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Bloodgout stared as Hiccup walked away, unsure whether he should be impressed with the boy or to shout in rage for the disrespect he was just shone. Luckily Arterris stepped in before he could get them kicked off the island, "Well I suppose we'll just have to prove ourselves then." Bloodgout looked down at her in confusion before nodding in agreement. Arterris stepped forward and looked at Stoick, "Chief, with your permission we would still like to stay for the remainder of the holidays."

Stoick looked between Bloodgout and Arterris and after a moment nodded, "Fine you can stay, but I won't tolerate any killen. I know you lot don't have the best history with the Bog Burglars, so if ya get into any brawls just be sure a few Meatheads or Hooligans are involved." Stoick gave a short nod to both Bertha and Bloodgout, letting them know that he accepted there inevitable fighting and didn't want anyone to die or to be left out.

Arterris looked around and quickly noticed that along with the heirs there was another group around her age. In the group she counted two boys and three girls…or was it two girls and three boys. She really couldn't tell, but decided to speak with them after talking to Thuggory.

Arterris stepped away from the chiefs to give them room to talk, she notice that while the Meatheads greeted her tribe the Hooligans were reluctant to join in and the Bogs just walked away. She was curious how the next few weeks would play out, but decided to try her luck at finding a worthy opponent and husband instead of worrying about that.

Thuggory and Camicazi were talking to each other when Arterris approached them. Thuggory turned and greeted her with a pleasant smile followed by a simple hand shake while Cami gave an obviously forced smile. Arterris looked at Cami and mimicked her smile before speaking to Thug, "So what happened to Hiccup to make him so...different. Last time I saw him he was nothing but a quiet fish bone."

Thuggory looked behind him in the direction of the forge, "It's sort of a secret, one we didn't learn about till just last night." Arterris cocked one of her eyebrows, surprised when Cami drove her elbow into one of Thug's ribs.

Cami tried to keep any malice out of her voice as she spoke, "It really isn't our place to tell others why he changed, and Hiccup has always been more than a fish bone. While he has changed physically, he is still the same on the inside."

Arterris smirked now more interested than ever. As she looked over Camicazi's head towards the forge she saw the pig looking boy from the group of teens walking that way. She looked between Cami and Thug before speaking, "So I just need to make him tell me then? Fine, I can make that a condition of our duel." "I have a feeling that he won't refuse me this time. And if he were to win-", she looks around the docks and up towards the village, "I could get use to living here."

Cami nearly snarled at the comment, wanting nothing more than to open the other girl's throat right then. But before she could make any kind of threat, Astrid and the other teens walked up to the three heirs. Astrid could see that she and the others had walked in at a good time, since Camicazi is tensed and had a hand resting on a dagger like she were about to attack something…or someone. Astrid smiled and stepped forward, "Hi, I'm Astrid. This is Ruff, Tuff, Fishlegs, and…" Astrid looked around and then towards Thuggory, "Were did Snotlout go?"

Thuggory and Cami both began looking around the thinning crowd. Arterris looked back towards the hill leading to the village, "Does Snotout look kinda like a pig and have dark curly hair?" The others looked at her and nodded. Arterris had a feeling something was happening when she saw a worried look appear on Fishlegs' face and smirked, "I saw him head up the hill leading into the village."

Cami looked at the teens and saw Fishlegs pale a little at hearing what Arterris said, "Do you think he's going after Hiccup to challenge him again or to do something stupid?"

Fishlegs quickly turned and started running up the hill yelling over his shoulder that he believed the likelihood of it being both was 98.2%. The other teens began running after him. Arterris and Astrid both took note of the worried glances that Thug and Cami passed to each other, and while it worried Astrid, it only made Arterris excided.

Stoick and the other chiefs noticed the teens running up the hill, while normally they would brush it off as the kids just wanting to play the looks on their faces told them that this was not one of those times. They quickly followed up the hill after ordering everyone else to help unload the ships.

They all ran up the hill and saw Hiccup dodging wild punches being thrown by an angry and very pissed off Snotlout. The two were fighting in the middle of town were the five main paths that lead throughout the village meet. There were five large torch posts sitting near each main path and Hiccup was currently near the one leading towards the Great Hall. Snotlout was too enraged to notice that they were being watched, "Stop dodging "Useless" and fight me like a man!"

Hiccup was annoyed and really didn't want to be fighting Snotlout, but after what that bastard said he couldn't just let it go. Its one thing to insult him but to mock the dead is unforgivable. Hiccup growled when Snotlout used his old nickname and ducked under the heavy right that soon fallowed it bringing his knee up into Snotlout's stomach at the same time, knocking the wind out of the burlier boy. The growl startled many of the group watching because it sounded almost like that of a dragon but what startled Cami however was not the growl but Hiccup's eyes. She could see the dark look in Hiccup's eyes and without thinking brought her hand up to the scar on her shoulder, this quickly caught the attention of Thuggory, Astrid, and two of the chiefs. Snotlout stood and glared at Hiccup getting ready to say something only to be kicked into the nearby torch post having the wind knocked out of him once again. Hiccup grabbed Snotlout's shirtfront and slammed him into the post, his voice was cold when he nearly growled, "Snotlout…if you EVER insult my mother that way again I will gut you like a fish, and feed the remains to a dragon." Hiccup heard gasps and saw looked to the side, seeing the others for the first time. He saw that Camicazi holding her shoulder, his eyes grew wide when he realized what he had just said and began walking towards the forge, hoping to get there before his anger got the better of him. Snotlout tried talking again, all that came out however was an undignified wheeze.

