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Camicazi looked as if she had been slapped, "What do you mean they'll be here by morning!?" She turned and glared at Thuggory, "Did you know about this?"

Thuggory's eyes grew wide and his mouth hung open for a moment before answering. "My-My father said he was thinking about inviting them to join us here. He thought Stoick would welcome the chance to try and talk Bloodgout into signing a treaty. But he never said he was going to for sure so I thought he decided against it." He looked directly at Hiccup, "Had I known for sure I would have told you."

Hiccup gave Thuggory a small smile, showing that he believed his friend and did not hold this against him. Cami on the other hand was rattling on about how she couldn't believe the Murderous tribe was coming here and how she and her mother were going to keep their tribes women, along with herself, from killing the bastards on sight. She would also throw in comments about how stupid Thug was for not telling them, this of course only made the boys laugh.

Hiccup sighed and looked at his two friends bickering before speaking to Toothless, "So got any ideas for dealing with this problem?" Toothless looked at Hiccup with mild confusion making Hiccup laugh quietly. "Sorry bud, I don't mean anything by that. I'm just not sure what to do with the Murderous almost here. Cami and Thug seem set on joining me in dragon training so I can't tell them to cancel the plan just because Arterris is coming."

Toothless stared at Hiccup for a moment, "Why does this Arterris cause your friends so much distress?"

Hiccup looked at his scaly friend for a moment, "Well…It's more that Cami has a problem with her, while Thug just doesn't know if he likes her or is scared of her."

Toothless cocked his head to the side, "While you seem indifferent about her." This time it was Hiccup's turn to look confused. Toothless laughed drawing the attention of Thug and Cami. They watched as Toothless extended his clawed foot towards Hiccup and had the point of a single claw rest over his heart only to hear him begin growling. "Hiccup remember, a part of me is always with you and with that I know how you feel about things."

Hiccup gave Toothless a toothy grin, "I almost forgot. Your right I am indifferent, but the reason for that is because I don't know her. Every time she got close Cami and Thug would drag me off and the one time we did talk all she wanted to do was fight me. With her living here till the end of the month I suppose we will have plenty of chances to talk to each other, assuming she doesn't still want to fight me."

Toothless looked at Cami and Thug and gave a gummy grin, "Well if this new female wishes to fight you, let her." Hiccup just smiled and shook his head no. Toothless could tell that his friend was very tired and didn't want to talk about it but asked his question anyways, "Why not? If she has offered a challenge then you should accept. To dragons ignoring a challenge is very disrespectful, and too many seen as a sign of weakness."

Hiccup sighed and leaned back, supporting himself with his hands. "If I were to accept and win I would have to marry her, she would become my mate. I wouldn't be able to choose one for myself because she would have her father make the arrangements the moment it's over. My father would agree with little hesitation because he has been trying to get Bloodgout to sign a treaty with us for a while now, and most treaties are later fallowed up by a marriage between an heir and member of the other tribe."

With that Hiccup got to his feet and said goodnight to Toothless. Cami and Thug fallowed him out after they too said good night to the large dragon. Toothless watched as they left before he went back into his cave and wished his boy luck in the future. Toothless lied down and smiled,"This Arterris girl sounds very similar like a female dragon looking for a mate, and if she has yet to find a suitable mate then Hiccup was going to have a very interesting month."

When the three got back to Hiccup's house they could hear chiefs talking about the incoming ships, and by the sounds of it Mogadon had just told Bertha and Stoick that he invited the Murderous tribe to join them on the island. Bertha was yelling and complaining much like Cami had upon hearing the news, she was even using many of the same insults.

Stoick looked up the moment the heirs entered and spoke, silencing and drawing the attention of the other chiefs. "Were have you three been?"

Thuggory stepped forward to answer just before Cami or Hiccup could, "We were outside talking when the horn sounded. So we ran to the beach to see if the ships were visible." Thuggory looked at his father, "I also told Hiccup and Cami about you inviting the Murderous tribe here." Thuggory looked back to Stoick, "It looks like they'll hit the beach by morning."

