Seeing Kerry's car still parked in TR, Lawson is the last one to leave, looking around before walking towards her office knocking on the door, and entering before she answers "Kerry, what's happening, you're not even answering my phone calls, you can tell me i can protect you" not even looking up from her desk, it wasn't her that needing protecting "you have to respect my decision, its over" watching as he closes the door before walking closer to her "did I not mean anything to you" looking up her eyes moving around look "this should never have happened it was a mistake" looking at Kerry trying to make eyes contact with her, history repeating itself he should of learnt the first time when he fell in love with her "your right it was a mistake …. so that's it" hearing the hurt in Lawson's voice she wished there was another way that she could be with him "I'm sorry " seeing Lawson looking at her with concern she looks away, not wanting to weaken "is he threatening you" shaking her head not able to speak, it wasn't her she was worried about" after everything your going back to him, you have your chance to leave him, yet you're still staying with him"

Walking into TR, seeing Kerry's car still there, walking around seeing no one around, about to knock on her office door, when does she keep it closed, watching as it opens and Lawson walks out. Narrowing his eyes, why can't he leave his wife along, he knows given a chance Kerry would leave him for Lawson, he thought he had made it clear that he would have Lawson out of Tactical response and back to Melbourne, watching as Lawson walks outside following him at a distance. Opening the door to his car, his mind elsewhere, how could he get it so wrong he thought Kerry was going to leave Chris after this, the time in the hospital but now this, he is sure that Chris has some hold over her, threatening her he thought they were going to be together, as he puts the key in the door, falling to the ground as he turns around feeling a fist to his face falling to the ground, he feels a kick to his ribs and face as quickly as the attack started it is over. Struggling to get up leaning against the car looking around putting his arms up to his ribs, sitting in the car does he go back into TR or drive home.

Walking along the beach, the running had been short, even being away for 3 weeks her fitness had suffered, she couldn't go home not yet, she needed to think, Chris wanting to leave in a few weeks, to go to America for a few months it was all becoming too much, could she just leave him, isn't it what she wanted all this time, knowing if she did at the moment, Lawson would lose his job and with Chris's connections probably out of the police force she wouldn't couldn't do that to him and she has no doubt Chris was the one who had caused the black eye and injuries on Lawson despite Lawson saying nothing about it. Hearing her name shit why can't he leave her alone, ignoring his voice, it isn't long before he is front of her "Kerry" looking up at him "Lawson just go, you shouldn't be here" reaching out to touch her, she flings off his arm "don't, we can't bump into each other, can't see each other, its over Lawson" looking at Kerry in the face he doesn't believe that she means it "You don't want it to be over I know that Kerry" not able to look at him in the eyes, there is truth in what he is saying "It has to be Lawson … I'm going to America … this has not been a easy decision to make" looking at Kerry sadness in his eyes " i know that …. why are you doing this" giving a small smile to him she can't tell him everything, even though she has a pretty good idea he knows " you don't need to worry about me, I'll be fine" looking at Kerry he isn't convinced he is sure Chris has some hold over her, he knows he was the one who hit him from behind but he also knows if he said anything Chris would use his power and he would never see Kerry again "He won't change Kerry …. why are you going back to him, you have the chance to leave him …. Move in with me" shaking her head, sadness in her eyes, part of her did want to leave him, but she knows there will be price to pay her voice firm, she needs him to believe at least in what she is saying "I want to be with him Lawson ….I ….. I love him" looking at Kerry wanting to shake her, he knows her so well that she isn't telling the truth "if you need my help I'm here" not able to help herself reaching out to touch his arm, despite not trying to, she can't help her feelings for him, even trying to avoid him she did love him and wanted to be with him "I know" staring into Kerry's eyes not wanting her to leave, he knows the dangers but he can't help it "do you have any idea the risk your taking staying with him Kerry"

