Title: Prognosis Unknown
Author: Christy
Rating: FR13
Disclaimer: I do not own any of these series...I'm just borrowing the situation for a bit. I may not own the series that Alissa filters through, but the concept of her is something I came up with
Genre: Gen/AU Romance (Huddy)
Part: 8/8
Fandoms: Angel/House/Highlander/Star Trek/Labyrinth/In Death
Timeline: After Angel's series finale; After "Now What?" for House; Takes place during "Conspiracy in Death", for the In Death series.
Series: Alissa's Interests
Summary: Alissa has a case for House

January 2059

House abhorred pomp and circumstance at these medical fundraisers, but he knew it was for a good cause. If not for Dr. Westley Friend, he would have never regained the full use of his leg. It had been over thirty years, but sometimes he still went to grab his cane when he got up in the morning. Though, he was thankful he still got to wake up next to his wife after over forty years together. He watched her wander over to him, followed behind by a younger couple who looked familiar. Lisa's hair may have been snow white by this time, and her body a little curvier from the children, but to him, she was just as beautiful as the day they'd married.

"Getting sentimental in your old age?" the redhead asked with a chuckle as she hugged the older man.

His brow wrinkled as he tried to piece together where he knew her from, holding her at arm's length to try and place it. Then she smirked at him and he remembered.

"Alissa! Well, you're both looking well," he said.

"Actually, it's Katelyn and Jared McCaffery now," she confided in a whisper.

"Ah, I thought I'd heard you were back in town from Willow. So, I hear you're one of the sponsors for this little shindig," he commented.

"Yes. My friend Louise Dimatto suggested this was a wise investment," Katelyn replied as she glanced over at Lisa's outfit. "By the way, Dr. House, I love the outfit. Is it a Leonardo?"

Lisa smiled. "Yes it is. My granddaughter took me over to his studio as a birthday present. I'm not the only one wearing him tonight, either. Eve Dallas, the nice cop over there with her gorgeous husband, is always wearing his designs," she explained.

Katelyn glanced over to see Eve and Roarke talking with Dr. Tina Wo, who didn't seem to be enjoying whatever they were discussing. Turning back to the older couple, she asked "So, what have you been up to since I left? I know the Immortality bit took some getting used to when I told you, wouldn't you say, Lisa?"

"Yes, that's true. And then when Willow and Faith came by to tell us that Rachel was supposed to be tapped as a Potential, well, I was glad for my support system. I had Greg, our two boys and our younger daughter to help keep me sane. Actually, I think I see one of my granddaughter's friends over there- Mavis Freestone and Corrine get on so well."

Greg smirked. "That's how Lisa got this outfit- Corrine took her to see Mavis, not knowing she was dating Leonardo. That Mavis has so much color on her all the time, it's blinding."

"You mean the little sprite over there with the bright blue hair?" Jared asked in amusement.

"That would be the one," House agreed as Jared took Lisa's arm and House took Katelyn's. "Now, shall we go into dinner so you can catch me up on what you've been doing, and I'll tell you about those Scoobies you're so fond of."

Katelyn laughed. "It sounds like a good idea to me. I want to hear all about the kids and grandkids and how life's been for everyone."