Title: The Mighty Will Fall
Author: Christy
Rating: FR15
Disclaimer: I do not own any of these series...I'm just borrowing the situation for a bit. I may not own the series that Alissa filters through, but the concept of her is something I came up with
Genre: Gen/AU
Fandoms: Star Trek /Angel
Series: Personal Interludes #3
Word Count: 1567
Timeline: During "Deja Q"
Written For: crossover100 Q prompts
Prompt: 59- Food
Summary: The Enterprise deals with the fallout from Bre'el IV and Q popping in without his powers

Alissa sneered from the other side of the barrier holding Q in a cell. "Happy with yourself now? You decided to play around with the lives of all the people down there for kicks?"

Q sneered back. "If it was about that miserable little planet, don't you think I would have told Picard about it by now? Besides, you even told him yourself when he asked- I'm not lying about being stripped of my powers."

She mentally agreed with her mentor on that, but wasn't about to admit it. "That's not the only thing you were stripped of- why the hell did you have to show up on the bridge naked?"

Q laughed loud and long at her question. "Don't tell me you still ascribe to that outdated human viewpoint on nudity! You're a Q now; we don't care about mundane things like that."

She spared him a speaking glance as she continued to pace in front of the cell. "Well, you might want to think about that, now that our positions are reversed, though I would give anything to go back to the way things were when they first rescued me two years ago."

"I don't see why- we made you a better being by giving you these powers. Maybe if you really wanted to learn more about what all humanity has been, and trustme, there's plenty of interesting, hot things for you to see, you should get in touch with what they've done in their past," Q suggested as the doors opened to reveal Captain Picard and Commander Data.

"Ah, Cadet Troi. I was hoping you would still be here. I have a task for you, but first I have a question for Q. We were recently probed with Berthold radiation. What do you know about this?"

"Picard, I have no idea- truly. A couple of hours ago, I felt weak. All the strength was oozing out of me; I lost consciousness."

Alissa glanced over at the Captain, then off his nod snapped "You just fell asleep."

"Oh, how do you manage to deal with that on a daily basis?" he moaned.

She sighed. "You get used to it, I guess."

"Your first experience with sleep aside, Q, Commander Data and the cadet here will be escorting you down to Engineering. If your offer to help this crew was genuine, then here's your chance to prove it," Picard told him as he released the forcefield. Holding Alissa back, he said, "I expect you to keep an eye on Q while Commander Data is there for senority. If he can help us with this trouble, it would be good."

"Sir, why not have me fix it?" she asked, having been wondering about that all day.

"Well, there are a few reasons. One of which is that when they tested you during the entrance competition exams, your reaction was typically to go off of your human instincts, not the Q. Secondly, as I'm sure Admiral Hahn told you when you were admitted, you having these powers is a closely kept secret in Starfleet, no matter how much we might like to use it every time we could. This crew, yourself included, needs to understand that it is through adversity and trying to solve problems rather than going for the easy solution, that makes a better person at the end of the day. That being said, you're also only 18 and still have a long way to go. Just continue with your studies at the Academy; in the meantime, I need you to use those Engineering classes Professor Chapman has been teaching you this year to help Commander LaForge. Dismissed."

Alissa stood up and stretched. They'd been working on this problem for three hours now and so far, no real ideas on how to keep the satellite from falling to the planet. Just then, Q exclaimed in pain, clear enough for Alissa to pick up on with her telepathy.

"What is it, Q?" she grumbled. It wasn't about him personally at this point- he'd offered a couple of good points, even if they would only be valid if she or he had been able to use their powers. It was just that spatial physics was nowhere near her strong suit, she was hungry, tired and hated having to babysit Q.

"My back is hurting. What's the right word? Ow?"

Data and Geordi looked at each other, then back at Q. "Yeah, ow works."

"Ah, I can't stand up!"

Alissa rolled her eyes at Q's melodrama as Geordi called for medical assistance. Dr Crusher had just finished up with the diagnosis and treatment for Q's muscle spasm when he said ow again.