Looking at Lawson in the eyes biting her lips she would take the risk as long as Lawson was safe and kept his job she couldn't live with it if anything happened to him, or him losing his job "I also have to do what I think is right" looking at Lawson, maybe America wouldn't be so bad, she didn't then have to see Lawson, have him so close and not be able to touch him involuntarily bringing her fingers up to her lips, she can still feel his touch on there, she needs to get out of there and now "If things were different…. But they aren't" before moving away from him, watching her start to walk away "if anything goes wrong just call"


Sitting at the table with Lawson the rest of the team gone home Stella knew Shannon and him had broken up but seeing him sitting there his face miserable, she knew that he and Kerry had stopped their affair too, he had been asking her about Shannon how she was going did he want her back. Seeing Stella looking at him "I'm fine" shaking her head at him "no your not fine, your miserable you might as well have a sign on you head" looking at Lawson not even sipping his beer, already on his 5th "do you want my advice" not even looking at Stella, why can't she leave him alone "no not really" giving a short laugh at Lawson "go and get her back" giving a short laugh leaning back on the chair with his arms folded "its not that simple" leaning forward towards Lawson "yes it is if she's what you already want" taking a long swig from the bottle of beer "how do you know i haven't already tried" staring at him in the eyes giving him a small shrug "you might have but seeing you're not back together yet i don't think you have tried very hard and you do seem pretty down without her" moving away from her his voice firm "its none of your business" looking at Lawson her elbows on the table "I'm your friend and I have to work with you and put up with your moods so yeah it actually is kind of my business ….. you love her and miserable without her so why won't you fight for her" then shaking her head "if you're not willing to put yourself out there you don't deserve her" giving a short laugh, wishing she would leave "save your romance rubbish" shrugging at Lawson pretending to give up "what woman doesn't want to be with a man willing to fight for their relationship. Go to Melbourne and surprise her" looking at Stella what was she talking about "why would I go to Melbourne when she's in Darwin" looking at Lawson trying not to show her surprise, wasn't he talking about Shannon "do I have to spell it out, to see Shannon" giving a loud laugh "you think this is about Shannon" nodding at Lawson who else would it be about he had been asking about Shannon lately "yeah" before the realisation hits her "shit you want Kerry"

Walking up to Kerry's door it isn't long before she answers no smile on her face "what do you want" seeing Lawson looking at her why can't he understand that she doesn't want to see her and is making is hard, why can't he leave her alone, seeing him there though she wants him still "I just wanted to see you" not letting him inside standing at the door "what part of leave me alone don't you understand" seeing the hurt in his eyes she can't give in to him. Seeing Kerry looking at him her eyes showing no emotion "just what to ask you a question" standing at the door not moving "what is it" taking a deep breath he needs to know he can't let go "do you still love me" not looking at Lawson her eyes moving around "it doesn't matter" trying to get Kerry to look at him "it matters a lot … if we walk away now we will always wonder what could have been" reaching out and touching Kerry, feeling her pull away from his touch "what about everything we've been through … what about Sarah" moving closer to Kerry seeing her eyes still hard "that's not all we have" seeing Kerry starting to move inside ready to close the door "I'll go but I'll come back tomorrow and the next day. I'm not going to give up on us not till you realise we deserve another chance. I still love you". Closing the door on Lawson, she had listened to Lawson she would wonder what could have been but she made her decision, she still wants him still wants to be with him, could she actually do it leave Chris, could they leave Darwin


