Title: Borrowing Space 2
Author: Christy
Rating: FR13
Disclaimer: I do not own Angel or House- Angel belongs to Joss Whedon and House doesn't belong to me either.
Genre: Romance- House/Cordelia
Fandoms: Buffy/House
Word Count: 444
Timeline: After the end of Angel; during/right after "House Divided" or "Under My Skin" for House
Written For: twistedshorts Fic #5
Summary: House has someone who needs his help

House looked across the table at Cordelia, who was currently perusing the menu at the restaurant. Hamlet's comment about "more to heaven and Earth, Horatio" seemed rather apt in light of the events of the past few weeks. At Cordelia's insistence, though he felt rather foolish doing so, he'd asked Doctor Chase if he had any siblings and whether he knew where they were. This started the ball rolling, since Chase hadn't heard from his half sister since she'd left Sunnydale, though as they found out more about the mysterious Wolfram and Hart, he caught Chase muttering about "Hellmouth and Cordelia being a magnet for chaos" or something odd like that. The end result of quite a few phone calls between hospitals in LA and the teaching hospital, with Cuddy even yelling on speaker phone to a couple of upstart administrators, was now seated across the table from him, hale and whole. He'd met Cordelia's friends Angel and Spike, though he wasn't sure whether the peroxide blonde had been kidding when he said Cordelia tasted nummy, though they had been effusive in their thanks for bringing her back. And speaking of being back, Amber was back to being his own personal Jiminey Cricket, though she'd kindly bowed out of tonight.

"So how did you know you weren't truly dead?" he asked as a waiter brought them both their scotch and sodas.

Cordelia took a sip of her drink before replying. "Because I could still jump around on the astral and celestial planes. Plus, I never saw Wes until way after he'd died. Apparently he'd tried to find my spirit where he was without luck, obviously."

"So you decided to find a way to get a message to your brother, and this Wesley thought of me?"

"Basically and thank you for finding me," she said, leaning forward, the candles on the table highlighting her curves as she laid her hand on his.

Greg shifted in his seat, pulling out his Vicodin as his leg gave a twinge. He wanted to definitely NOT be in pain if this evening went anywhere near what he'd like to have happen. He had thought up quite a few possibilities involving himself, Cordelia, and various edible aids. He was broken from his musings when she chuckled.

"You really don't want to be here, do you?" she asked.

"No, absolutely not. I'm enjoying your-"

Cordelia laughed again. "Oh, I know that. I was meaning you don't want to be here," she clarified, indicating their surroundings.

House grinned as he put down more than enough money to pay for their two drinks, grabbed her hand, and walked out into the night together.