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Digimon Academy

*~Chapter 28: Digimon just Wanna have Fun (Part 2)~*

After he left the dorm, Bearmon decided to take a walk outside, and once he arrived on the academy grounds; he looked around and spotted Mia, Amy, Aiden, Emma, Salamon, Lalamon, Impmon, and Floramon playing tag after they finished discussing the whole Dolphmon incident and how he could have possibly entered the human world.

Watching Mia, Amy, Aiden, Emma, Salamon, Lalamon, Impmon, and Floramon playing together, Bearmon thought as he pictured Luke in his mind and tears began to form in his eyes, Being his Digimon partner, I know what a workaholic Luke is...but sometimes, I wish he could just take a break from his busy schedule, and learn how to have fun.

As the academy bell rang, the students and their Digimon began to walk back to the Digimon Academy.

However, as Mia, Amy, Aiden, Emma, and their Digimon headed back to the academy...they began to hear gossip between some of the other students.

"Hey, Liza," one female student asked another female student with curly butter yellow hair, "Have you seen Vicky anywhere?"

"No, I haven't, Dana," Liza replied to Dana, "Wasn't she hanging out with you?"

"Yes, she was," Dana explained to Liza with a worried expression on her face, "Vicky told me she was thirsty and went to go get a drink of water, but she never came back; even though she said she was going to return."

"Now that you mention it," Liza said to Dana as she began to ponder her thoughts, "I haven't seen my roommate either."

"What," Dana gasped as she asked Liza, "Gigi is missing too. Do you think we should report this to Mr. Kureta?"

"Good idea," Liza told Dana as they ran towards the academy, "If anyone can figure this out, it's the Head of the Digimon Academy himself."

"Yo, Kyle," a male student asked another male student with spiky maroon colored hair, "Did you ever give Calvin that book on Digimon History?"

"Nope, sorry Julian," Kyle replied to Julian while shaking his head, "I haven't seen Calvin all day, even though you called me and said that he was coming over to my dorm room to pick the book up."

"What, are you serious," Julian barked at Kyle, "We have that Digimon History test next class period, and I'm not going to fail because Calvin turned lazy and broke his promise."

"Come on, Julian," Kyle snapped at Julian with an upset frown on his lips, "Calvin's our friend. I'm sure he would never break a promise, especially a promise that he made to us."

"Yeah," Julian sighed as he whispered to Kyle in a saddened tone of voice, "Your right, Kyle...but then, what happened to Calvin?"

Many of the students gossiped about various topics, but the most recent topic was of missing Digimon Academy students.

"Whoa," Amy asked Mia, Aiden, and Emma while listening in on the other student's gossip, "I wonder why there are so many students missing. Do any of you know?"

"Actually," Aiden mentioned to Mia, Amy and Emma, "During my last class, I have noticed that a number of students weren't present; which I find very suspicious."

Emma asked Mia, Amy, and Aiden as she began to check the surrounding area of the Digimon Academy grounds, "So, are we all thinking the same thing...that something amiss is happening at the Digimon Academy?"

Mia, Amy, Aiden, Emma, Salamon, Lalamon, Impmon, and Floramon nodded their heads in unison...because all of them knew that something dark and sinister had befallen over the Digimon Academy.

All of a sudden, Mr. Kureta announced over the academy's loudspeakers, "Students of Digimon Academy, this is Mr. Kureta. Attention all students and Digimon, we've been receiving some reports about students who have mysteriously vanished. If anyone has any knowledge of these missing academy students, please report your findings to any Digimon Academy instructor or to myself. Until we can resolve this problem, all classes will be cancelled, all students are forbidden to leave the academy grounds, and all students are to head back to their dorms immediately."

After Mr. Kureta's announcement, while Mia, Amy, Aiden, Emma, Salamon, Lalamon, Impmon, and Floramon followed the other students and Digimon into the academy building...Salamon came to a sudden halt and was frozen in her place.

"H-H-Hey," Salamon cried out as she tried to move, but to no avail, "What's going on? Why can't I move?"

Suddenly, Salamon bellowed as someone or something reeled her into the forest, "MIA!"

A spark of pain struck Mia's heart, and while Amy, Aiden, Emma, Lalamon, Impmon, and Floramon were heading inside, she stayed behind and realized that Salamon was gone.

