Willow, Angel, and Rose, going as Elisa, David, and Beth, respectively, had settled in nicely since they had moved to London two weeks ago. Just then, the phone rang. "Hello? Yes, this is Mrs. Pierce. Yes, I'll accept the charges."


"Yeah, Riley?"

"I've got some bad news."

"What is it? Is Willow Anne okay?"

"Yes, she's fine, but Travers found out about the deception, and sent out another team. Apparently, they had slightly different orders. If they couldn't find any of you, they were to get rid of any family and/or friends."

"No! Please, God, no!"

"I'm sorry, Willow. They elim-murdered Giles and Jenny."

"NO!" cried Willow, sinking to the floor, as her legs refused to support her.

"Willow!" cried Angel, rushing into the room. He hung up the dialtone-humming phone, and knelt down next to his wife. "Willow, what happened?"

"R-Riley. He-he called to tell me that Travers sent another Initiative team out, and they k-killed G-Giles and Jenny!" she cried, collapsing into sobs once again.

Angel hugged his wife close. "Don't worry, Willow. We'll figure this out. Travers has gone too far, and the Watcher's Council will hear of it!"