Ive always wanted to write a fanfic based out of Melbourne, this has some of the same characters as the show but I have also added extra characters and only has some of the same in it most of the time. It does not follow after any episode in Melbourne and the only thing mainly the same is the characters and based on Tactical Response still. .

Josh is with Tash staying in Melbourne, Michael is still alive and Shannon is in Melbourne but going out with Lawson still. If you want a Shannon/Lawson fanfiction this it not it. All the characters of Rush will be mentioned from time to time, with only a few in it most of the time.

There is also some scenes I have loved from the show I have written in, which I have adapted to fit the scene.

I hope you will still enjoy reading it, and please review it if you enjoy it.

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Walking out of the terminal the heat hitting them as soon as they set foot outdoors looking around Lawson turns to the other two members up there with him seeing Stella getting impatient "c'mon Lawson lets get going, I'm driving" shaking his head calling out "this isn't a holiday Stella we up here to work" turning to face Lawson "not for the whole 3 months Lawson we are up in Darwin, I for one plan to have fun You do know all work is bad for you Lawson, and will make you more boring than you already are, anyway we don't start work for a couple of days" rolling his eyes at Stella this will be a great experience for the whole team, somewhere totally different, he is already starting to feel sorry for the others up here putting up with Stella "Thanks Stel …. But just remember what we are up here for" laughing at him
"to experience life"

Driving towards the apartments on the outskirts of the city but still close enough to walk or get into the city Christian looks out the window hearing Lawson talking to him "when is Annie getting up here" looking at Lawson in the front "a week, she is driving to Adelaide and catching the Ghan up and putting the car on, easier than doing the whole trip on her own with the kids, wish I could of come up with her and help with the kids, she understands" not even looking at Christian Stella speaks up "I know which one I'd prefer a whole week in a car with kids or flying up don't know why your complaining" glancing at Stella shaking his head Lawson looks around at the scenery as he talks "better than commuting back to Melbourne all the time, or Annie coming up here" Looking in the rearview mirror Stella glances at Christian "why didn't they bring someone else up then, than Christian, no offence but he has to move his whole family up here, whilst Michael has no one and would go out drinking, and Josh, well he could commute to see Tash and Shannon I could have a drinking buddy except she is becoming more boring the more time she spends with you… well suppose they didn't want you two working together anyway" Laughing at Stella's comment "why did they let you come up Stel, knowing how much you like to party, they either wanted you out of Melbourne or have no idea what you're really like" smiling at them both even though Lawson was her boss, most of the time they did get on together "I'm just so great, and they know it, I wouldn't stay in Melbourne, I just made sure they couldn't say no"


Driving towards work she wonders who the new team will be, all she was told was that the Senior Sergeant had set up Tactical Response in Melbourne and was doing great with the team he had, she knew there was a folder somewhere she'd just wait until she arrived if she ever would, dam why did she have to be late today, why couldn't Sarah just be ready on time. With the 3 from Melbourne and the 4 or so from Darwin, she wrote the book on TR now finally she could put it all together with her in charge of it. Not looking up as she gets out of her car, shoving everything in her bag locking the car, shit why was she late today, the day she gets a team up here, a team to train and find others to join the TR squad up here.

Walking into the tactical response base a couple of days later, looking around, the team will be arriving soon, for now it should be him and the person setting up Tactical Response up here, but they are no where around. He is more than capable of setting this up on his own, wondering who was setting it up, he didn't need any help and hopes the person is administration only or needs training themselves, he doesn't need anyone else in charge, seeing a female figure hurrying towards him "I was expecting you earlier". Not even looking up "yeah, I was held up" his eyes widen, it can't be, he has no doubt it is, it had been 9 years or so since they had seen each other but she hadn't changed much, she didn't even look that much older but he would know her anywhere and her voice .

Looking up at the voice that just spoke to her, shit why didn't she look at the list she was given, did she even know where that list was, shaking her head why off all people did they have to send him up, out of all the officers bloody Lawson Blake was here in front of her, she had done a great job of forgetting him, forgetting the secret she had been hiding not wanting to ever remember she had kept hidden for 10 years, he looked older now, but she would never forget his face, she doubts she would ever forget him, what on earth possessed them in the first place she will never know, but here he is again.