Snotlout growled to himself and drew his dagger forcing the ragged words out, "DON'T TURN YOUR BACK ON ME "USELESS"!" The dagger flew from his hand tumbling end over end through the air towards Hiccup's back. Everyone stood still not even daring to breathe as they watched blood drip down Hiccup's arm onto the compacted snow. Hiccup had turned and caught the dagger by the blade with his hand. After a moment he grabbed the handle of the dagger with his other hand and looked at the deep gashes on his fingers and palm, silent as he inspected the wounds. His hand trembled as he attempted to extend his fingers, then he suddenly closed in into a fist.

Cami and Thug both dashed across the square as fast as they could after seeing his eyes. The other looked on in confusion as Thug tackled Hiccup into the nearest building and held the smaller boy's hands in place. While Thuggory held Hiccup Camicazi tried talking her enraged friend down. They both knew that Hiccup would never forgive himself if he killed Snotlout in this state, so they had to stop him even if the bastard did deserve to rot with Hel until Ragnarok. Everyone watching was surprised when Hiccup dropped the dagger and freed one of his hands, they were even more surprised when he punched Thuggory in the stomach and then threw the larger boy over his shoulder. Camicazi jumped back and placed herself between Hiccup and Snotlout unsure as to how she would stop him. Hiccup began walking towards Snotlout, focusing on him so intently that he failed to see Cami right in front of him. Cami flung herself at Hiccup and prayed to all the gods that he could still recognize her in some way.

Hiccup froze when Cami hugged him, he wasn't sure why but he knew he was angry about something and that his hand hurt a lot. He looked down and saw blood flowing from his hand, he looked up and saw a terrified Snotlout and remembered what happened. He placed his none bleeding hand on Cami's shoulder and spoke gently, "You can let go now, I'm not going to kill Snotlout. Thuggory you ok?" Thug stood and gave a short nod as he regained his breath, since he hadn't expected Hiccup to hit that hard. Hiccup gently pushed Cami off of him and walked over to the fallen dagger, he picked it up and threw it. Snotlout ducked but noticed that instead of the cold metal of his helmet under his hands he felt his own hair. Snotlout looked up and saw that his dagger had pierced the horn of his helm and was pinning it to the post. Hiccup watched Snotlout fall on his butt before walking into the forge, cleaning and bandaging his hand inside.

Just as Hiccup finished bandaging his hand and lit the forge the door opened and Stoick entered along with the other chiefs and heirs. With so many large bodies in the forge at once it quickly heated up causing those unused to being inside a smithy and those without a dragon scale tunic to sweat. Hiccup sighed and quickly wrote a note asking why all of them were in the forge. Stoick read the note and quickly answered, "Well I was gonna ask how your had was, but I'm not sure why everyone else came in as well." Stoick looked at the other chiefs before letting out a heavy sigh, "Let's move outside so we can all move without knockin' everything over." The other chiefs mumbled their agreements as they waddled, shuffled, and in general squeezed their way outside to the cool air. Once everyone was outside Stoick looked at the others again, "So why did the rest of ya need to see the boy?"

Stoick and the others decided that it was best to not ask what Snotlout had said to make the boy so angry, at least not until later. Mogadon, Bertha, Cami, and Thug all just said they wanted to check on him like Stoick. Were as Bloodgout was curious as to how Hiccup caught the knife and Arterris wanted to challenge him to a duel. Stoick had heard of how Arterris was attempting to find a husband and wasn't unhappy with the idea of her and his son getting together. To everyone's surprise Hiccup chuckled silently when Arterris challenged him. Arterris was somewhat annoyed that Hiccup would laugh at her, "What's so funny? Do you think I'm not good enough to fight you? Well what is it?"

Hiccup quickly started writing, "Arterris I have no problem with dueling you, but I have yet to make myself a proper weapon. So for know I can't fight you. And before you ask when I'll have it done, I don't know because I want to make myself a few things before starting in on it."

Arterris accepted this answer along with everyone else since a duel required you to do battle with your weapons and no one else's. Cami however did complain about him accepting the challenge, she only got a scowl from Arterris and a grin from Hiccup for her troubles. Thuggory didn't really say anything because while he didn't have any kind of problem with Arterris he really didn't like the idea of having to marry her. After a few more questions that didn't get answered and an argument between Cami and Arterris that lead to insulting each other's bodies Hiccup excused himself and went back into the forge to get to work.

Hiccup set out the scales and leather and began making his riding gauntlets, giving them a leather inner lining. Hiccup figured he should have them done in a couple hours seeing as his hand was still stinging. The heirs went off with Astrid and the other teen for a tour of the village, this was more for Arterris than the others. Snotlout meanwhile was ordered to go clean all of the animal pens along after helping at the docks.

Arterris and the others had made it back to the center of the village a few hours later and to her own surprise Arterris actually liked Berk, it was simple and well laid out to where everything is within a reasonable distance of the more important structures and locations. But eventually the questions started about the fight, Cami refused to speak and Thuggory only answered enough to annoy. Eventually both only started repeating the phrase, "If you want to know ask Hiccup." That of course is when Astrid remembered something important, she knew exactly where she needed to go to get full answers…Hiccup's journals.

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