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As Snotlout, Tuff, Ruff, and Fishlegs walked to one of the many cliffs that looked over the ocean, all the while talking about the Bogburglars and Meatheads that currently took shelter in the Great Hall and on the beaches. Fishlegs was happy that none of them had tried to kill each other yet, and he was hoping that they wouldn't any time soon. Ruff and Tuff argued about basic things like which of the two was better at fighting, wrestling, hunting, and fishing, all of which lead to the two fighting. Snotlout however wasn't yelling about the other tribes taking up space and food, about how strong he was, or even enjoying Ruff and Tuff's fighting. He just sat, looking out over the ocean wondering what Astrid was doing with Hiccup. Snotlout figured she was trying to get a "blood steel" axe from him, but that changed when he saw her act submissive around Hiccup. Astrid was never one to act that way, and then he remembered the blood on Hiccup's shoulders and how he seemed…angry when he took Astrid's axe.

Slowly connections were being made in the young Hooligan's mind, as he thought about what he saw. And after several minutes of agenizing mental work, he had come to the conclusion that Hiccup and Astrid were to be wed. That was the only possible reason for her to act like that around him, and why he didn't seem scared of her. But that still left the question of what Camicazi was doing with them in the forge. Snotlout got up and left suddenly gaining the attention of the others, as he saw Astrid coming down the hill from the chief's house and was determined to stop them, because she was his girl whether she knew it or not.

After Astrid left Thuggory finally asked, "Ok…what did you two do to make Hiccup mad? I've seen him mad at a lot of people, but never you. So spill it, what's up?"

Cami said nothing for a while but then spoke quietly, "I…I was hoping to ask him to help me with something personal, and well…When he asked what I was planning I froze, I didn't know how to ask for his help with Astrid sitting there next to me. And since we didn't say anything, he got mad."

Thuggory looked at Cami, surprised by the way she was acting. Normally Cami was a little ball of energy that was almost always smiling, but now she just looked small, tired, and weak. Thug thought for a moment, "What was it you wanted his help with?"

Cami looked at her Thug, "I was hoping he give me an heir of my own. I know that isn't anything new but…I really don't want it to be a onetime thing." Cami sighed and looked down again and laughed humorlessly, "I was actually hoping to get him alone for a while so we could have some fun and so I could get Hiccup's answer, but Astrid keeps getting in the way."

Thuggory looked at Cami and chuckled getting her attention, "If he says no you're not going to ask that of me are you?"

Cami laughed lightly, "No I wasn't planning on asking you, even though I doubt Hiccup will say no. Sorry to crush your hopes and dreams."

Thug laughed, "Trust me I'm not terribly disappointed, you're a little too short for my taste anyways."

Cami looked at Thug with mild annoyance before smiling, "Oh so you prefer someone like Arterris?"

Thug stopped laughing and looked down gaining a curious look from Cami. "Honestly… she's too manly for me… Hel for anyone."

Cami smirked, "Too manly? What do you think she'd prove to have a bigger dick than you once the fun started?"

Thug looked up and said in complete seriousness, "Yes." This caused both heirs to burst out laughing, but they stopped once Hiccup came out of the shed with a couple large platters filled with sizable chunks of meat.

Hiccup said nothing as he took the two platters inside the house and came back out to get the remaining platters from the shed. All together there were six platters with a large pile of meat on each one. Thuggory and Cami could smell the meat and it made their mouths water, they walked inside and each took a small piece from one of the piles. They both moaned slightly as they savored the tiny morsels. After they opened their eyes, Hiccup was standing in front of them with a smile on his face as he raised an eyebrow at their reactions.

Just as Hiccup was about to speak the chiefs walked into the house, after they sniffed the air the three large leaders quickly sat down at the table and began eating only remembering to get themselves some mead when Mogadon choked on a large mouthful. The heirs quickly sat down and began eating as well, Hiccup being the only one not to shovel food into his mouth by the hand, or in Stoick's case, arm full. After about half an hour the meat was gone and the heirs were the only one who didn't go straight to one of the benches or chairs to sleep.

Hiccup got up without a word and grabbed a fur, and headed outside. Thuggory and Cami said nothing as he left the house because they knew how he didn't seem to like being covered in sweat, and the butcher shed is rather warm but still nothing compaired to the forge.

Thuggory looked at Cami as she watched Hiccup leave, "Why not go with him?"

Cami looked at Thuggory in mild shock, "Wh-What? Why would I fallow him, he's going to take a bath."

Thug just looked at her with a somewhat annoyed look, "You would do that so you can ask him your important question." Thug smirked, "And so if he says yes he'll be nearly ready to help you."

Cami blushed but soon smirked as she grabbed a fur and ran out the door. After she left Thuggory laughed, "Finally…I wonder if there's any more mead."

Once Snotlout reached the bottom of the hill, the others had already caught up with him and Astrid hadn't noticed them coming her way. She waited for them patiently as she thought about what happened, trying to figure out a way to get Hiccup to talk to her. Snotlout came to her and began trying to put a hand on her shoulder, only for her to grab it and throw him to the ground without thinking.

Snotlout coughed and stood, "Ouch…ok Astrid calm down. What happened earlier, what were you doing in the forge with Hiccup?"

Astrid looked him in the eyes, "He was fixing my axe."

Ruffnut looked at her friend somewhat confused, "What, did you and Catty, Cami whatever her name is finally fight?"

