "Lad be sur' ta keep the noise down. We don' want ta wake the chiefs."

Hiccup looked at Gobber for a second before he began tapping at his pockets looking for his notebook. Realizing he left it at his house he decided he had to speak, "What happened to make the chiefs sleep so late?"

Gobber chuckled, "Well it seems tha' they decided ta drink a littl' more than usual last night. And well…nobody really wants ta try dealin' with Stoick after wakin' up after the night they seemed ta have."

Hiccup shook his head and headed towards the Mead Hall wanting to know what his challenge had caused. He opened one of the double doors and walked around the sleeping bodies, he stopped just before the chief's table and saw what looked like blond hair coming from underneath the large stone table. He looked underneath and chucked at the sight of Astrid and Camicazi cuddled up together each using a tankard as a pillow. He looked at the unconscious chiefs and chuckled when a mildly mischievous idea came to mind. Hiccup quickly left and returned to the Hall with a large piece of metal and a small mallet that he got from the forge, with little protesting from Gobber who quickly figured out what Hiccup was planning.

Hiccup walked into the hall and stopped in the middle of the sleeping forms, he then struck the metal with the mallet causing a chain reaction that woke everyone up. Cami and Astrid both jumped up only to smack their heads on the stone tabletop, Cami was able to throw a dagger before hitting her head however. The dagger sank deep into the barrel in which Tuffnut was sitting causing the male twin to jump out of the barrel holding his butt, all the while hollering in pain. Ruffnut woke up to the shouting and was quickly knocked over in her barrel when a startled Fishlegs threw the barrel that had lain under his arm. At the same time Thuggory jumped up and threw the bucket that was on his head, the bucket flew through the air and hit Snotlout in the face as he was sitting up from his awkward position on the table. Thuggory's bucket then rolled to a stop at Hiccup's feet. The chiefs had sat up upon hearing the metal being struck and watched this all unfold, and like Hiccup were trying not to laugh at the sight before them.

Astrid and Cami both crawled out from under the table and glared at Hiccup before trying to stand only to have the room spin slightly. Hiccup was biting his bottom lip at this point trying not to laugh as he saw everyone in the room with the exceptions of himself and the chiefs suffering from major hangovers. He left to return the metal and mallet to the forge while also telling Gobber that everyone was awake.

Hiccup came back to the Hall and got himself some food after watching his mentor head towards the docks so he could get some actual work done, but as Gobber left he told Hiccup to make a few hundred rivets and a couple dozen hammers for the ships makers. Hiccup grabbed a leg of goat and a tankard of mead before sitting down with the teens and his friends. Everyone but Thuggory and Fishlegs grimaced at the sight of the golden liquid, causing Hiccup to smile slightly before taking a drink.

After everyone had something in their bellies the chiefs left to do their respective duties before Snoggletog officially arrived in two days. After chiefs left the hall Astrid looked at Hiccup and asked, "Ok so you left to meet someone. Who was it?" Hiccup just smiled before taking another drink and returning to eating. Astrid was not a person who liked to be ignored and this was very noticeable by the obvious anger in her voice, "Hiccup don't ignore me, who did you go meet last night?"

Again Hiccup only smiled before taking a drink of his mead, but instead of returning to eating his food he just turned to Cami and asked, "So who won your little contest last night? Oh and before you say it was a tie between the chiefs I already knew that by the full tankards on the table, no I mean who won between you two. I'm curious who gets the prize." This simple question brought a light blush to both Cami and Astrid's cheeks, and made Hiccup smile mischievously at the pair. "Hmm, I guess that was a tie also?" Before anyone could answer his question or ask their own Hiccup stood and walked towards the door saying over his shoulder, "If you guys need me I'll be in the forge all day. Hey Cami, Thug, could you two find the chiefs and tell them to stop by the forge in a little while?" After seeing the two give a not Hiccup left the still hung-over teens to their food, headaches, and questions for Astrid, while Cami and Thug went to find the chiefs.

Hiccup had been in the forge for about two hours and had nearly finished all the rivets when the chiefs walked into the forge fallowed by his friends. Hiccup put down his hammer and greeted his father with a small smile before walking up to them.

Stoick look at his son before asking, "Alright what was it you needed to talk ta us about?"

Hiccup just smiled before answering, "What do you think about all of us eating supper at our house tonight?"

Hiccup saw the mildly confused looks on the chiefs' faces before and was worried they would say no that is until Stoick spoke. "What do you plan to have us eat, I'm not sure if our winter stores at the house have enough ta feed this group", chuckled Stoick while receiving some playful and annoyed shoves form Mogadon and Bertha.

