A/N: Where did this idea come from, you ask? Well, it occured to me that I never gave this request a go, for a dark, TRULY DARK Naruto. Dark, cruel, saddistic in nearly every way, yet kind to the ones who do not incur his wrath. There are an abundance of girls in his harem some of them from the star wars universe, others from the Naruto verse...

...this is the culmination of that effort.

"To ask why we fight is to why leaves fall. It is in their nature."

~Darth Karr.


Death hung over him like a vulture, stripping his carcass bare.

He had been bested by his enemy. Beaten. Broken. The storm roared over their heads, a world of storms that would never cease its torrential rain; not a once would the sun shine on these lands. A single scarlet saber hung over his head, its heat searing into his neck, its hook-handle engraved into his mind forevemore. He struggled to push it away but his hands would not respond; his legs would no comply with the demand to rise and continue the fight. His opponent removed the blade from his neck and held it high; a single crimson lance piercing the stormy heavens.

He uttered but a single sentence, a phrase that pierced the gloom between them.

"There can be only one."

The blade came crashing down and then there was only blackness.

...time to wake up, master."

Golden eyes the color of evening skies snapped open to the sound of a woman's voice. A dream? Ah, yes. He remembered now. It was just a dream. Nothing more. The knowledge came back to him as soon as he soon as he sought it and he pounced upon it, fingers closing around the memory like an iron fist. He'd finally fallen asleep, and the dawn had finally come. Now, the man known merely as "master" blinked the sleep from his eyes, his stern features pinched in a frown as the world reluctantly came back to him. The last vestiges of his nightmare clung to him; insidious whispers of pain and despair promising him oblivion if he did not soon act to eliminate his enemy. He carefully ignored them. He'd learnt long ago that to rebel againstones future guaranteed catastrophe. He would remain on guard, as he always had; would remain ever-vigilant against any an all threats to the small empire he'd erected, and that would the end of that.

A low growl fled from his lips; a predator skulking in its den.

"Servant," He croaked. "What time is it?"

"Half-past noon, my master." came the reply.

He ruthlessly bit back a groan.


"Yes, m'lord."

Once more the voice rang within the confines of his mind, ushering his body forth, from the murky haze of sleep. Brushing the bedraggled blond bangs from his face, he raised a scarred palm, reflecting upon his fingers in a feeble attempt to ward off the early morning light while his eyes adjusted. But there was nothing feeble about this man. He radiated power, every inch of him; the most subtle air of arrogance and malice offset by a touch of passion lurking in those sinister saffron slits.

He turned his head from where he lay and abruptly he was wide awake; his mind alerted by the sudden and unwelcome prescence of another in his inner sanctum.

"Sakura." he all but spat the name. "You were to wake me at dawn."

"My sincerest apologies, milord."

He briefly entertained the thought of destroying her in recompense for her constant temerity; only to discard it. With the Godaime dead, she was the foremost healer in the land. Perhaps even the entire galaxy. No, he told himself, her use as a healer still outweighed any lingering irritation he might still feel at her prescence. For now. But when the day came that another surpassed her...well, he wouldn't have anymore use for her now, would he?

"I trust you slept well, your lordship?" the voice asked of him once more. Its owner stood just beyond the field of his peripheal vision, green eyes averted, head downcast, face hidden by short pink tresses, framing her heart-shaped face. He glowered at her for the span of a single beat, his anger simmering at the corners of his concsiousness. Her prescence angered him but he refused to let his emotions master him. The fury was his to control, his to use as he saw fit.

"Schedule." He barked at the woman, refusing to so much as look her in the eye as he rose. If the woman was at all aware of this blatant disrespect, she did little to show it.

"You have a two o' clock meeting with the village council," she began, reciting what would soon prove to be a lengthy list of his day-to-day activities. "Followed by a meeting with the jedi ambassador from Coruscant at three, followed by lunch. Then your prescence is humbly requested by Lords Raikage and Tsuchikage to discuss the matters of your newest apprentices-

"Tell the old fools to come here." He growled out, interrupting her. "They know I cannot leave the planet."

The pinkette bowed.

"It shall be done, milord."

She risked a glance at him as he rose, propping himself up on his elbows, revealing his naked torso to the world. His body was chiseled yet lean in the early morning light; mark for mark that of a warrior. A bladseman and a shinobi, in every way. Yet even he was not without his own set of scars. They crisscrossed his back and shoulders, lined the length of his arms and even his neck; each countless times where he'd passed within a hairsbreadth of his final death. Sometimes she wondered why she still stayed with him. Why she still served the man who'd killed her first love and now, held her second hostage. He clearly loathed the very sight of her after what she'd done to him, but her ability to heal outstripped all others. Not all could mend their own wounds as he could, and thus, her services were still needed. For now.

