Disclaimer: This stuff isn't mine. It's all Joss Whedon's, except for the story itself. I'm just borrowing the characters. However, Robert Travers, Rose, Lizzy, Jeremy, and Willow Anne are all mine.

Author's Note: This takes place in an alternate future, where Angel never left, but Cordy did, and Willow and Xander had started to date.

Chapter 1

"Rose Nicole De Mornay, where are you?" cried Willow to the ceiling. She was extremely worried. Rose, her fifteen-year-old daughter with Angel, had been out for far too long. Just then, there was a knock on the door.

She opened it to see Angel carrying Rose. "Quick! Close it; they're right behind me!" he yelled, which she did.

"What happened?" she asked, panicked, as she ran to get Angel the first aid kit.

"She was attacked by some of Spike's goons."

"Damn! Haven't they caused us all enough trouble?" cried Willow, reminded of that day when she had simultaneously lost both her best friend and her first husband. She shook her head. I don't have time for this. I need to take care of Rose. "Why would they do this?" she asked Angel. "I mean, could it just be because the Slayer's friend is her mother? Besides, I was only a temporary Slayer!"

"Relax. I'll call Rupert. Maybe he knows something," said Angel. He went to pick up the phone, but it rang first.

"Yes? Oh, I was just going to call you…..Really?…Oh, really? Well, thank you. That helps shed light on the subject…..No, no need. Tell Jenny I said hi. All right. Goodbye."


"Yes. Apparently, he got a call last week from the Council, considering we were out last week."

"Oh? What did they have to say?"

"They said you had a new Slayer- Rose."


"Yeah. Apparently, they couldn't reach us, so they called Rupert and told him."

"Damn! Spike must have found out and decided to try for a fourth Slayer," Willow said derisively.

"Don't worry. Let's finish getting Rose patched up and off to bed. We can start training her as a Slayer soon. Don't forget. Buffy was Rose's age when she was called."

"That's true," agreed Willow, as they set about to tend their daughter's wounds.