Regaining her composure quickly looking as the team starts to arrive, "You can all get to know each other some other time, I'm sure you've all had a look around the base by now, if not do it later, I'll give you a quick tour of the base now before starting, I'm Inspector Kerry Vincent" walking around "this is the kitchen area cups to be washed and put away, the bathrooms showers, unisex use that at your own risk, and locker room, pick any locker put your name on it. Give you 5 minutes to get ready before I expect you out here"

Walking into the locker room Stella looks at Lawson "I think I'm missing Melbourne now, who does she think she is" not hearing Stella, Lawson watches as Kerry walks away her stride full of self confidence and assurance, she had changed in a way but she was always sure of herself, that was one of the many things he had liked about her, shit why now, he knew she had recognised him, the slight lapse before she regained herself he was sure of it, but she had acted like she didn't know him hearing Stella's voice again "Lawson" looking at her "You didn't hear anything we said" not wanting to admit he hadn't really his mind was elsewhere "You'll get over it Stel". Watching Lawson walk out, she was sure he would have been pissed off with someone else being in charge but he wasn't.

Walking into the locker room "5 minutes was up 5 minutes ago, get out here now" walking out to where the team was now waiting "Senior Sergeant Lawson Blake, Senior Constable Stella Dagostino and Senior Constable Christian Tapu up from Melbourne, will help with what TR is, keeping in mind, that Darwin is very different to Melbourne which you'll find. Being in Tactical Response requires commitment and a lot of training and hard work, I expect 110% from each and everyone one of you. This has been a long time coming having Tactical Response up here in Darwin, I will not have any of you stuff it up, we are on trial up here so everything you do will reflect on us here. The last weekend this month and the following week, there will be a training exercise out near Kakadu, attendance is compulsory, so if you have anything on then cancel it, no excuses or consider yourself out of the squad" then turning to Lawson nodding "Lawson I'll meet you upstairs in 5 minutes"

Walking into the room, Lawson looks around, the shock of seeing Kerry it had been years, they had only gone out for a short period of time, but he fell in love with her back then, looking up as she walks into the room, seeing her blue eyes piercing through him, there had always been something about her, the confidence still there and here she setting up Tactical Response, but from what she said down stairs he is beginning to wonder if there is more to what he was told, and if she was actually in charge, and why he was brought up from Melbourne.

Walking into the room, she had regained her composure now it had been ages, and she had been thrown seeing him again she , seeing Lawson looking at her "who's the dickhead intel officer you brought downstairs" raising his eyes at Kerry "dickhead is that official?" leaning her head sideways shaking her head slightly "Oh please" then walking over to the desk with the computer "you can start by getting me a coffee" looking at Kerry, he is sure she knew who he was, how many Lawson Blakes are in the force, it was only quick but she did lose her composure for a second but now is acting like she had no idea who he was "I wasn't sent up to make you coffee" then emphasising her name "Kerry, I was brought up here to set up this team".

Walking over to the computer seeing Lawson sitting down a small smile on her face "So why did they send you and your team up" sitting back in the chair looking at Kerry who is looking at the computer "They know me, I put the team together and set up Tactical Response in Melbourne" looking up briefly from the computer not convinced, easier than looking at him "alright since we've been operation police shootings have been down by half, shootings are down, lethal situations in general are controlled, we're on the road 24 hours a day and we are better trained to deal with situations. Not looking at Lawson walking around the office "statistics" then leaning closer to him "think you can do it all by yourself"

Looking at Kerry she was acting like she didn't need him up here or want him if that is the way she wanted it, "right, Your police head office" shrugging looking at her walking around "I can deal with that" nodding at Lawson walking around drinking her coffee, the need to walk around, shit why didn't she read that folder "wonderful" walking closer to Lawson looking at him briefly seeing his arms across his chest, leaning back in the chair, she knows he wants to be in charge, that is who Lawson is, "look lets get this out from first bounce I don't know how clearly you need me to tell you this, but I've been put in charge up here" looking back at Kerry not impressed, was she trying to rub it in, why was he brought up here, sitting down at the table watching Kerry walking around drinking the coffee "So your in charge of procedures" Kerry not looking "Yep" nodding as Lawson continues "Personal" Kerry "Yep" Lawson "administration" Kerry walking away "yep"

Leaning back in the chair Lawson looks at Kerry she had changed she was full of confidence "fine deal" Kerry walking around with her arms spread out before drinking her coffee "Easy" as Lawson continues he doesn't need anyone helping him, he thought he was training everyone up here, not being under someone, he knew someone was going to be in charge but not yet "Meanwhile I will be running operational and tactics and be out on the road, so I'd appreciate it if you stay out of my way" watching as Kerry sits down opposite him giving a slight shrug "see that could be a problem" watching as Kerry stares at him her blue eyes piercing through him "why could that be a problem if your not operational and haven't done our training" staring at him her head slightly moving sideways a smug smile on her face she was going to be every part of putting this team together "Your kidding" a slightly smug smile on her face as she shakes her head, she had heard he didn't want anyone else in Melbourne to be in charge "that was not in the deal when I came up here, I was never told there was someone else in charge" looking at Lawson "think you can do better?" glaring at Kerry she was enjoying this all too much and here he was stuck up here taking orders from someone else, not just anyone but his ex for the next 6 months.