She wanted to be the very best... Like no-one ever was..
So she did...

She set out on her own journey, received all 8 badges, and even stopped Team Rocket's revival...

She defeated the Elite Four, including the Champion and became the greatest trainer in Johto, much to Silver's dismay...

Then, she explored Kanto and fought the Gym Leaders there..
But they weren't much of a challenge for her either..

...Until she went to Mt. Silver and fought the man of legend. A man people talk about to each other in hushed whispers. Red. The true Champion...

He was one of the hardest challengers she ever faced. And after the greatest battle Lyra ever fought, Red lost too...

Once she was named the Champion in both regions, she moved on to Hoenn and Sinnoh and fought all the trainers and Gym Leaders there...

After being crowned the Champion in both of those regions as well, she headed back to her home in New Bark Town..

Now, she has nothing left to do...

It has been 5 years since the Champion went on an adventure. Her name was none other than Lyra. The brown-haired girl was now just lazying on her bed with her Pokemon, Ledian, who was looking out the window. The flying and bug type Pokemon buzzed about. Its trainer groaned as she placed a pillow over her face and rolled all over her bed. Her Ledian jumped on the bed and Lyra looked at her Pokemon. "Ledian, I'm sorry we haven't went out that much since I became the Champion... for the fourth time now. Its been boring since Ethan and his Marill left to go to Sinnoh. Also, Silver... Who knows where he's been lately... I miss them both..." Lyra sighed, digging her whole face into the pillow. She muffled her noises using the pillow.

"Ledi... Ledian... Ledi Di!" the bug and flying Pokemon crawled up to its trainer and tried to cheer her up. It stood up next to Lyra's head and gently gave her a pat on the head.

"Thanks, Ledian. You're my only friend!" Lyra stood up from her bed, looking at her reflection in the mirror and saw her hair was all messy. "I'm not having a good start of a day." She sighed, grabbing her hairbrush to start brushing her hair. Nothing was going right. Her bangs were spiking out in the wrong direction. "Stay put, you stupid hair!"

Lyra's Ledian started to giggle at its trainer's stupidity, "Ledi Ledian... Ledi!"

"Aw, shut your Meowth, Ledi-" Before Lyra could throw the hairbrush at her laughing friend, Ledian unleashed its Psybeam attack at its trainer and froze her in place.

"Le Le Ledi!" Ledian laughed.

"Grrr... I'm going to get you when I'm not frozen anymore, Ledian!" Lyra said as she gritted her teeth.

"Dian Dian Le!" Lyra's Pokemon waved goodbye and left its trainer frozen.

"LEDIAN!" she shouted and when she was free, she looked at herself in the mirror again. "NOOO! MY HAIR IS EVEN WORSE NOW!" Outside her window, she could hear her Ledian giggling to itself.

Later that night, Lyra was on her laptop, looking at a news website about Pokemon Contests, when she got an email from Prof. Oak - a well known Pokemon Researcher. Her eyes grew wide and a big grin spread out on her face. So she sat up from bed, dug out her yellow bag that she used to carry around years ago from her closet, and started to put things inside it. Her Ledian woke up from the racket, flew up to the window, and watched its trainer pack.

The brown-haired girl saw her Pokemon had woken up. "Oh, Ledian. I woke you up. It appears there's a new place called Unova! Prof. Oak just told me by email!" Lyra said, putting her pink PokeGear on the side of her bag. "There's new Pokemon and Gym Leaders we can battle!"

Lyra's Ledian flew next to her, showing the powers of its Aerial Ace attack, "Ledian Ledi!" it happily exclaimed.

"Of course you can come! Along with Meowth and Altaria!" she said, grabbing her Ledian and hugging it.

"Ledi!" the Pokemon smiled at its trainer.

The trainer decided to wear her old outfit. Since when she had stopped travelling, she grew a little taller, her chest was now more buster and her arms and legs were more tough as rock. So she just wears her overall straps around her hips and the red long sleeved top is now a t-shirt with a hood. It was gift from Silver for her 15th birthday. It has an image of a white bow on it and pockets in the front. She brushed her hair, which is now past her shoulders and no longer spiky, but she still ties it as two ponytails and wore her white hat with the big red bow on it. "Looks like I'm all set, Ledian!" Lyra giggled at her Pokemon and saw her mom outside her bedroom door. "Mum... I..."

"You're finally going on a new journey again, Lyra," her mom said, walking up to her, with a small bag in her hand.

"Yes, mom. May I?" Lyra asked quietly, trying to keep her cool.

Her mom smiled, "You're a trainer, you have your own Pokemon to take care of you. Of course I'll let you go," her mom replied, handing her the small bag. "Here's the money I saved up for you from when you went on your first journey."

"Oh, wow, that's a lot! Thanks, mom!" Lyra was so happy that she hugged her mom tightly and cried a bit. "I promise, I'm going to call you the first moment I arrive in Unova! I'll see you later, mom. I love you!"

"I love you too, honey! Remember, don't talk to strangers! And don't forget to change your underwear."

Lyra gave her mother a look of disbelief, "I'm already 15, mom!"

Her mom waved goodbye at her embarrassed daughter, who ran outside with her running shoes on. Once she was out of sight of her house, she looked up at the night sky. With her Ledian by her side, she was ready for anything, "Unova... Here I come!"