"What is it this time?" Alissa groused.

"My stomach hurts- and it's making noises," he whined.

She just sighed, grabbed his arm and started hauling him towards 10 Forward.

The three of them showed up to the sound of Data trying to explain to Q about human eating preferences. Alissa just tuned the men out as she asked for hot red curry panag chicken and a Madras. Thank god drinking age is 18 around here! I'm gonna need it with Q around,she thought as she overheard Q order 10 chocolate sundaes. "Ten? Q, are you insane?"

"Well, I'm newly human, I don't know what I like yet and I must be very hungry," he explained calmly.

Alissa just shrugged then grinned when she saw Guinan coming in. Guinan had been one of the ones that, in the early days of Alissa being on the Enterprise, had helped her cope with her new powers, so Alissa considered her a dear friend. Q noticed her too and grumbled about not looking forward to this.

"I heard the Continuum finally got tired of you," Guinan said with a grin.

"A minor setback, I assure you. I like to think of it as a significant career change," Q countered.

"Captain Picard and many of the crew are not yet convinced Q is truly human," Data commented.

"Really?" Guinan asked and Alissa had a flash of what she had planned moments before Guinan stabbed Q in the hand.

Alissa didn't know whether to wince at Q's outraged cry of pain or laugh at the look on his face as he glared at Guinan.

"This is a dangerous creature you have here. Why Picard would make her a member of the crew and not me-"

"Probably because she helps out around here and doesn't try and belittle or talk down to everyone," Alissa interrupted.

"Oh, so now you have my protégé singing your praises as well. What next- maybe I should take up missionary work," Q sniped.

"Wonderful idea," Alissa snapped, taking her food and stalking over to a table by the windows.

Q declined his sundaes in disgust and had gone to sit down and pout when the Calamarain came through the window and began attaching themselves to him. He struggled to get rid of the forcefield and Data scrambled to try and help while Alissa called the bridge to tell them what was happening.

Alissa tapped her foot as the turbolift descended to Engineering again. "You knew what would happen after the Continuum kicked you out, Q. And don't try to give me this bullshit about the compassion of humanity, you opportunistic bastard," she fumed, storming out and to her station. Q butted heads with Geordi before begrudgingly doing what he was told, but Alissa had been so busy trying to monitor the readouts and calibrations, she didn't realize the Calamarain had tried to attack again until she heard Data's body thud to the floor.

Once in Sickbay, she tried to help but about bit Q's head off when he showed up to see how Data was doing.

"Cadet Troi, I believe you've been on duty for far over your 12 hour limit. Take time off to shower and get some sleep," Picard said. "That's an order."

"Yes sir."

If she hadn't been on the bridge when it had happened, Alissa wasn't sure she would have even believed it. There was Commander Data, sitting at his post, laughing hysterically. And she even picked up on it, which meant that what Q had gifted him with was the real thing. Now she was on her com in her room, talking to her roommate back at the Academy. The Enterprise was due to rendezvous with the Saratogain a few hours so that Alissa could get back to San Francisco in time for the winter session. Willow had just been telling her about two of the cadets, a Harry Kim and Be'Lana Torres when Alissa caught a flash of light out of the corner of her eye and paused the feed. She turned around, prepared to thank Q for his gift to Data, but it was a different one- a blonde this time.

"Oh, I do see what has him so fascinated," he said, circling her and eyeing her vintage 90s clothes.

"What the hell are you talking about?" she demanded.

"Oh, just how Q told me how important you were. I didn't believe it until I could see it for myself. Oh, Q is going to have kittens when she hears about this," he said with a chuckle.

"Hey," she called before he could leave. "Why not have names like everyone else, instead of all being Q?"

"Why not?" he countered. "We know who everyone is..you will too, eventually," he replied with a grin as he vanished.

Turning back to her com, she apologized to Willow and tried to catch up on what she'd missed by not staying on Earth for the session break.