In the old days, she could've easily plied her charms to get whatever she wanted from him. Back then she had only to bat her eyelashes and he became putty in her hands, willing to do whatever she wished, so long as she wished it. Those days were long since gone. Her one-time love had outgrown her long ago, moved onto bigger and better things. And, when he finally found a healer that surpassed her in skill...well, she'd just have to ensure that never happened now, wouldn't she?

"Why are you still staring?"

Sakura Haruno flinched as the master's gaze pinnioned hers, skewering her to the wall with the force of his stare. Before she could open her mouth to protest, before she could think to deny whether she'd been staring at his body, he reacted. Violently. Even as the words formed on her lips, he pinched two fingers together and an invisible hand closed around her throat. She gasped, the air dying in her lungs, her careful machinations falling away, her feet scrabbling against empty air as he lifted her from the floor.

"M-My...deepest...apologies...Naruto." she gasped out, regretting her words as the hold upon her windpipe intensified, as he crushed it still tighter. "Please...forgive me, Darth Karr!" The choke lessened marginally, her eyes all but bulging as he gestured with his hand. Her back greeted the wall with enough force to break bone; the hardened walls biting into her spine a moment longer before he released her.


Darth Karr. An amalgamation of his own name and that of the creature sealed inside him. Fitting. The title was by no means unintentional, he was sith. He'd studied the holocron he'd found, learned of the dark powers within him a power he and others could command at will. It wasn't at all long before he discarded his old name, taking on the mantle of Darth. How long had it been since he'd taken to calling himself thus? Karr. Nearly a decade now, surely. Funny, how time slipped in and out of ones hands when blessed by longevity.

"Do not let me catch you staring at me like that again." he warned, allowing her to stand woodenly, without care. "Do not call me that again," he continued, "lest I will find another use for you and your...talents. And I promise you, Sakura...you won't enjoy it."

Sakura shivered. She knew his words were real; she'd seen him rip a man in half just for insulting one of his apprentices. He was quite capable of cruelty when it suited him; and it suited him now. She managed a soft nod as her liege and lord lowered his hand, the last remnants of the invisible hand finally fleeing from her throat.

He began to pull himself from his bed-a feat easier said than done when one considered the number of young women nestled against his lower body. Women. Plural. As in more than one. Much more. Many more. Their number leapt from one to five then ten as his golden gaze raked across the spacious bed; some his apprentices, others his wives, and still others mere servants he'd bedded on a whim. Nor were they of the same race and species altogether; amongst them a cerulean-skinned Twi'lek nestled most prominently against his lower leg, her twin lekku twitching now as she stirred against him.


"Go back to sleep, Aayla." he soothed, touching a hand to the former jedi's face, cupping her cheek in his fingers. The Twi'lek sighed at his touch, chocolate brown eyes-not yet golden-drifting shut as she returned unto slumber. Karr felt a spike of anger trail across the room at him. It came from Sakura. He favored her with a smirk, his fingers trailing across the Twi'lek's bare back, savoring her smooth skin.

Sith though he might be, that did not make him an uncaring by nature. He'd found that a fatal flaw in his predecessors; the ones who trained him had been cold and ruthless and implacable, refusing to care for anyone other than their own ambitions. It was not a mistake their-former-apprentice would be making anytime soon. Though he did find it tedious to negotiate with these hated jedi rather than wipe them out altogether. Their tolerance lay not in the fact that he'd slain dozens of their order but rather in his own reluctance to leave his homeworld and seek out others of his own kind.

Order or not, their numbers were few and those he did not kill often fell prey to the power he commanded. Aayla was merely one of them. Did that make him a bad influence? He didn't think so. It was not as if he made them follow him; he simply showed those of the light that they were helpless before the true power of the dark side. And if they were wise enough to cast off the shackles of the light and study under him, then who was he to refuse them their wisdom?

Still, the sheer number of woman in his bed bogled the mind; how could one man possibly find comfort let alone sleep in such a coffin of flesh and sex? Quite easily, once you became accustomed to it. It had taken him some time to accept that his power would call others to him, both in his own village, and across the known galaxy, but never in his wildest dreams had he dreamnt that so many would ally to his cause. Some had taken convincing, others bowed before his power, forsaking all they knew in service to him...

...and more.