Stoick nodded, "Well as long as they don't start trouble they can stay here. Bertha that means you and the other Bog Burglars need to try and get along with them as well." Bertha just folded her arms in front of her before turning away mumbling something that sounded like "fine". Stoick sighed, "Alright…we should all probably get to bed so we can properly greet our newest guests in the morning."

Just as the chiefs stood Cami spoke, "Um I was wondering, at what age do most members of your tribe start dragon training? The reason I ask is because Bog has gradually been seeing more dragon raids, and as such some of our people may need to learn how to fight them better."

Stoick looked at Bertha who simply nodded her head half in agreement and half in surprise, "Well normally a Hooligan would start dragon training when they reach your age. Why do ya ask? Were you wantin' to join this year's training?"

Cami smiled, "Well what better way to show our trust in each other than to have the heirs join the special training of the other tribes."

Stoicks eye went wide at this, "So what your wantin' isn't just to join dragon training but to join the Meathead's combative trainin as well. And I suppose that means that both Hiccup and Thuggory would be allowed to join the Bog Burglars in pirate training as well?"

Cami smiled, "Of course, but that is something the three of you would have to agree on first. "

Stoick looked over at Bertha and Mogadon and saw them both giving the idea a great deal of thought. "Aye, and by the looks of things we may talk about it tomorrow. But for now we should all be headin to bed, last thing we want to do is sleep through the arrival of Bloodgout and his tribe."

With that the chiefs took up their previous spots amongst the benches and the heirs when up to Hiccup's room. Once in the room Hiccup grabbed a couple furs and set them on the floor for himself while Thuggory went to the small chair Hiccup had sitting in the corner, Camicazi had already called the bed and was snugly wrapping herself in its furs.

Hiccup had already lain down on the fur mat he made himself and was looking up at the ceiling when he spoke. "Hey Cami, could you toss me my journal?" Camicazi grumbled in annoyance but un-tucked one of her arms and began rummaging around the small bedside table until she felt the booklet and tossed it to him.

Thuggory opened one eye and looked towards Hiccup after hearing him catch the booklet, "So you're going back to the whole not talking thing?" At hearing this Cami shot upright and promptly fell on back down onto the bed, as her "what" turned into an annoyed grumble. Hiccup only nodded and rolled onto his side. Thug smirked, "So I take it you don't really wanna talk to Arterris when she gets here?" Hiccup just looked over his shoulder and gave his friend a tired half smile before closing his eyes. Thug sighed, "Alright then, I wander what Arterris will say when she sees our weapons. She may demand one for herself."

At this Camicazi shot upright once again, this time staying up. "If she wants one Hiccup can tell her to take that mace of hers and shove it up her a-", a note bounced off of Cami's forehead distracting her from the rant. She fell over again as she attempted to get her arms free of her makeshift cocoon to read the note. Once Cami got her arms free and shot Thug a glare for laughing at her, she read the note aloud. "Cami I'm not going to be that rude to our guest, not unless she does something to deserve it. Plus her and Bloodgout may end up sleeping here with us. No need to start a fight when there's a chance that we'll be so close to one another for the rest of the month." Cami looked down at Hiccup and sighed loudly, "Fine…I'll try to play nice, but if she tries something don't be surprised if there's only blood where she was sleeping." Thug and Hiccup both nodded their heads and went to sleep as Cami re-wrapped her cocoon of furs.

The next morning the chiefs and heirs awoke just before dawn and shared a large breakfast of bread and dried fish. All of which was washed down by ale of course. The chiefs discussed where the Murderous tribe would take shelter. They also talked about the dragon training that would take place soon, and if Cami, Thug, and a few others would join. All talk of dragon training came to a halt however when the chiefs asked for Hiccup's opinion only for him to write them a note, this lead to several questions, all of which were answered by note. Cami and Thuggory answered what questions they could about Hiccup suddenly deciding to stop talking again, but still Hiccup would give no solid reason for it. After a while Hiccup had stopped writing and just went back to eating, while this annoyed the chiefs they knew he was done talking…well writing about it.

