Hello everyone, I'm Lilian Violet. As I was watching anime cartoons from my childhood, I decided to write a fanfiction story about one of my all time favorite anime cartoons, Digimon. Putting all the ideas in my head together, I've come to the decision of writing about an academy where humans learn about Digimon. Not only do humans learn about Digimon, but once they enter the academy they are first partnered up with a Digimon. Hence, the title of my fanfiction story "Digimon Academy." You'll recognize the Digimon from some of the series, but some of the digivolutions will differ from the ones in the anime. The story of a new, Digimon Trainer, and her many adventures in the Digimon Academy...along with new friends, new enemies, and new Digimon friends. Also, keep a look out for my other fanfiction stories, consisting of Bleach, Pokemon, and Sonic the Hedgehog. Please enjoy my new fanfiction story. :D

Note: I don't own Digimon, but I own this Digimon fanfiction; which means I own the characters and their Digimon partners.

Note: I probably won't include the Digimon from the "Xros War," since I've never seen the series yet.

Note: The one thing that I love about Digimon is that they can digivolve into so many different kinds of Digimon, so you can be sure to expect a lot of different digivolutions.

Note: I don't exactly know how the Digimon card game works, so please forgive me if my Digimon card game sounds like something from Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, or the Digimon Tamers series.

Digimon Academy

*~Chapter 1: Welcome to the Digimon Academy~*

Past legends were told about humans who befriended and fought alongside mysterious creatures, known as Digimon. These humans and their Digimon partners were well known for their valiant battles against the evil that threatened mankind, and so, the Digimon Academy was built in their honor...to teach other humans about Digimon. Speaking of which, today was a special day at the Digimon Academy, because a group of new coming humans were arriving at the school...to become Digimon Trainers. One human, especially, was extremely eager and excited about becoming a Digimon Trainer and become partners with her very own Digimon.

That human was a twelve year old girl named Mia, who had long purple hair and green eyes. Ever since she was a little girl, she loved playing the Digimon card game with her friends, and surprisingly for a first timer...she was actually pretty good. True that she was beaten once or twice, but in all honesty, Mia was an expert at the Digimon card game. But even her card game victories didn't compare to this day, because today...Mia has been accepted to become a student at the Digimon Academy.

"...Zzzzzzzzz, zzzzz, zzzzz...," Mia slept peacefully, until a certain stop caused her to fall off her seat and onto the bus' floor.

"Ouch," Mia groaned in pain as she rubbed her injured head and checked her surroundings, "I wonder where we are?"

It took a while for Mia to realize that she had boarded a bus which was heading to the Digimon Academy, and the sudden stop...meant that they had arrived at their destination.

"Ahhhhh," Mia happily squealed as she grabbed her light purple bag and ran off of the bus, "I'm finally here."

Once she was off the bus, Mia took in the Digimon Academy's surroundings and it was exactly as she pictured it, a beautiful huge building made entirely out of white marble with a sign out front that said, "Welcome to the Digimon Academy: Where humans and Digimon live in peace and harmony."

Overly excited about arriving at the Digimon Academy, Mia ran towards the front gate, only to find herself stuck in a huge crowd of new coming students.

"Huh, I wonder if these are new students like me," Mia asked herself as she looked around the crowd?

"Y-Y-You are c-c-correct," came a nervous voice, and as Mia turned towards the owner of the voice she came face to face with an eight year old girl that had blonde hair which was held in two ponytails and blue eyes.

"Hello," Mia introduced herself to the girl with a kind smile, "I'm Mia. Who are you?"

"M-M-My name is Amy," the girl told Mia as a friendly yet nervous smile formed on her lips, "N-N-Nice to meet you."

"Aren't you excited that once you enter these gates you'll finally have your very own Digimon partner," Mia asked Amy while trying to contain her happiness and excitement?

Amy's nervousness was replaced with sadness as she whispered to herself, "I guess."

Even though it was a whisper, Mia heard it clearly and asked Amy with a slightly confused expression on her face, "Well, aren't you excited or the least bit happy about that?"