Running along the beach the toll of the past few months catching up with her, the need for fresh air and to think, the need to get out of the house the way Chris watches her stopping leaning forward trying to get her breath back and her breathing under control, looking out over the water the sun will set soon over the water. Walking towards the casino the need for a glass of wine, sitting out watching the sunset, no doubt her phone will ring soon. Walking out of the casino, away from the crowds with the bottle of wine leaning back on the lounge over looking the bay, seeing someone sitting down next to her, turning to look at him "what are you doing here, you've got to leave me alone" before looking forward again as the voice says "why" not even looking at Lawson staring straight ahead "oh god …. Why are you doing this …. You wanting to get back at Chris?" staring over the water before looking at Kerry he can't help but stare at her "this is nothing to do with him, you are smart, sexy you run rings around him" glancing at Lawson before looking over the water not really seeing anything her voice soft "what do you want …what do" before looking at him she had guessed that much why can't he take a hint his voice low "I can't stop thinking about you" staring at him shaking her head her mouth slightly open "your mad" seeing his eyes upon her not moving, man she was so beautiful he wanted her so badly more than before, he was so in love with her he wanted her to leave Chris to be with him "maybe this is dangerous for me, your married" looking straight ahead her mouth slightly open before biting her lips her tongue moving around her lips why couldn't he leave her alone, it was so tempting to kiss him to grab him, couldn't he realise it was taking so much to stay away from him, she had to be strong and mean to him, she couldn't give in,before looking at him again "I know what you've said, I don't want to force you into anything …" maintaining his eyes contact he isn't forcing her she wants to be with him, so much leaning closer to him, as his arms pull him towards her, wrapping her arms around him kissing him as she looks up seeing eyes looking at them both .

Looking up at the eyes looking down at them, pulling quickly away from Lawson "Um …I …shit this didn't happen" walking quickly away turning around at the door seeing Katie, Steve, Stella and Josh still there looking at her and Lawson.

Walking into the bar after work, going to the casino for a change, walking to the outside bar, opening the door, looking for a place to seat, their mouths open, a smirk on Stella's face "I see Lawson has taken my advice" seeing Katie and Steve mouth's still open as Katie says "Isn't Kerry married still?" seeing Kerry look up at them, as Steve shakes his head "You think she would of learnt last time, what they are doing is wrong". Glancing at his mate, seeing the shock in his eyes too, as Kerry hurries away his voice firm "Let it go, you have no idea what is happening between either of them" hearing the smugness in Stella's voice "I think we have a pretty good idea Josh, what they want to happen, let's hope Chris doesn't find out again, or Lawson will get more than a black eye, if he finds out he is screwing his wife still" seeing Josh glaring at her "It was a kiss Stella, that was all we saw" as they walk over to Lawson.

Watching as the team walks over to him, closing his eyes, why did they have to walk in at that moment, suppose it was better than Chris walking in, glad Josh was there, shit why Stella watching as she puts her drink down "You want another black eye Lawson, glad you took my advice though, I get it she is pretty hot, I'd do her" shaking his head at Stella as he hears Josh's voice "I'd agree with you there Stel" nodding at them both "she's pretty hot for someone her age" seeing Lawson rolling his eyes at her "she's not that old" a smile on her face "yeah, but your old anyway Lawson"


Walking up to Lawson's apartment can she really do it seeing him at work each day was hard she wanted him seeing him at the Casino the other night, confirmed what she wanted, even with half her team there seeing her kissing Lawson it got her thinking, could she do it, could she leave Chris she needed to tell Lawson the truth. Walking out of the apartment along the Esplanade "Lawson I do want to be with you, but its dangerous, I'm putting your life in danger" looking at Kerry he wasn't surprised he knew she was protecting him "I don't mind Kerry, I live with danger every day " shaking her head at him "Lawson I couldn't bear it if anything happened to you, you've already had stuff happen to you, it will again." Reaching out for her hand "what are you telling me?" looking at him "we can't be together" wanting to reach out "so this is it" nodding at him how she wished it wasn't "it has to be for now" walking away for him, looking over the harbour, she wished there was another way blinking back the tears she was a strong person but here she was trapped.

Walking inside the house, the days long, putting together the final briefing to have Tactical Response a permanent in Darwin, the team coming together. It wouldn't be long until Lawson, Josh, Christian and Stella go back to Melbourne, she would miss them, the team was great not that she would tell them. The next few days would be long again with the navy coming into town for a couple of days. Looking up at Chris walking in she had tried to make it work, she had stayed with him to protect Lawson, she couldn't stay with him much longer, once Lawson left she would be free as Lawson would be safe, he was yet to hurt her and doubted he would.