"Salamon," Mia called out as she searched the academy grounds for Salamon, "Where did you go, Salamon? Please, answer me."

Then, all of a sudden, someone or something pursued Mia; and in the end, all you could hear was the sound of her screaming as, "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"

Bearmon, who had witnessed Salamon and Mia's disappearance, decided to go and save them. However, the only thing stopping Bearmon was his Tamer, Luke.

Luke was the youngest out of three children, and the son of two highly intelligent and successful parents. Luke's parents were scientists, his older brother was the owner of a big company, his sister was in college and was studying to become a teacher, and Luke proved that he could pull his own in such a family...because he was a bona fide genius and had the knowledge to show for it. Every subject that life threw at him, Luke could figure it out in a matter of seconds; in fact, he was so knowledgeable and intelligent that he rose from Trainer to Tamer in a mere day...which made him quite famous in the Digimon Academy. Unfortunately, despite the fact that he was exceptionally smart, Luke lacked one thing that he had no knowledge of...having fun. It may not be a problem for Luke, since he would rather be engrossed in his work and studies; but it was a major problem for his Digimon partner, Bearmon. Bearmon was a Digimon who was full to the brim with fun and playful energy, and although he never complained; he began to have doubts about his and Luke's partnership. Don't misunderstand the situation, Bearmon was satisfied with Luke being his human partner, but then why would two beings with different personalities be partnered up in such an incompatible manner? With Luke addicted to his work and Bearmon's love for fun...why were they even partnered up to begin with?

"Working and studying don't bother me," Bearmon whispered to himself as he ran towards the forest where Mia and Salamon were taken, "I just wish that Luke would take a break from all his hard work and have a bit of fun for a change. Oh well, knowing Luke, he's probably stuck in his dorm room with a mountain of paperwork to attend to. So, I'll have to save that girl and Salamon by myself," and he disappeared into the forest.

Instead of going back to their own dorms, Aiden and Emma decided to head to Mia and Amy's dorm room; so they could further discuss the mysterious disappearances of the Digimon Academy students.

However, as they arrived in the academy lobby, Luke approached Amy, Aiden, and Emma and asked them, "Excuse me, but have any of you seen a Digimon called Bearmon?"

"No," Amy replied to Luke as she, Aiden, and Emma shook their heads, "I mean, we've seen lots of Digimon, but I don't recall ever seeing a bear-like Digimon," then, when she shifted her attention to Mia and was about to ask her if she's seen Bearmon...she saw that Mia wasn't there.

"Wait a minute," Amy asked Aiden and Emma while searching the lobby for Mia, "Do you know where Mia is?"

Joining Amy's search for Mia, Aiden asked her, "Huh, wasn't Mia right in front of you?"

Suddenly, Impmon screamed as an overly shocked and panicked expression formed on his face, "Oh no, my sweet little Salamon is gone too."

Floramon asked with a worried tone of voice as she, Amy, Aiden, Emma, Lalamon, and Impmon began to search the lobby for Mia and Salamon, "Y-Y-You don't think that Mia and Salamon have gone missing like the other students that have disappeared, do you?"

Taking in Floramon's words, Amy, Aiden, and Emma began to suspect that maybe Mia and Salamon have disappeared like the missing Digimon Academy students.

"If that's the case, then we've got to go save them," Emma told Amy and Aiden, but before they could head back to the academy grounds where they last saw Mia; they were stopped by Prof. Lester.

"What are you students doing here," Prof. Lester asked Amy, Aiden, and Emma in a strict voice, "Mr. Kureta stated that all students are to return to their dorm rooms immediately?"

"But, Prof. Lester," Amy, Aiden, and Emma tried to explain to Prof. Lester, "You don't understand, Mia and Salamon are..."

However, before Amy, Aiden, and Emma could explain anything else, Prof. Lester scolded them, "I'm sorry, but I don't have time to listen to you three right now. Mr. Kureta and the rest of us instructors got a lead to where the missing academy students might have been taken. So, while Mr. Kureta and a few instructors search the forest, the rest of us are to escort students and Digimon back to their rooms. Now, come along," and so, Amy, Aiden, Emma, and their Digimon had no choice but to follow Prof. Lester back to their respective dorms.

