Title: Clear the Air
Author: Christy
Rating: FR15
Disclaimer: I do not own any of these series...I'm just borrowing the situation for a bit
Genre: Gen/AU
Fandoms: Angel/Lie to Me
Word Count: 312
Timeline: Set after the series for Angel and set after season 1 for Lie to Me
Written For: twistedshorts Fic #13
Summary: Cal learns why Faith lied to him
Author's Note: This story takes up a couple of days after the events in Layers of Truth...kinda need to read that one first

Cal could now say that he knew why Faith had lied about what had happened between her and the two men she'd been seen fighting last week. That didn't mean that he felt better for knowing, however. He looked over to where Faith and her friend Willow sat on a couch facing him, Emily and his ex-wife. Zoe had been the one to ask Cal to come to her house to gauge the two women because she hadn't been sure if their tale was even remotely believable. And, as far as he could tell, Faith and Willow either weren't lying or believed every word of what they were saying to the point that they wouldn't show up as lying because they believed it to be the truth. But, Cal had a hunch that it was probably going to turn out to be more of the former than the latter. It would help explain Emily's recent spat of lies and mistruths to him and her mother about the most minor of things.

"So," he addressed the two women, "you're telling me that my daughter is a Slayer and you want our permission to take her back to England for education and training. Is that about right?"

Willow and Faith exchanged glances then looked back at him. "Actually, sir, part of why Faith was here ahead of me was that we were trying to see about putting together a satellite school here near DC to train some of the girls, since we're really running out of room for them all in the Cotswolds," Willow explained.

Cal looked down at Emily, who'd told him she'd thought he'd be mad about all of this, then back up at the two women. "I'm sure I can do something to help you ladies out with that. Give me a couple of days, and I'll get back to you."