Walking into the house Chris looks at his wife, despite what he said to her, here she was still seeing Lawson, he had stopped on his way back to headquarters not believing what he saw, he wouldn't let her leave her especially not for someone else. Looking up at his wife did she think he was an idiot, looking into her eyes "I had an interesting day today, there was an incident on the Esplanade" hearing Chris, he didn't have to say anything else, she knew he had seen them, trying to keep her face neutral "I never heard anything about it, pretty quiet day for TR" looking at Kerry he is sure it was her there "so you stayed at base" looking up at Chris her eyes showing no emotion "pretty much, went out briefly" relief flooding through her as Sarah walks through the door.


Walking up to Lawson's apartment it isn't long until he answers the door "Can I come in" seeing Lawson nod, slight confusion in his eyes, her eyes look around before going back to him. Walking over to him her face inches from his "I want to be with you" hearing Kerry say that, hope flooding through him "Chris won't let me leave him, he saw us Lawson ….." walking towards Kerry he needs to be there and help him putting his hands on her waist as she looks at him. Looking into his caring eyes, shaking her head slightly "I don't know how we can be together" drawing Kerry closer towards him looking into her eyes "you need to leave him" nodding at Lawson it had been so long since she felt his touch, reaching under his shirt as she shakes her head looking down slightly "It's not that easy … if I do I don't know what Chris will do …" then looking at Lawson "I can't lose you Lawson" putting his arms around her waist "You won't, we will find a way to be together" as she looks up at him leaning down as his lips meet hers.

Feeling Lawson's finger run up her arm as she lies on her side facing him, what started out as a casual affair had ended up with her falling back in love with him again, she didn't think she would end up sleeping with him again but despite trying to stay away from him she couldn't. Facing Lawson "The only way we can be together if for one of us to leave Tactical Response… it will take time." Looking him in the eyes "I'm going to file for divorce …. Once I do I need to get away from here" looking at Kerry she is a tough person but he can tell she is scared, reaching out and pushing her hair off her face "I'll come with you…. I will protect you from him ….. you can't let him ruin your life Kerry. We can move somewhere, as long as I'm with you" staring at Lawson he makes it sound so simple "he won't make it easy" staring into her eyes he knows partly what he is like "We will make it work" looking at Lawson stroking his face it is him she wants to be with, the hard part now starts she knows he won't take it well feeling Lawson's lips upon hers as his arms wrap around her pulling her down towards him.

Looking at Kerry lying there, he had missed looking at her body, he would never tired of it, his fingers moving to her back undoing her bra watching as it falls from her body as his lips move around her body, his hands massaging her stomach and breasts, hearing Kerry moan, looking into her eyes, he had wanted to do this again for so long this time, more meaningful he single, Kerry leaving Chris, whispering "I love you"

Feeling Lawson's fingers running over her stomach, tingling feeling his lips on her neck moving down to her breast and stomach not able to control her self arching her body towards his, wanting him so badly wrapping her arms around his neck before moving down his body pushing his body towards her, as her hands move onto his bum, pushing him towards her.

Picking up her shoes and walking out of Lawson's bedroom she wants to stay with him, she knows if Chris found out she was here, or worse that she just slept with him again that he would do something to Lawson or both of them. Walking to the front door feeling Lawson's arms around her waist turning to face him her hands moving around his bare chest "I need to do this in my time Lawson"


Walking into the bedroom, in the walk in wardrobe stopping, her stuff had been moved "shit", quickly getting out her phone and calling Lawson's phone again it rings out dialling Leon "Have you heard from Lawson" hearing a negative reply trying to keep thee worry out of her voice, hanging up after speaking to Josh "where are you Lawson". Seeing Kerry walk into base a short time later Leon turns around "you're not going to like this" trying to remain calm "Leon, get on with it" facing Kerry "Lawson got a call to meet TR" interrupting Lawson "where did he go, who made the call" seeing the worry on Kerry's face "the call was a hoax" seeing Kerry close her eyes as he continues "TR2 was sent out but I am unable to contact them now