Unbeknownst to Amy, Aiden, Emma, and Prof. Lester, Luke hid behind a column and listened to their entire conversation.

"Hmm, so according to Prof. Lester," said Luke as he began to head to the academy grounds while hiding away from the instructors along the way, "The missing students are believed to be taken into the forest. Normally, it's against my nature to disobey rules and regulations, but the Digimon Academy rules also state that a Trainer/Tamer must take full responsibility of his or her Digimon. So, I must abide by the rules of the academy and find my Digimon partner."

Once he bypassed the instructors and arrived on the academy grounds, Luke ran towards the forest and thought as a heavy sigh passed through his lips, Urgh, Bearmon, why must you always be so foolish and irresponsible? A better question is...why did you and I become partners when we're so incompatible?




"...Ugh," Mia groaned as she slowly began to open her eyes, "...W-W-Where am I?"

Suddenly, a voice called out to Mia, "Mia, is that you? Are you ok?"

Mia turned her attention to the owner of the voice, and said with a smile etched on her lips, "Salamon, its you. Thank goodness your safe."

Salamon frowned at Mia as she whispered to her in a soft uneasy tone of voice, "Um, actually Mia...we're not as safe as you think."

After checking the surrounding area, Mia finally understood what Salamon meant...she, Salamon, and many other people (including Vicky, Gigi, and Calvin,) were trapped in a giant humongous spider web.

"Ah," Mia whispered to Salamon as she shifted her attention to the other people in the web, "They must be the missing academy students."

"And by the looks of it," Salamon whispered back to Mia while carefully examining the students conditions, "All the students have been knocked unconscious."

Mia asked Salamon as she tried to free herself from the sticky web, "Who would capture the Digimon Academy students and why?"

All of a sudden, a cold and menacing voice from below chuckled, "Heh, heh, heh, the Entities of Necrosis will be so pleased when I deliver these humans to them. I'm sure amongst these humans is at least one 'Guardian,' and if not...then I, Dokugumon, will more than gladly eat the leftovers."

Mia and Salamon looked down and saw the Wolf Spider Digimon, Dokugumon; and while he was climbing the web and wrapping the students up like mummies, a sudden realization fell upon Mia.

"Who are these Entities of Necrosis," Mia whispered under her breath as she and Salamon were struggling to free themselves from the web, "And why did he say that there's at least one 'Guardian,' amongst the students? Who are these 'Guardians?"

"Well, well, well," Dokugumon snickered as he crawled towards Mia and Salamon, "What do we have here? Ah, I see, two little flies have gotten caught in my web."

"Dokugumon," Mia bellowed at Dokugumon, "What are you planning to do with the Digimon Academy students?"

"Sorry, but I'm under no obligation to tell you anything," Dokugumon growled at Mia as he crawled closer to her while carrying a handful of silk strings, "Besides, in a few seconds...you're going to be too tied up to be asking questions."

As Dokugumon made his way towards Mia, Salamon barked at him, "You big ugly cockroach, leave Mia alone."

Suddenly, before Dokugumon could tie Mia up, a grey blur appeared and cried out while punching the wolf spider Digimon in the face, "Karate Fist," and that sent Dokugumon flying and caused him to crash into a tree.

Mia and Salamon shifted their attention from Dokugumon to the Digimon that arrived to save them...which was revealed to be Bearmon.

"Listen, my eight legged brother," Bearmon snapped at Dokugumon, "When a lady asks you a question, you better darn well answer her back."

Dokugumon regained his composure and yelled at Bearmon while firing poisonous blasts from his mouth, "First of all, I'm not your brother. Second, you're going to pay for what you did to me. Poison Cobweb."

While the poisonous blasts headed towards Bearmon, he curled up into a ball and called out as he rolled towards Dokugumon, "Bear Roll."

Bearmon rolled passed the poisonous blasts and then managed to strike Dokugumon on the head, but unfortunately, his attack wasn't powerful enough to cause any damage; so when he was in a close enough range, the Wolf Spider Digimon grabbed Bearmon by the ankle and threw him across the field.

"Urgh," Bearmon groaned in pain as he tried to get back on his feet, but to no avail, "Whoa, Dokugumon sure packs a wallop."