"Well…I was planning to go hunting after I finish this order, and I'll get a few deer for a roast." Stoick's eyes widened but before he could ask, Hiccup continued, "And yes I was planning to use mum's recipe…I already have all the ingredients. If that's ok with you that is."

Stoick looked at his son for a moment before a soft smile settled on his lips hidden by his massive beard of course. "Of course it's ok…I can't remember the last time I had some of Val's roast deer. I look forward to having tonight." Stoick turned to leave along with the other chiefs and was boasting about how good the roast would be if Hiccup kept to the recipe.

Cami looked at Hiccup before looking around the forge while Hiccup went back to work. Her and Thuggory both knew that Hiccup had a humble work place, but figured that he would have at least some kind of seal or something to show his position. Finally after five minutes of looking around and hearing only the "clang" of steel being formed Cami decided to ask, "Ok Hiccup…why don't you have anything to decorate this place?" Hiccup looked up and shrugged before finishing the last of the rivets and started on the head for the first hammer that was ordered. Cami was happy and somewhat surprised by how humble Hiccup still was even though he had changed so much physically from how he was when they first met.

Cami quickly shook her head not wanting to remember all of that happened at the fort. Thug noticed her do this and had a pretty good guess as to what was plaguing her mind. He looked at Hiccup and noticed how he didn't seem to notice the heat even though he only wore his black tunic. Thuggory looked over the forge once more before asking his own question, "Hey Hiccup care ta tell us just what's so special about this roast of yours."

Hiccup looked up and smiled before going back to work, Thuggory was about to ask again but was stopped by Hiccup dunking a red hot hammer head into a barrel of water. "Well I could tell you but…Why don't you go ask Astrid, she had some of it the night before the test I had her take." Thuggory just nodded his head and walked out, followed by Cami who wanted to know what was so special about Hiccup's roast also. They had left just as Hiccup was beginning to put the heads of the hammers onto the shafts.

Thuggory and Cami found Astrid near the woods throwing her axe at one of the trees, as they approached Thuggory stepped on a stick causing it to break. Upon hearing the sudden snap Astrid turned and threw her axe, it flew through the air and was barely deflected by a very surprised Thuggory. Astrid's eyes widened upon realizing what she had nearly done to one of their guests. She looked down and saw that her axe was laying off to the side near a large stone, she walked over and picked it up only to see were Thuggory had hit it leaving a gash in the metal. Cami and Thuggory both saw the gash and were surprised at the damage "Liferend" had done simply defending.

Hiccup finished the order Gobber had left for him and was on his way to deliver them. He got to the docks just as the workers started hauling lumber into the large building used to house boats that were being built. He saw Gobber working while others were sitting around waiting for Hiccup's delivery, he set the hammers and rivets down and was surprised when the dock workers thanked him. In the past he would drop off items only to be told to "get out of here before you break something". Hiccup smiled to himself before walking towards the woods. He walked towards the clearing were he knew he could find a few large deer for tonight.

Hiccup noticed the head of Astrid's axe as she held it, all he could figure was that Thug and Cami had startled her and as a result had the axe thrown at them.

Astrid looked at the two heirs in front of her and couldn't help but wonder why Thuggory and Cami had come out to her little clearing. "Sorry about that, what are you two doing here?"

Thuggory stepped closer, "Well it seems that Hiccup is planning to cook supper tonight for our parents and ourselves. And we were wondering what was so special about this roast of his."

Camicazi smiled and decided to have a little fun, "Yeah, like what does his meat taste like?" Thuggory looked back at Cami and was trying not to laugh, while Astrid turned a very deep shade of red. "So what does it taste like, and what did he use to make it?"

Astrid tried to regain her composure and answered Thuggory's question seriously, "It was really delicious." This answer caught Cami, Thuggory, and Hiccup, who was listening form behind a tree, off guard. Thuggory was holding his side while laughing at both Astrid's answer and Cami's reaction. "But the best thing was his special sauce that came with it. I don't think I've ever had anything that tasty before." Astrid smirked after seeing Cami's face go bright red, "I'm surprised you haven't tasted it yourself, but I'm sure you'll love it."

Cami smiled, "Yeah guess I've have to wait till later to get a good taste, but he you know he will let me have some whenever I want after tonight."

Thuggory had stopped laughing by now and was wondering what his blond friend was planning but decided to stay out of it. He figured if nothing else Hiccup would have a little fun and he didn't see a problem with that. Astrid however was not so content with the statement, and was trying to get Cami to explain when Hiccup walked out from behind the tree.

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