Astrid opened her mouth to answer but was interrupted by Tuffnut, "Her axe looks fine to me, I don't see anything wrong with it. What were you and Hiccup getting freaky or somethin'? Is that why Camicazi stopped by?"

Astrid went red in the face, while Ruff and Tuff began arguing and wrestling on the ground. Snotlout didn't like what Tuffnut had asked and without thinking yelled, "Astrid wouldn't do something like that with Hiccup. She's my girl, not his. I don't care if they are getting married, I'll kill him before he touches her." Snotlout looked to his left and noticed Fishlegs backing up slowly, while Ruff and Tuff had stopped fighting and scurried away quickly. After a second Snotlout realized what he had just proclaimed and turned to Astrid, only to see a fist coming towards him. Snotlout's hands flew up to his face and the others cringed at the loud crunching noise that signified that Snotlout now had a broken nose.

Astrid looked down at Snotlout and scoffed in mild disgust, "Snotlout I will never be "your girl" and were the Hel did you hear that Hiccup and I were getting married? You really are pathetic…I can see why Hiccup never bothered to put you in your place, you just aren't worth it." She looked at Tuff, "You're not much better." With that she walked away from the group towards her house, while Snotlout held his face groaning.

After a moment Snotout stood, his nose still bleeding. "What the Hel did she mean by Hiccup putting me in my place? The little twerp couldn't hurt me if his life depended on it."

Fishlegs sighed before smaking Snotlout's hands away from his face and grabbed the broken nose with his thumb and index finger. With a quick twist another crack could be heard as Snotlout's nose sat straight once again causing Snotlout to yelp and nearly fall over. As Fishlegs wiped the blood off his hand using Snotlout's tunic he spoke, "Tuff I saw a nasty looking cut in Astrid's axe before she entered the smithy, I can only guess that it was from "Liferend" or "Bloodfang". Oh and Snotlout, Hiccup already kicked your ass without really trying. I didn't fight him or the other heirs when they arrived so I saw everything that happened, remember?"

Snotlout stood there for a minute somewhat surprised that Fishlegs had cursed but then tryed to remember the fight, only really remembering Astrid's feet smashing into his face, and Hiccup pissing him off somehow. But then he remembered the night he snuck into the forge looking for the blood steel weapons, and some of what Hiccup had done. How Hiccup had dodged his attack, punched him in the jaw, and then kicking him out the door like it was nothing but a minor inconvenience. Snotlout scowled at the memories and looked at Fishlegs, "If you're trying to tell me that Hiccup has already beaten me you are dead wrong, and I'll prove it tomorrow." With that Snotlout stormed off in the direction of his house.

Fishlegs and the twins looked at each other wondering what he meant by that. Ruffnut spoke first in a voice that held none of its usual mirth but was laced with mild concern, "You don't think he going to do something really stupid do you?" The two boys just nodded their heads in unison before Fishlegs turned and walked away. Ruffnut watched as the large blond walked away and couldn't help but notice the way he seemed unusually…mad, normally she would try to antagonize someone in such a state but felt it wasn't a good time for it and instead walked home quietly with her brother.

Cami walked along a small path that led behind the Chief's house and began heading towards the little hot springs nearby. She walked through the trees and could faintly make out what sounded like a man grunting and…growling. Being a Bog Burglar such noises usually indicated that someone was having sex, and since she knew Hiccup was suppose to be in the springs, she could only wonder what or who was making him sound like that. She crept closer and could now hear that it was less like sexual growls and more like…a conversation. After a minute she could hear a sigh and then Hiccup speak, "I don't know what I'm going to do with those two. I mean sure I use to like one but I can't say I do anymore, and the other is just as bad at times." After hearing some light growls that were common to the forest at night Hiccup spoke again, "I don't know if the two of them getting along would help…I mean sure the thought of being with both is, well very nice I can't exactly ask for something like that. Things would be so much easier if I just left. Then I wouldn't have to deal with all of this crap, I could just…well live almost quietly."

After another pause Cami walked to the only real entrance into the hot spring and saw Hiccup sitting in the pool of hot water alone, and that the boulders were now black as if they had been burned. The pool of water did however still had a natural glow from the plants that grew in it like most hot springs. This allowed Cami to see Hiccup's muscular back easily, but she couldn't see anyone else so could only figure he was talking to himself…then her mind went to why he would have been growling like he was before and what he said just moments ago gave her some…interesting mental images of what Hiccup could have been doing and why. She quickly thought to herself while smiling, "This could be easier than I thought.", having already forgotten how it sounded when she had gotten closer.

Camicazi began to disrobe and stopped when Hiccup began to speak, "Cami what are you doing here?" She could hear that he was flustered and embarrassed like he had been caught doing something, only solidifying her previous thoughts as to what he was doing. Hiccup looked over his shoulder to see what she was doing but quickly turned away when he saw she was dressed only in her small clothes and breast binding. Hiccup was very red by now, but went even redder when he heard Cami step into the water.

Cami was a little annoyed that Hiccup refused to look at her, sure she had talked about past lovers with the boys while they weren't new to the idea of sleeping with the opposite sex the action was something nether had experienced. She would have found it cute had she planned things out a little better, but for now she would simply work on him until he was ready to face her or for her, whichever came first. She walked through the water and wrapped her arms around his muscular chest and pulled herself flush against him, making sure he felt everything he could of her. She heard him growling, nearly purring and smirked before rubbing herself up and down his strong back a little before looking over his shoulder and seeing against the black stone two large yellow-green eyes with black slits in the middle staring back at her all the while an audible growl seemed to emanate from every direction.

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