"Hey, Bearmon," Salamon asked Bearmon as she and Mia were watching the battle while trying to free themselves from the web at the same time, "Are you ok?"

Bearmon responded to Salamon while an anxious smile formed on his lips, "I-I-I'm fine. No need to worry about me, because when the going gets tough the tough get going," then he whispered to himself in a soft hushed tone, "Although, I wish I could back those words up. The truth is, I'm only fighting with half my strength and power. If I want to fight Dokugumon at full strength, I'll need Luke's assistance...though I highly doubt that that's going to happen."

"Bearmon," Mia asked Bearmon as her eyebrows lifted ever so slightly in confusion, "What are you doing here anyway? Did you come here because one of these students is your Tamer, and now you want to defeat Dokugumon and save your human partner?"

After hearing Mia's question, Bearmon nervously chuckled and told Mia while rubbing the back of his head, "Um, hee, hee, hee...n-n-not exactly."

"Huh," Mia and Salamon asked Bearmon in unison, "Then why are you here?"

Bearmon pointed at Mia and Salamon with his left claw and responded with a sheepish smile etched on his lips, "W-W-Well, I witnessed Dokugumon capturing you two, so I decided to follow him to his lair, defeat him, and save you and the other academy students."

There was a brief moment of silence, until Mia and Salamon bellowed at Bearmon, "WHAT! YOU'RE HERE TO SAVE US FROM DOKUGUMON!"

As Bearmon nodded his head, Mia cried out with a smile of gratitude on her lips, "Oh my, you and your Tamer are so heroic. I bet you lost your Tamer while you were on your way here to Dokugumon's spider web, so once he or she arrives; you two can fight together, defeat Mr. Itsy Bitsy Spider, and save everyone who was captured."

Taking in Mia's words, Bearmon felt like he had turned to stone and replied to Mia while drops of sweat fell from his face, "...There's only one problem with your theory. M-M-My human partner kind of, sort of, doesn't know I'm here."

Silence filled the air again, until Mia and Salamon bellowed at Bearmon once more, "WHAT! YOU CAME TO DOKUGUMON'S SPIDER WEB LAIR WITHOUT YOUR HUMAN PARTNER!"

"Um, yeah," Bearmon murmured under his breath with a nervous and guilty expression on his face, "That pretty much sums it up."

"Bearmon, without your human partner, you have no chance at beating Dokugumon" Salamon asked Bearmon with worry and concern in her eyes, "How do you expect to defeat Dokugumon without your Tamer?"

If those two only knew, Bearmon thought with a sad frown on his lips as he turned his attention back to Dokugumon and got into a battling stance, This isn't the first time that I had to handle a situation without Luke.

"Bearmon," Mia asked Bearmon with uncertainty and curiosity in her voice, "Salamon's right. We appreciate you coming here and trying to rescue us and the other academy students, but you don't stand a chance against Dokugumon. Where's your Tamer anyway?"

Suddenly, as if on cue, Luke appeared from within the forest and announced, "Bearmon is my Digimon partner, which makes me his Tamer."

Mia, Salamon, and Dokugumon were shocked and surprised by Luke's sudden appearance, but not as overly surprised and shocked as Bearmon.

Walking towards his Digimon partner, Luke scolded Bearmon, "I'd ask for an explanation of what you are doing here, Bearmon, but I doubt I'd get an accurate answer from you."

Bearmon growled at Luke as he pointed at Dokugumon and then at the students who were trapped in his spider web, "For your information, I'm here to save the academy students that were kidnapped by Dokugumon."

Luke shifted his attention from Bearmon to the students that were stuck in the web, and then he groaned as he face palmed himself, "Urgh, Bearmon, don't tell me you rushed off into yet another dangerous situation. Why must you be so reckless and rush off to do unnecessary meaningless things?"

Luke's words caused something to snap in Bearmon's being, because he hissed in a low and broken voice, "...I see. You're right as always, Luke. Being the genius that you are, I guess saving and rescuing unintelligent and dumb students that are beneath you would seem unnecessary and meaningless."

Hearing Bearmon's words, Luke gasped and yelled at him with furious rage in his voice, "That's not what I meant and you know it, Bearmon."

