Ok so some of you are more than likely mad at me for not updating in years, but I do have an explaination!!!!! I lost all information on this account and couldnt get on until now. Im deeply sorry!!! Ill ne getting back into it once i revise everything I've created because i started all of my stories when I was 13... yikes.. BUT!!! The good news is ill be updating a revised chapter every 1-2 weeks!!

As a side note, my vocabulary is higher in varitey than from years ago, that and i cant stand spelling errors. the authors notes will be done from my trustlu phone while the chapters come from my computer so no worries!!! the chapters shall be grammatically correct.

But also a warning, i may change some things in the plot, not too much though since you seem to like what i have done so far!! im very thankful you have been here for these long years of hiatus!! YOU SHALL SUFFER NO MORE!!!

To make things clear, no new chapters will be published until the story is completely revised.