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Astrid looked at Camicazi with narrowed eyes, "What do you mean by that?" Cami just smiled and shrugged her shoulders causing Astrid to become even more annoyed with the Bog. "Tell me what you're planning…NOW!"

Cami laughed, "Why don't you make me?"

Thuggory was about to step in when he heard a twig snap, he turned to see what made the noise and saw Hiccup standing by a tree, "Hiccup?" Upon hearing the name both Astrid and Cami looked over and saw Hiccup standing by the tree, they both turned bright red while Thug nearly fell over laughing. Hiccup kept his face stony as he looked at the two girls before shaking his head and walking deeper into the woods.

After some more laughter from Thuggory and more than a little cursing from the girls did they start looking for Hiccup hoping to find out what all he had heard. They went in the direction they saw him leave in and started looking for any clue as to where he may have disappeared to.

After a few minutes of searching Cami spoke, "Thuggory why didn't you tell us Hiccup was listening to all that! He probably thinks Astrid and I are only after his…"some gestures to the crotch"…ya know… thing!"

Thuggory chuckled, "Well aren't ya. You two can't even keep from arguing or trying to one up each other if you're in the same room, and it only gets worse when Hiccup is the reason for it. I swear you two could be sisters with how alike you are." Thuggory promptly received a punch on both arms for that last comment from both girls.

Astrid looked at Cami and then Thug, "I'm nothing like her…I'm not that short."

Cami looked at Astrid, "Yeah, and I'm not the FLAT!"

Thuggory sighed as the two girls faced each and drew their respective weapons. He leaned agenst a tree and looked between the two and before speaking, "You know if you kill each other Arterris will start pushing for Hiccup even more." Cami froze upon hearing this, much to Astrid's surprise. "And there would be nothing to keep her from coming to take what she wants."

Astrid put her axe away and looked at Thuggory and asked, "Who's Arterris? And what is so important about her?"

Thuggory looked at Astrid, "Arterris is…well she is the heir Murderous Tribe. Her and Cami don't exactly get along."

Cami scoffs, "Ha, that's an understatement. The troll is impossible to deal with and would just as soon stab ya in the back as she would smash ya with her mace."

Astrid looked at Thug with an expression that demanded more information, thankfully he complied, "The Murderous Tribe and the Meatheads have had an understanding for a long time, they don't attack us and we don't attack them. They trade with us more than any other island, and will even stay with us for the holidays every couple years." Thuggory pushes off the tree and continues walking with them. "Well after the treaties were signed between our three tribes, Cami and Hiccup both came to Meathead Island. That same year that Bloodgout, Murderous chief, and Arterris came to stay with us for a little while. Arterris is our age and will be of marrying age soon, but she will only take a husband who can match or best her in single combat. Not long after Cami and Hiccup showed up Arterris started challenging the men her age, when she finally challenged me she had bested nearly 20 members of both Murderous and Meathead tribes. I accepted and we ended up calling it a draw, but she saw Hiccup and I sparing a couple days later and that lead to her wanting to fight Hiccup. He refused and Cami fought her instead, only for that match to also end in a tie."

Cami stated, "I could easily beat her, I just didn't want you to feel bad is all."

Thuggory chuckled before continuing, "Hehe sure Cami. Anyways, Arterris was surprised that Cami was as good as she was and…well she didn't exactly like that. Since the Murderous Tribe and the Bog Burglars don't really get along. Anyways every time Arterris tried to challange Hiccup Cami or I always got in the way by draggin him off whenever she entered a room. But when Arterris did finally get close enough to challenge Hiccup properly…he refused."

Astrid shook her head, "Why didn't Hiccup just fight her and get it over with, he could have beaten her and left it at that. I mean we don't really have any problems with the Murderous Tribe and since he's an heir also they couldn't exactly get married." saying this just as much about Arterris as she was Camicazi.

Thuggory scratched the back of his head before speaking, "Well…the Murderous tend to demand that the heirs of two tribes marry for there to be any true peace. And I doubt Stoick would say no to the request since the Murderous have some of the largest trade ports in the entire Barbaric Archipelago. Stoick was trying to make treaty agreements with Bloodgout but every time they agreed they would disagree on two more things. It was kinda funny really. But anyways, if he were to fight her and tie then she would have to choose between him and me because I doubt anyone has beaten her. Plus she thinks Hiccup is cute so unless he purposefully lost she would demand a marriage. And since Hiccup doesn't care to be picked on or looked down upon, besides here Gods only know why, he wouldn't lose unless there was some serious foul play involved."

Cami looked at Astrid, "Astrid, what kind of meat did Hiccup use for that roast of his?"

Astrid looked over to Cami, "Deer, why?"

Cami smiled, "Well I was thinking that if we could find Hiccup if we look for deer instead, I'm sure that's why he came out here to begin with." Astrid and Thug agreed and began searching for any signs of game.