Watching Luke and Bearmon's argument, Salamon whispered to Mia with a melancholy expression on her face, "Now I'm beginning to understand why Bearmon came to Dokugumon's lair alone."

"Yeah," Mia whispered back to Salamon as she stared at Luke and Bearmon with a sympathetic gaze in her eyes, "It appears that Bearmon and his Tamer...aren't the very best of partners."

"My, my, my," Dokugumon snickered as he watched Luke and Bearmon's argument as well, "Looks like the fur ball and his human partner have some issues with each other."

"Is that how you really see me," Luke asked Bearmon with fury in his eyes and ferociousness in his voice, "An inconsiderate Know-It-All who believes that the other students at the Digimon Academy are so far beneath me. Maybe if you actually took the chance to understand me, then you and I wouldn't be so incompatible."

Breaking down before Luke, Bearmon outbursted as tears began to fall from his eyes, "OF COURSE I UNDERSTAND YOU, I'M YOUR DIGIMON PARTNER AFTER ALL," Luke gasped as he was taken back by Bearmon's sudden outburst, "It's always the same routine with you, Luke; you wake up, do your homework, go to class, head to the library or computer lab during the breaks, and when you return to your dorm room all you do is work, work, work. You're one of the most hard working and intelligent people I know, and yet you know nothing about the basics of taking a break and having fun. Ever since I became your Digimon partner, I've witnessed and watched your lifestyle unfold before my very eyes; you have all the knowledge in the world, and yet you've gained nothing for what you've learned...except high praises from your piers and more work to be done. That's why I've been so tenacious and persistent about persuading you to take a break and have some fun, because nobody deserves it more than you. I'm not asking you to permanently give up on working and studying, but if you get too busy with work; then you'll miss out on other important things in life...that's all I ever wanted to teach you, Luke."

After Bearmon's lecture, Luke remained unresponsive and froze in his place, and then Dokugumon yawned as he scoffed at Bearmon, "That was a very noble speech you just made, but now that the snore fest is over and done with...I'm going to add you and your human partner to my collection of spider web victims."

Bearmon shifted his attention back to Dokugumon and barked while charging towards him, "Not if I have anything to say about it, and I do bug breath. First, I'm going to defeat you, and then I'm going to save the students that you've captured and free them from your spider web prison."

Dokugumon snarled at Bearmon as he charged towards him too, "I'd like to see you try, you overstuffed teddy bear."

While Bearmon and Dokugumon were battling each other, Luke thought with a depressed and melancholy expression on his face, Miss out on other important things, huh. Too late...I've already missed out on many important things that life had to offer me.

That's the end of the twenty-eighth chapter to my Digimon fanfiction story "Digimon Academy." Now that I have some free time on my hands, I've been able to update my stories a little sooner now. In order to find the "Guardians," for the Entities of Necrosis, Dokugumon captures Mia, Salamon, and other Digimon Academy students and traps them in his giant spider web. Suddenly, Bearmon appears and begins to fight Dokugumon in an attempt to save Mia, Salamon, and the other students. However, when Luke, Bearmon's Tamer arrives, he and Bearmon arrange words and try to deal with "their lack of compatibility between them." Wanting to teach Luke a lesson, Bearmon reveals that he's been trying to get him to take a break from work and studying as a means of letting him experience other important things in life. Will Luke take Bearmon's advice and give his usual lifestyle a rest? If so, will Luke and Bearmon be able to defeat Dokugumon, save Mia and the others, and become the compatible team that they need to be? Aside from that, the Entities of Necrosis Digimon, Myotismon, Lucemon, Apocalymon, and Yggdrasillmon have yet another plan in motion...to find the five legendary "Guardians," which are revealed to be five humans. Who are these five "Guardians?" Will the Entities of Necrosis live up to their scheme and destroy the "Guardians?" If so, then will Myotismon, Lucemon, Apocalymon, and Yggdrasillmon rule the human and Digital world? Or will Lunamon live up to her promise and find the "Guardians," before the Entities of Necrosis do? Do the newly selected "Guardians," and receiving their signs have anything to do with Mia and the others? If so, could Mia and the others possibly receive the signs of the "Guardians?" More importantly, who will the new "Guardians," be? I hope you enjoy this fanfiction story "Digimon Academy," and the many more chapters to come. :D