Title: Prognosis Unknown
Author: Christy
Rating: FR15
Disclaimer: I do not own any of these series...I'm just borrowing the situation for a bit. I may not own the series that Alissa filters through, but the concept of her is something I came up with
Genre: Gen/AU Romance (Huddy)
Part: 1/8
Fandoms: Angel/House/Highlander
Timeline: After Angel's series finale; After "Knight Fall" for House
Series: Alissa's Interests
Summary: Alissa has a case for House
Author's Note: The roots and herbs mentioned in this chapter do help with what I say they do, and the Chinese root is a real root as well.

There were raised voices coming from the direction of Dr. House's office. Not that this was entirely unusual with the typically factious doctor, but more the subject matter at hand.

"I swear, House- you've become more of an asshole since rehab, if that's even possible," the brunette declared, throwing her hands in the air as she paced back and forth in front of his desk.

House just grinned as he reclined back in his chair, tossing the BOUO up and down and waiting. He knew she'd eventually quit being pissed off at him and get around to telling him why she was really here.

"Look, I know that when you found out about Immortals-" she started.

"You mean, the part where your bike crashed and I didn't know that you were going to come back to life when I rescued you? That part?" he asked sarcastically.

Alissa sighed and rubbed the bridge of her nose. "Yes, that. I'm not here because I explained things to you and then let things afterwards get physical. I actually have a case I want you to take on," she said, displaying two folders, but held them slightly out of reach when he grabbed for them.

"First, I do believe no one argued when we ended up fucking like bunnies until you left for one of your little jaunts and didn't come back. Second, how will I know if the peanut gallery and I will take the case if you don't let me look at the files?" he demanded.

"Because it won't be you and your team," she informed him. "It'll just be you."

That made Greg stand up and walk over to her side of the desk, leaning on his cane a little heavier than usual. This didn't escape her notice, by any means. They may have only been fucking like bunnies, as he'd put it, a few years ago, but many centuries of experience, plus a little honing from Lightman and Loker in the past few months had her reading his unspoken pain.

"How the hell do you expect me to diagnose a case without my fellows?" he snapped.

"Because this isn't your normal kind of case, House, and I don't know how well your team- hell, even you- will be able to wrap your heads around some of what we'll have to tell you. Rupert isn't very happy about this, but I assured him you were the best at being able to figure out what's going wrong with them," she advised.

Greg's eyes narrowed. "No deal. No team, no diagnosis."

Alissa's grin turned feral as she went toe to toe with him. "And I think Dr. Cuddy might be able to change your mind."

"Why should Cuddy scare me?" he countered.

"Because I've already informed her about the multimillion dollar check I'm donating to the hospital to insure that you'll help," she said with a smirk.

"Blackmail doesn't look pretty on you," he snapped again as she laid the files on his desk.

"Don't worry- I've got a way to sweeten the deal for you too," she promised.

"Really?" he said, an evil grin covering his face moments before he pulled her to him and kissed her soundly before releasing her again.

"As much as I would love to have you in my bed again, I don't think my leg or my roommate could handle it. Wilson doesn't seem to like screamers," House confided with a grin.

Alissa chuckled as she straightened her suit again. "No, I was meaning that I have something for you to help things along- a natural way for you to deal with your pain. It's a potion I made," she explained, handing him a small vial of viscous pale blue liquid.

"Oh, so now it's magic and voodoo? Next you'll be telling me aliens exist," he quipped as he took the vial.

She tried to hold back a laugh. "Well, considering that you now believe, after treating me like a lab rat for a couple weeks, that people can live forever, generally speaking, how much of a stretch is magic or even aliens, for that matter?" she asked, then waved his answer away as inconsequential. "Regardless, though, it's a purely natural concoction- you can run as many tests on it that you like. Nothing in that compound will harm you, but it will relieve the pain in your leg without narcotic addiction. And I'll make you some more so you can concentrate on the case," she explained with a sympathetic smile.

"I'll look into it and let you know. Is your number still the same?" he called out as she started to leave.

"Never had a reason to change it," she said with a saucy grin as she sauntered out.

House watched her go then sat back down and stared at the vial she'd given him. What the hell,he thought as he shrugged, took the stopper out of the bottle, and downed its contents.

Alissa opened, then locked the door behind her, rubbing the back of her neck. Everyone from Giles and Willow to the covens and even her own self were baffled about this. She heard coughing coming from one of the guest rooms on the first floor and winced. Why was she spared from whatever was killing them while the two main, bravest Slayers ever born were slowly dying? Sighing deeply, she walked through her house, nodding at those who filtered through that she recognized as she headed over to see how Buffy and Faith were doing.

Giles was coming out of Buffy's room as she walked up. "So how are they? Any changes?" she asked softly.

He took his glasses off to clean them again while he considered his answer. "Not so much as I can tell. Illyria says that this isn't anything that she recognizes, but, as she says 'the scum have ways of doing things that were beneath us'. I know you said you haven't seen anything like this either. How did things with Doctor House go?"

Alissa guided him towards the kitchen and fixed him some tea. Handing it to him while she poured herself a drink, she said "I think I might have caught his interest-I gave him a sample of the pain potion I've made for myself for centuries. I've had to modify it a bit lately, since a lot of the herbs and plants I used to use aren't around as much or aren't as potent as they used to be. I have a small garden that Willow's helping me out with that should alleviate that, but according to my botanists, that may still take some time. Are any of the herbs the Covens been giving the two girls helping?"

"They said that the yarrow root seems to be keeping down the internal bleeding and the cassia is helping with the kidney failure…they're still waiting to hear back from our Chinese contacts about the Bao yuan da huang tangroot, since you said that you remember it helping you before. But nothing seems to help with the nausea or the unusual weight loss. We need to know if Gregory House will help us or not. What did his boss say about all this?"

Alissa took a sip of her scotch. "Dr. Cuddy was ecstatic about the endowment I'm willing to donate to Plainsboro in exchange for borrowing her number one diagnostician for a few weeks. And, from what information I've been able to gather, his second in command, a Doctor Foreman, is just as good as House, if not as experienced yet. And that's what I suggested to her, with the caveat that it was all moot- excepting the endowment, of course- if House doesn't want to take the case."

Giles grinned. "But your instincts say that he'll take it...how can you be so sure?"

"Because if there's one thing I learned about House, he loves a puzzle. And I would say what's going on with Buffy and Faith is a mighty big puzzle, wouldn't you?"