Title: Deep Inside You
Author: Christy
Rating: FR15
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the series...just borrowing them for my own twisted enjoyment for a little bit
Genre: Gen / AU
Fandoms: Angel/Highlander/Torchwood
Word Count: 617
Timeline: After Home for Angel; After Children of Earth for Torchwood
Written For: twistedshorts Fic #25
Summary: Captain Jack Harkness is trying to forget sacrificing his family for the greater good

He sat at one of the many pubs that dotted Dublin. He just wanted to get away for a while- away from Wales and Torchwood and away from London where he'd lost Ianto. Jack sipped his whiskey and brooded. How much of Ianto's death was my fault? I was the one who taunted and dared those damn aliens to make them pay for forcing my hand in 1965. But, what would have happened if I hadn't given them the taste for young humans? If I'd refused to hand over the children back then?he wondered.

"They would have either shot me or courtmartialed me and still handed over the children," he muttered, answering his own question.

"Sacrifices sure do suck at times, eh, Jack?" asked a voice at his elbow.

Jack spun around, ready to rip into whomever was interrupting his plan to get drunk and try to forget. But he had to grin when he saw who it was, pint of Guiness in hand. "I heard from some of my Watcher contacts about what happened in London. I'm so sorry, Jack," Methos explained.

Captain Jack Harkness sneered as he motioned to the bartender for a refill on his drink. "I've lost a few people over the years, but Ianto was different. He understood me. But you've probably known what that's like a few times, eh, Adam? Or was Death as coldhearted a bastard as some of the Diaries have said?"

Methos sighed and sat down next to Jack. He knew his friend was hurting, so he let the comments about his own feelings or lack thereof go for now. "I've had to deal with it a few times over the years, but there were a couple of young women that really got to me after they were gone. You remember when we ran into that bunch of vampires after the Second World War? And how they talked about the Slayer being in one of the camps?"

Jack nodded as he drank, "You told me she was the backup to help out. I never did ask you what you meant by that."

Methos grinned as he sipped his own drink. "The one they caught helping get Jews out of the country was actually one of my kind. She'd been a Slayer before she died for the first time and just likd to help out the current Slayers whenever possible. The official Slayer in 1945 was actually out in Midwest America. But I digress. There have been a few women, and a few of them have been Slayers, that I've fallen in love or in bed with and the Slayers were the ones that I dreaded see go out every night, much like most of the women I was involved felt about me going out sometimes. And yes, you and I and a few others will live for a very long time, but it's the one with the shortest amount of time on this Earth, like the Slayers, who sometimes do the most good."

"I remember you told me back then that there was one Slayer. Now you're talking plurals. What happened?"

"Simple. The most recent Slayer has a good friend who's a witch who activated all the Potentials, so that there's plenty of Slayers to help out now," Methos explained.

"So what about that other Slayer?" Jack asked, remembering Methos's face when he'd talked about her. "The one that was the Immortal? What happened to her?"

Methos's grin turned bittersweet. "She's married again, and this one might stick, but she still knows how to kick ass and take names, as her friends might say. But treasure the time you had with Ianto, Jack. Sometimes it can help you heal."