Title: Layers of Truth
Author: Christy
Rating: FR13
Disclaimer: I do not own Angel or Lie to Me- Angel belongs to Joss Whedon and Lie to Me belongs to Fox and other people.
Genre: Gen/AU
Fandoms: Angel/Lie to Me
Word Count: 428
Timeline: After the end of Angel; after season 1 of Lie to Me
Written For: twistedshorts Fic #8
Summary: Cal wants to get inside Faith's head

Cal looked up from his notes to the combative woman in front of him. From just his cursory examination of her, he knew she deflected questions she didn't want to answer either with sarcasm or blatant sexual turn ons and flirts. Roker had had to leave the room after she'd given him a rather creative proposition. But the underlying cause for her anger and rage was fear. An unusually high amount of fear and inevitability for someone of her age.

"So, Miss Lehane, why don't you take me through your side of the story again?" he asked pleasantly.

She looked straight at him, a smirk lifting the left side of her lips as she propped her boots up on the table. "I was at a club off of Dupont Circle- M Street and 20 something Avenue. I'd been flirting and dancing with a few guys, drinking shots, that kind of thing." Her eyes drifted down to the table. "I had to head back to my place, cuz I had to get up early, and I guess a couple of the guys couldn't take no for an answer and jumped me on my walk back."

Cal marveled that she felt safe enough in DC to walk back to her apartment, which the report indicated was over 10 blocks away from where she was found, alone. If he ever found out Emily did that, he'd make sure she never left the house again. Mentally setting that aside, he glanced down at the papers in his hand, htough he'd already mostly memorized the police report. "The police report states that a patrol car saw you fighting with a couple of men, but by the time they stopped and got out, the men had apparently run off."

Faith smirked again. "Guess they didn't like being taken down by a girl," she commented, eyes sparkling. "But yeah, that's what happened," she insisted, her body language seeming to give nothing away.

"Well, thank you again, Miss Lehane. The DC task force on Club 52 thanks you for your cooperation," Cal said, getting up and escorting Faith out of the room.

Gillian came up as Faith walked out of the Institute. "She's lucky she didn't end up dead like those other girls that were last seen at the club," she commented. "So, the question is why was she telling the truth on everything up to the point of what happened to the two men?"

Cal frowned as he watched Faith get into the car waiting for her. "I don't know, but I intend to find out," he murmured.