Prompt: Eggnog

Word Count: 628

Hey, Snow Queen, Why'd You Steal My Boyfriend?

Emma should not be surprised that Henry has taken on the role of census worker, because it means the kid gets to run around asking people nosy questions and get paid for it.

But the kid's only just turned 11, and that means someone has to follow him around. Sometimes Emma does it, sometimes it's Regina, and sometimes it's David or Mary Margaret.

But usually it's Emma or Regina. Being his mothers and all.

Though they started taking the census in September, it's taken longer than they would have thought, and December has arrived with wet snow that clings to all of Emma's coats. But she puts up with it because Henry is important to her, and this is important to Henry.

It goes like this: Henry marches up to the door of the home, knocks twice and waits. When the door opens, he introduces himself. And then, "What was your name while you were in Storybrooke?"

A typical answer might be "Alison Meyers."

Henry would nod, locate the name in his packet, and then ask, "And back home?" Calling it home is the easiest way to say it, even if there's no indication that there's a home worth going to. Storybrooke, at least for the time being, is home.

But they know what he means. "I was Gerda," Alison answers, smiling. She tucks a strand of blonde hair behind her ear.

Henry nods, and thumbs through a second packet—this one of various fairy tale characters and their stories. "Ah," he says, triumphant. "From The Snow Queen."

It's not a fairytale Emma is familiar with, so she just waits to see if Alison—Gerda?—will confirm it.

"I rescued my friend Kai from the Snow Queen, yes," Gerda agrees. She looks a little sad at that.

This is where Emma steps in. After all, she's still the sheriff. "Have you found Kai?" she asks. The curse had broken up families, and for a tiny town, there are a surprising number of…characters? People.

Gerda sighs. "Yes, but unfortunately, when we were cursed, he ended up married to the Snow Queen—her name is Lydia Masters, here, by the way—and now that magic is back, Lydia was able to hypnotize him again."

Emma tries not to groan, but Henry looks excited at the prospect of a new mission for Operation: Cobra.

"We'll be glad to help you recover him," Henry says.

"You won't do anything," Emma says, shaking her head. "I'll take care of it. Can you come down to the station tomorrow? I'll need to get more information about Lydia and Kai."

Gerda smiles and nods. "I can do that. And I got him back once, so maybe it won't be a problem again."

Emma smiles tightly and doesn't argue, because if Gerda hasn't figured out by now that Storybrooke is totally different than…Fairytale Land? Well. She'll learn soon. Nothing is the same.

"Let's get eggnog," Henry says when they've finished covering the block. They discovered six new character identities and two new missing people. All in a day's work, as Doc would say.

"I don't like eggnog," Emma says, frowning, but she drives them to Granny's anyway. She figures that's probably the best place to go for anything food or beverage wise, and when Henry inevitably convinces her to try eggnog, she at least wants to make sure it's better than normal.

They sit down at their usual table, and Henry orders two eggnogs from Ruby.

Emma rolls her eyes. Of course he didn't even give her a chance to argue.

But the eggnog isn't awful, even in it's non-alcoholic state. She gives him that.

"So," Henry says, smiling. "What's the plan?"

"Research," she replies.

Henry nods sagely, and says, "You'll need more eggnog, then."

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A/N: Written for the 25 Days of Ficmas (link on profile). This is apparently a two-shot. I have no idea if this remotely fits into cannon as I've not yet seen (at least) the last two episodes, but, uh, this is

Next time: Emma and Gerda retrieve Kai.