Day One: Favorite book.

Hmmm well this is starting off a little tough now isn't it? Let's see. I think my favorite book so far -As I am only just starting Destined- would have to be... Untamed. When Kalona rose from the ground and all hell broke loose

So this is gonna be in Drew's point of view as we live again, the moment he rose :3

The tree in front of us had broke in half. With an ear shattering noise, something came up out of the ground. The being was wrapped in something... wings? They were pitch black, as the night sky. Fledglings all around me were getting sucked in by some magnetic pull that he had created.

The wings unfurled and there stood a man, an angel, whatever the hell he was. I heard Neferet speaking.. something about him being Erebus come to Earth.. whatever, bullshit.

Zoey was right, Erebus's wings are gold. They were never black. The strange bird-men things on the walls lifted to the skies, wreaking havoc on Tulsa as the ice storm had ensued above. All around me, fledglings left and right bowed to him. To not stand out, I put my fist over my heart and bowed as well. I heard Zoey give orders to her friends not to break their circle and to get to the wall. My eyes watched them go, I wondered if I would ever see Stevie Rae again.

Worry washed over me as I watched them disappear into the East wall entrance. If she didn't make it, not only blood was shed on this night but a life that was not meant to be harmed, would be lost. That just wasn't cool. She wouldn't deserve to end that way. Her life was just beginning...

This was going to be a long, long journey. Fear overtook my worry as the bird-men circled the great angel that rose from the ground as he laughed in triumphant joy. Like he was freed from a prison cell.

Not taking anything was said in context, I just nodded but in my gut, I felt as though this was wrong... all wrong.

Three other fledglings had met my gaze with the same look of disbelief in anything Neferet was saying. I nodded to them and stood along with the small group. The winged man looked at us

"You dare stand without being granted permission?" the immortal spoke, his deep voice filled with ferocity and obvious intent to rule. I stared at him and narrowed my eyes

"I do." I started then looked at the others who had stood with me "We do."

His arms rose slowly "My sons! shall we show these fledglings who their new God is!?" Their croaking had sounded mockingly like laughter as they turned to us, "By my name of Erebus, I command you, my sons, to knock these fledglings down a peg or two..." the immortal had spoken. The bird-men started to attack. Now this was getting serious...

Well, shit.