The thought-the memory-of last night's passionate orgy stole a sinister smile from his features. His gaze glazed across the sith holocron at his bedside, safeguarded by countless contact poisons. Anyone fool enough to touch that most prized possession of his would die within minutes without the antidote. Were it not for this sacred artifact on his nightstand he'd never have known of the power he'd possessed; the power of his mother and that of clan Uzumaki. They'd been all but wiped from the face of the earth save for himself and his cousin, Karin. Now he knew why. The fools had feared their power. Not just that of the seals, but the powerful and inherent talents of the Force itself. This innocent looking little cube had been his first step all those years ago. During a routine mission to the ruinated land of Uzugakure to investigate the ruins of the Uzumaki Clan had led to the discovery of the holocron in a secret room beneath the rubble.

Uncaring for his nakedness, he pulled himself from the tangle of women and padded across the floor.

"Sakura," he growled, pushing past her. "Why are you still standing there?"

Fear radiated outward from the pinkette in waves, palpable to him even from across the room. A prickle of irritation pricked him at her cowardice, but he carefully chose to ignore it. Rather he reached past her, plucking a rob from the the dresser a thick hand shading his face from the encroaching rays of sunlight.

An errant thought sent the shutters slamming shut, startling Sakura.

"Leave us." He barked, beckoning with a heavy hand. For a moment, it looked as though she might refuse. He saw the anger behind those eyes of jade...and desire. Jealousy, that she was not one of the females to join him in his bed. She would never be one of them. Once, she might've been, but not after her betrayal. Now, she would never be. She would know what it was like to have the one she loved tormented day in and day out with only her loyal service ensuring his survival. A small part of him-a very very small part-said that this was wrong. The rest of it roared at it until it retreated, cowering into a corner. He took no small amount of joy an pleasure as she flung her from the room, fuming.

He felt a subtle tug against his wrist; an unfocused force-pull that did little more than draw him a step backwards and towards the bed. He arched a bright brow as he saw that some of his apprentices had begun to stir, a host of golden eyes greeted his own. Now he could understand her anger. She'd sensed that his apprentice(s) had begun to stir. He dropped the robe, allowing the black garment to pool at the floor.

"Naruto-sama," one of them whispered, favoring him with a coy smile-an expression that made his knees buckle with yearning and desire. He only ever allowed them, his students, to call him by his true name. Anyone else who dared invoke the ghost of Uzumaki Naruto was punishable by death.

"You weren't going to leave us, were you?" purred another.

"Of course not." Karr smiled. "I could never leave you unattended." He could have easily created shadow clones to satisfy them, but there was just something so satisfying when it came to indulging in the pleasures of ones flesh that he could not bear to refuse them any longer. Neglecting the possibility of using clones, he strode back to the bed, eating up the distance between them in swift, thick strides. Their hands reached out for him, a chorus of giggles greeting him as he slid back into bed.

"Now...ladies...where were we?"

Aayla was the one to answer him.

"You were allowing us to please you, master."

Naruto grinned a ferocious grin as the blue-skinned twi'lek crawled into his lap, beating her fellow apprentices to the punch. A chorus of frustrated groans greeted their sudden coupling when she melded her mouth with his, tongue dancing over him with a ferverous desire. He felt the others hands against him, seeking to pry his newest apprentice away, yet not daring to cause her harm. The occasional squabble was held at bay only by his power. They knew better than to try and kill one another; the last time two of his former apprentices decided to duke it out they'd nearly gotten themselves killed, and Lord Karr was furious for months on end. For a being to anger him meant certain death. When they finally broke apart, he wanted nothing more than to take the former knight right then and there.

"I was, was I?"

"You've had your fun, Aayla!" One of them growled. "Now its my turn!"

Karr cackled, feeding off their anger and frustration and of course, their lust. It was like a drug; he couldn't get enough of it!

"Ladies ladies, one at a time, there's plenty for everyone!" Their response was to drag him forward, hauling him into the sea of bodies. He was only slightly dissapointed that their lightsabers hadn't come out this time, but he soon found himself contented in other matters all the same.

His gaze slipped to the holocron once more as their hands and mouths roamed over overy every inch of him, reflecting back on what it was that had led him to become the supreme ruler of this planet.

This innocent looking little cube had been his first step toward greatness all those years ago. A routine mission to the ruinated land of Uzugakure to investigate disappearances surrounding the ruins of the Uzumaki Clan had led to more than just the discovery of the perpetrator; but a holocron secreted away in an ancient chamber room beneath the rubble...

...a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...

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