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A Happy Ending

Two months later…

"Bella!" I called as I walked down the stairs. There was no reply, and when I reached the last stair I could see that the living room was empty. A quick search of the rest of the rooms on the first floor told me that my new bride was missing. Bella and I had been married just the previous week and were enjoying our honeymoon.

Alice planned the wedding, and it had been small, intimate, and completely perfect. The only other guests besides our family were the Denali family, Jane, Alec, and Marcus. Tanya was seated front and center so she could see once and for all that I was taken. It must have worked, because by the end of the night she and Alec were all over each other.

Bella and I spent quite a bit of time with Marcus at the reception; he filled us in on how well he was doing with his new position as head of the Volturi. It was clear that Marcus loved being in charge and his revisions were effective. The Volturi no longer ruled by fear and intimidation.

At the end of the night Carlisle and Esme presented us with our wedding present. They gave us the deed to the house in Minnesota. It was ours now, and was where we were spending our honeymoon. We spent most of the week in bed, but were forced to get up to hunt every once in a while. We had just returned from a hunting trip, and I had showered after taking down a rather aggressive wolf that resulted in rather dirty clothing. Bella had taken my clothes and said she was going to wash them, and I now stood in the laundry room wondering where she was.

I looked around and realized her shoes were missing. I slipped on my own shoes and headed outside to look for her. It didn't take me long to find her. All I had to do was walk in the clearing and there she was, sitting on her rock, the rock she was sitting on when I first saw her. The sun was shining on her just like it had been that day, and her beauty took my breath away just like it had then.

"Hi," I said quietly. Bella looked up at me and smiled but said nothing.

"Are you alright?" I asked and her smile grew. A smile of my own appeared as I realized we were reliving our first conversation. I walked over to Bella and leaned down to press a kiss on her smiling face before I sat next to her.

"I got worried when I couldn't find you," I said.

"Sorry," she said looking sheepish, "It's our last day here and I just wanted to visit this spot before we left."

"It is an amazing spot," I said.

"It's a life changing spot," Bella said and leaned her head on my chest.

"Yes it is," I agreed before placing a kiss in the top of her head.

"Promise me we will come back here soon?" Bella said.

"We can come back whenever you want," I said, "I promise."

"Really?" she asked.

"Yes, really," I replied, "You can trust me."

"I do," Bella said and turned around to wrap her arms around my neck, "With all my heart."

"I love you, Mrs. Cullen," I said.

"I love you too, Edward," Bella said with smile. Bella pressed her lips gently to mine. When we breathlessly broke apart I looked into Bella's eye and knew with her by my side I would be happy for the rest of my long life.

The End!

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