"I would be," Amy began to tell Mia, but she was a bit hesitant at whether or not she should tell her, "But-"

Suddenly, another voice came, "Welcome to the Digimon Academy."

All the new students, including Mia and Amy, turned their attention to the owner of the voice, which happened to be a man with a mess of gray hair, brown eyes, and wore a white lab coat...indicating that he was probably a teacher at the Digimon Academy.

"Let me be the first to welcome you to the Digimon Academy," the man said to the group of students, including Mia and Amy, "I'm Prof. Lester, I serve as one of the instructors at the Digimon Academy. I'll be leading you to the place where you'll choose your partner Digimon."

Everyone cheered, and among them was Mia, who told Amy in a jovial tone of voice, "This is so exciting. I can't wait to see which Digimon I'll be partnering up with."

A nervous smile formed on Amy's lips as she said to Mia, "I'm so h-h-happy I could b-b-burst."

"Well, come on you lot," Prof. Lester called to the group of students as he opened the Digimon Academy's golden gates, "Let's get started," and with that, the new coming students, Mia, and Amy followed Prof. Lester into the Digimon Academy's campus.

Inside the Digimon Academy, all the students, including Mia and Amy, gasped in awe at the many surroundings, which included classrooms, a cafeteria, an outdoor patio, and other surprises that were in store for the newcomers.

Prof. Lester led the students through the hallways of the Digimon Academy, until they came to a single classroom.

"Here we are students," Prof. Lester explained to Mia, Amy, and their fellow new coming classmates, "This room is where you'll be taking...the test."

Mia and Amy gasped in shock and surprise, while many other students began to groan and protest.

"What, we get a test on our first day," one student said.

"I thought we were getting our Digimon," another student said.

"Is it too late to drop out now," another student asked?

"Calm down, students," Prof. Lester told the newcomers with a slight chuckle, "This test will determine which Digimon you'll be partnering with."

The students sighed in relief as they followed Prof. Lester inside the classroom, which was full of desks, a white board, and computers.

"If you'd please take a computer, we will begin the test," Prof. Lester instructed the students as they began to take a seat. Mia and Amy sat besides each other as they waited for further instructions.

Prof. Lester explained to Mia, Amy, and the other students, "As I said before, this test will determine which Digimon will be assigned to be your partner for the rest of your academy terms. So, if you're ready, turn on the computer and begin."

Mia, Amy, and their fellow classmates turned their computers on and began the test, which consisted of a personality test, multiple choice, and other basic questions asking about their knowledge of Digimon.

Piece of cake, Mia thought as she breezed passed the questions with ease, Its a good thing I spent all those years playing that Digimon card game with my friends.

As soon as everyone was done taking the test, Prof. Lester cleared his throat and said to Mia, Amy, and the students, "Now, by the time we head to the auditorium, your tests should already be analyzed. So, when we arrive at the auditorium...you'll be given your Digimon partner."

"Oh, now I get it. However we did on the test determines the best compatible Digimon that suits us," Mia told Amy as she tried to picture which Digimon best suited her...with her intelligence and knowledge about Digimon, Mia would probably get one of the best Digimon there was.

"I g-g-guess," Amy replied with a wistful sigh. Amy knew that she probably didn't do too badly on the test, in fact, it was pretty simple for her...but there was something about her that would soon damage the relationship between her and her Digimon partner.

"Alright then, I know how eager all of you are to find out which Digimon will be your future partner," Prof. Lester said to Mia, Amy, and the other group of students as a bright beaming smile formed on his lips, "So, let's all head to the auditorium."

That's the end of the first chapter to my new Digimon fanfiction story "Digimon Academy." Like any beginning story, my first chapter is basically giving you the ideas and characters of the story. So the main character, Mia, has just arrived at the Digimon Academy and met a new friend, Amy, and the first thing they do at the academy is take a test...which will determine who their Digimon partner will be. The next chapter will be the big unveiling of which Digimon will be Mia's partner. New adventures, new friends, new enemies, and of course...Digimon. I hope you enjoy this fanfiction story "Digimon Academy," and the many more chapters to come. :D