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Hey, Snow Queen, Why'd You Steal My Boyfriend: Part Two

Allison arrives at the station the next day around ten. Henry is sitting on Emma's desk, swinging his legs like he owns the place.

It makes Emma roll her eyes, but whatever. If she'd raised him, he might not swing his legs, but he'd probably be twenty different kinds of messed up. So really, she should be grateful for Regina's methods.

Allison walks over, smiling easily. She seems remarkably calm for someone who's about to go on a mission to rescue a friend? Boyfriend? From a witch who could easily be as powerful as Regina, and who was obviously not using her powers for good.

"We need any information you have about Kai and, ah, Lydia," Emma said when Allison took a seat in front of the desk.

"We already know how you cried and melted the splinters out of his heart when you were younger," Henry says quickly. "We need to know weaknesses."

"Well, the Snow Queen can only survive happily when there's cold air around her. That's where all the snow came from—the return of magic and the cold season gave her a few extra abilities," Allison explains. "I don't know if she's put more troll-mirror splinters in his heart, but I suspect she may have learned to take hearts."

Emma grunts. "Why can everyone do that?" she complained quietly.

"Maybe you should learn," Henry deadpans, and Emma kind of gapes at him because he's picking up her humor now and that's something new and strange and beautiful all at once. "Just don't go evil…please?" Ah, there's Henry.

Henry comes along for the rescue mission because school's out for the break and Emma couldn't stop him even if she locked him in his bedroom. And asked Regina to seal the place with magic. Somehow, he'd escape.

His vehicle of choice for reaching Lydia's house ("At the center of the snowy woods," Allison explained) is a red sled, which he's dragging along behind him.

Emma and Allison are walking, but when Henry tears down a hill and has to wait for them, they both sigh and regret not bringing their own sleds.

Finally, they get to the house, Henry perched on a sled waiting.

Allison makes Henry stand still while she looks into his eyes, maybe looking for splinters. Emma doesn't know. Henry gave her a crash course in the fairy tale, so she knows the basics, but the details are totally lost on her. The idea of a troll mirror is still foreign to her; she just gets that it makes you lose sight of who you are. Or something.

Allison must decide Henry is safe, because she just nods, and jerks her head toward the house. The three of them approach.

Emma knocks, because she's the sheriff and the savior, and that holds sway even with the baddies.

The woman who opens the door has dark black hair, white skin, and grey eyes that seem kind of hazy. She looks like winter.

Which makes sense if she's the Snow Queen.

"Hello," Emma says. "I'm looking for someone named Kai."

Lydia stills, and her eyes narrow. There wasn't a smile on her face to begin with, but now her expression is even darker, if that's possible, and she coolly shakes her head. "Not here."

Emma sighs. "I have a superpower, see," she says, shaking her head in return. "I can tell when people are lying. Right now, you are."

Lydia's pale white cheeks flush pink, and a breeze picks up.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you," Emma says, because by this point she can tell when something is magical.

"I see you brought Gerda," Lydia says, eyes flicking to the blonde girl standing behind Emma.

"It's Allison now," Allison says quickly, stepping forward. "I quite liked the new me. I'm not quite so innocent." She rushes past Emma, then, slamming into Lydia.

Lydia stumbles backward until Allison has her caged in at the wall. She snarls at Allison. "I'll have you arrested for assault."

Emma, the officer who would probably end up doing the arresting, snaps, "Allison. Let her go." Then she shoves into the house because this is Storybrooke, and the law here is different than the rest of Maine. She doesn't need a warrant. "Where's the guy?"

Allison follows Emma, though she pauses to glare at Lydia and beckons for Henry to pass her and walk between them.

"You can search the house," Lydia says. "You won't find any prisoners. Kai is here of his own free will."

"So what's this?" Emma asks, tapping a chest with the insignia of a heart on it. Really, the villains are getting more and more obvious. It might as well be a Disney movie.

"Jewelry box," Lydia replies, unbothered.

Emma shrugs and opens the box, digs through the chains, and pulls out the pulsing pink heart. "I'll ask again. Where is the boy?"

Lydia is angry. Her eyes flicker to the still open door, and a gust of wind and snow rush into the house, wrapping around Emma tightly. "He's not here."

Emma's hair is caught up in her face and she tries to push it away uselessly. She feels a shaft of icy cold wind slam into her stomach, no longer just swirling but actually pushing. She falls down, still holding onto the heart. She does her best not to crush it, and yells, "Lying!"

Henry and Allison must be fighting Lydia somehow, because after a few moments of being sure she was going to get frostbite, the wind leaves Emma, and she sits up to see Allison pummeling Lydia. Her knuckles are bloody and Henry looks a little horrified.

"Not so innocent at all," Lydia mocks, spitting blood at Allison.

Shaking, Allison stands. "It's a harsher world," she says, and then helps Lydia to her feet. "Where is he?"

"The back room," Lydia says, trembling. She'll respect Allison.

Allison turns to Emma, and holds out her hand. "The heart," she says, swallowing nervously.

Emma gives it to her and moves to check on Lydia. "Are you okay?" she asks.

Lydia bats her away. "She was so innocent before," she says, shaking her head. "That's how she beat me back home." She looks at Emma and wipes the blood off her lips. "But she's right, isn't she? It's a harsher world."

Emma tries not to think about what that means, even though she knows Lydia is right. She thinks about how lucky she is that Regina raised Henry in relative safety, and left her to sort herself out, alone on the streets.

Allison and Kai come into the station to give their statements. Since Kai seems genuinely happy to be back with Allison instead of Lydia, Emma decides to forget Allison's assault on Lydia. She'd do the same for Henry, and anyway, Lydia isn't pressing charges. She seems resigned to the fact that she won't have Kai.

"Thank you for your help," Allison says as they're leaving.

Emma just nods and wonders how the curse messed everything up—made gentle people harder and the baddies sympathetic.

But maybe they did that on their own. If she'd learned anything from being the savior, it was that there really was no black and white.

Emma had lived in grey area all her life. She wasn't sure why the concept was so difficult to grasp.

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