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Oops, wrong fandom. Oh well. Here's a collection of drabbles, one-shots, and two-shots. They're all related, but as the title of the collection may vaguely suggest, they're not in order. I'll usually put some sort of note about what year it is, whether in an author's note or in the story. I really hope you all enjoy these!

Stranger things must have happened than a girl dropping out of the sky. After all, it wasn't the first time it had happened in the past few years. However, the last time it happened, the girl in question was blonde and four-years-old. This time, the girl had fiery red hair and was about thirteen or fourteen, and a black suit of armor adorned her body.

Passersby in the park looked around in shock, wondering just how the teen had popped up, but a deadly glare from the girl put an end to all that. She glanced around, spying a woman in a trendy black pantsuit. The redhead eyed the woman for a moment before snapping her fingers, instantly transforming her outfit into the same.

And off the girl went, seeking out any sign of her target. This world was so strange, so different from her own. Where were the horse-drawn carriages? The women in lengthy skirts? At least she had been able to catch on fast enough to choose the woman in the suit. The girl paused in front of a store window, checking herself out. She looked good. Maybe this new world had something to it after all.

When she turned to continue walking down the sidewalk, she saw two men carefully lifting a sign up so travelers along the sidewalk could see it. Chiba Usagi's Nineteenth Birthday Bash it read in bright pink script. However, her attention was on the two men lifting the sign up. While the blond man meant nothing to her, the black-haired one was exceedingly familiar. "Perfect," she whispered, crossing the street without any regard for the cars.

The two men didn't even notice the redhead, instead walking back into the building from whence they came. Of course, the girl followed, seeing a mass of people once she had entered. They all seemed to be chatting or playing games on machines or eating at tables. It appeared to be some sort of fun event as opposed to the formal birthday celebrations she was accustomed to. The dark-haired man she had noticed was busying himself with making sure everything was perfect. Somehow the girl doubted this party was for her, so instead of approaching the man, she headed over to the counter, looking up at the menu. What a hamburger was, she had no idea, nor did she plan to find out.

"Water," she ordered the girl behind the counter harshly. The other girl only rolled her eyes, completely accustomed to rude customers.

She turned her attention to the entrance as everyone hushed themselves, seeing a blonde girl walk into the building- the moon queen. Oh, this was going to be a fun event indeed.