The six soon left the chief's house to wait at the docks with the rest of the village. Upon arriving at the dock Cami noticed that Astrid and her group were waiting near the front of the crowd, much like they had been when she and Thug first arrived. Cami looked over the group and had to cover her mouth to keep from laughing aloud when she saw Snotlout. His nose had swollen so much that it looked like a pig nose, she quickly pointed this out to Hiccup and Thuggory.

Astrid looked over at the heirs and saw that all three were looking in her direction, but what bothered her was that all three were quietly laughing. She quickly turned and saw that the other teens had found their way to the front with her, that's when she saw Snotlout's nose. She might have felt bad about it had he not deserved it so much.

Nearly an hour passes as they wait for the Murderous ships to dock. But not long after they do, a large man with bright red hair and an axe on his back jumps off the boat followed closely by a girl with a fairly large spike covered mace on her hip. Arterris was half a head taller than Cami, had light brown hair, chocolate colored eyes, and was just as attractive.

Stoick steps forward and greets Bloodgout, welcoming him and hit tribe to Berk.

Bloodgout shakes Stoick's hand and notices "Windcrusher" on his side. "That's a fancy lookin' hammer you got there. You decide to retire "Swiftwind"?"

Stoick smiled, always happy to brag about his weapon. "No. "Windcrusher" here reduced "Swiftwind" to rubble."

Bloodgout stood and stared wide eyed at the hammer for a moment, and after a moment he looked over at Arterris and saw that she looked just as surprised to hear this. After a few more moments of silently staring Bloodgout seemed to find his voice again, "Where in midgard did you find a weapon like that?"

Arterris looked over the hammer and then looked at the other heirs, she quickly noticed that Camicazi and Thuggory both had weapons just as red as Stoick's hammer. She also took note of the young man standing near them and made a mental note to challenge him to a dual later. She quickly pointed out the other two weapons to her father.

Bloodgout looked over and saw the weapons, "Well since these weapons seem to be so common here, why not get me one?"

Stoick looked back at Cami and Thug, "Ah well ya see, these three are the only ones like 'em. Gettin' one made for you…well that's easier said than done."

Bloodgout narrowed his eyes, "What do ya mean by that. I'm a chief, any smith should be hoping I accept their weapon. What's your smith's name? Gobber? Have him make more, simple as that."

At this time Gobber stepped out of the cowd, "Well ya see, if I knew how to make "blood steel" weapons our entire tribe would be outfitted with them. What I'm sayin is, I didn't make those weapons. Hiccup did."

Bloodgout looked at Stoick, "Your little fish bone of a son make those weapons? Really?" Stoick simply nodded. "Well where is he? If I have to ask him to make me one I will." Stoick smirked and waved Hiccup forward. Hiccup sighed and stepped up beside his father.

Arterris noticed that Hiccup was almost a full head taller than she was when he stood only a foot away. She couldn't believe that this was the same Hiccup she met only a couple years ago. She smirked, "Well he's not much of a fish bone now." Hiccup met her eyes and gave a faint smirk that made her blush slightly.

Bloodgout nodded his head in agreement with his daughter's comment before speaking. "Well…what'll it be?" Hiccup just cocked one of his eyebrows. "Well when will you make me one of those "blood steel" axes?" Hiccup pulled out his booklet and quickly wrote a note explaining that he would not make them for just anyone. Bloodgout read this and got mad, "What do ya mean just anyone, I'm a chief I shouldn't even be askin' for one. You should be beggin me to consider touching one."

Stoick was just about to tell Bloodgout and his tribe to leave his island, but Hiccup stopped him and spoke instead, "A man is a man no matter his title or status. And to me a man is only worth as much as the extent of his loyalty. I do not know you, and you hold no loyalty to us. Therefore you do not, and until you prove otherwise, will not receive any weapon of mine." Hiccup then turned to his father and whispered, "I'll be in the forge if you need me, and the door will be locked so as to keep out unwanted guests." Stoick just nodded understanding exactly what he meant.

Hiccup walked past Cami and Thug, only giving them a small nod before heading to the forge. Hiccup was annoyed and wanted to try and work out some frustration, that and he also needed to get to work on his next scaly project.

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