Astrid, Cami, and Thuggory walked in silence after finding a small trail leading to a clearing were they saw several large deer grazing. The three looked at one another before drawing their respective weapons, they were planning to kill at least a few deer to save Hiccup some time. As they neared the edge of the clearing they saw Hiccup shoot out of a tree towards the largest doe, dagger in hand. The doe fell as soon as Hiccup buried his dagger into its spine, he spun and grabbed the antlers of a large buck and slashed its throat before turning once again, throwing his dagger into the head of another large buck. The teens stared open mouthed as they watched, the whole event only took about three seconds but time seemed to stop whenever his blade met flesh, it was both beautiful and a little scary to watch such a calm and kind person perform such an elegant dance of death. Astrid couldn't help but notice how he seemed to fight more like a dragon than a man, efficient, precise, and deadly.

Hiccup walked over to the second buck and removed his dagger before turning it over to begin gutting it. Astrid, Cami, and Thug walk into the clearing just as he makes the first cut. Without looking up Hiccup spoke, "Hey, can you guys get the other two. I'm gonna need a little help getting these to my house." Without saying a word Cami and Thug smiled softly and walked over to the other deer, drawing their daggers and began cutting.

Astrid looked around and deciding she couldn't really help yet, she walked over to Hiccup. "Ok so where did you learn to do that." Hiccup just smiled and shrugged while pulling out more guts. "So you're saying you've been able to do this?" Hiccup just chuckled and continued removing the deer's entrails. "Then why do you let Snot and Tuff pick on you?"

Hiccup stopped and sighed before answering, "Because…they aren't worth dealing with. If given a good reason I'd smash them into the ground, but until then I'll ignore them like I always have."

Hiccup returned to his work, while Astrid just looked at him like he was insane before speaking. "But that doesn't explain why. Do you really not see anyone here worth fighting, are we really that pathetic to you?!"

Hiccup didn't say a word as he finished gutting the deer, and lifted it onto his shoulders. As he started to walk away he spoke, "Could you help Cami with that deer. And it isn't because I find you all pathetic, I just don't want to cause any more problems here." Astrid didn't really know what to say and just went over and Camicazi drag the doe through the woods behind Thug and Hiccup.

Once they reached they reached the chief's house the three headed towards a small shed that worked as a butcher shed. Hiccup dropped the deer he was carrying by the door before asking Thuggory and Cami if they could start skinning the deer. He then turned to Astrid, "Follow me." Astrid didn't say a word as they walk towards town.

Without saying a word Hiccup grabbed Astrid's axe from her back much to her surprise, and walked into the smithy leaving the door open for her. She entered and saw that Hiccup had already started getting the axe ready to repair the gouge on its side. She looked around the forge and noticed it get hotter all of a sudden, she turned to see that Hiccup had removed the head of her axe from its shaft and placed it in the forge. She watched him heat the metal, and after it was properly heated Hiccup removed the axe head and began pounding away with his hammer, forcing the metal back into its proper place before dunking it into a cooling bucket.

Astrid was surprised that she had never seen him actually work metal before, nor had she ever been inside the smithy while the forge was going full blast. She could understand why Hiccup was always so thin before, since she was already sweating like she had been training hard for hours in the middle of summer when only a few minutes had passed. She noticed the sheen of sweat no Hiccup's brow and couldn't help but stare at his eyes as they seemed to glow in the light of the forge. She quickly looked away and sat on a bench near the slightly open window, hoping it would cool her off a little.

After a few minutes the door to the smithy opened and Cami entered, the heat of the forge causing her to sweat instantly. She looked at Astrid and Hiccup seeing how sweaty they were, then a mischievous grin made itself present on her lips. "Wow its hot in here, what are you two doing? Nothing too bad I hope." Astrid blushed while Hiccup acted as though he didn't even hear her.

After a few moments of silence besides the sounds of Hiccup's hammer he stopped and spoke while putting the axe head back onto its shaft. "I'm fixing her axe as thanks for helping you with that deer. And you know why we're sweating, you are too after all." Hiccup spun the axe in his hand checking the balance before setting it down and sitting down, and motioning for Cami to sit near Astrid. "Ok…So do either of you want to tell me what's going on. And why you both were talking about my…meat. Also Cami what were you planning to do later, I'm just as curious as Astrid about that one." Astrid and Cami both blushed heavily before looking away. After a few minutes of silence Hiccup sighed and spoke, "Fine." With that one word he stood and gave Astrid her axe before motioning for them to leave and locking the door after he came out behind them. The three walked in silence up to the chief's house were Thuggory was sitting by the front door waiting for them. Thug said nothing as Hiccup entered the butcher hut and shut the door behind him.

Snotlout, Tuffnut, Ruffnut, and Fishlegs watched as Astrid fallowed Hiccup into the smithy after he took her axe and saw Cami enter not long afterwards, they were surprised that Astrid didn't protest to Hiccup taking the axe, but only Fishlegs noticed the deep gouge in its side.

They watched the three leave the smithy and wondered what Astrid was doing with them, they were also confused by the blood they saw on Hiccup's shoulders. After some arguing they agreed to ask Astrid about it later.

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