Title: No Bones About It
Author: Christy
Rating: FR 14
Fandom/Theme: Buffy/Highlander/Bones
Disclaimer: I own none of the characters featured here. They belong to their respective creators and production companies, though the concept of Alissa is something I came up with.
Distribution: and TtH
Spoilers: Takes place during the break between Season 6 and 7 of Bones; you also should *really* read the previous House-centric story to understand what's going on with all this
Chapter: 7/7
Summary: Alissa has to help an old friend when Duncan is charged by the FBI over an old death.

Booth wandered over to the garden area of Gordon's house, remembering how the former psychiatrist had coerced him into building the older man's barbecue grill the first time they'd met. Just then, Gordon came out, tea tray in hand. "Ah, Agent Booth, so good of you to drop by. Care for some tea?" he asked, his shrewd eyes quickly taking in the worry and confusion on the younger man's face.

"Yeah, yeah, that'll work," Booth responded absently.

"Is something troubling you, Agent Booth? I may no longer practice, but that doesn't mean I cannot still lend a friendly ear," he commented softly as Booth sat down by him with a sigh.

Running his hands up and down his face, Seeley simply stared at him at first. "I'm not sure if you'll believe me, Doc. And I know if I take this to Sweets, he'll want to go find out if it was true and probably get hurt."

Wyatt raised a brow at that comment. "And why would you assume that I wouldn't be like young Doctor Sweets and feel like running off to verify things, as you say?"

Booth shrugged, struggling to try and find the right words. "Well, because you're older, more experienced; hell, British stiff upper lip and all that shit. You wouldn't think me crazy for seeing a vampire getting dusted."

"Aha," Gordon said with a nod. "Now I'm beginning to understand this a little more readily. Tell me, Booth, was this the first time you'd seen a vampire staked?"

"Say what?" Booth demanded, so Gordon repeated his question. "Well, uh the group I was with at the time said it was a controlled environment exercise, uh, staking because they didn't want to worry about showing us a vamp staking on patrol on account of Bones being pregnant and all. But, I'd heard things and had a few squadmates go missing when I was stationed overseas. So how do you know about them?"

Wyatt smirked. "Do you remember how, a couple years ago, I was working with Interpol for sometime?" Off of Booth's nod, he continued. "While I was there helping with the forensic psychiatry side of things in the wake of the bombings in and around London, I was read in, I believe you Yanks call it that, about the main reason the chaos in London and, frankly, all over the world, was lessened. Representatives for the IWC, which is apparently the rebuilt Watchers Councils of old, came by to explain to our group why Interpol, the European Union, the United Nations and, to a lesser extent due to previous issues the current Council administration has with the US government, are all here to help sidestep the issue on certain supernatural related cases. Now, granted, there are small pockets of government funded projects that specialize in supernatural issues, such as Torchwood 3 in Wales, but by and large, for the most part, the IWC and their allies are the final line of defense against vampires, demons, and other assorted evils that the common man is unable to cope with. That all being said, you seem rather understanding about the whole vampire issue, so what is really bothering you tonight?"

Booth started to explain and about halfway through his narrative, Gordon excused himself, got up and went inside, coming back out with a Baccarat rocks glass half filled with amber liquid. "I feel this explanation calls for some Middleton at this point," he explained as Booth knocked half of it back in one go.

"Wow, um, good whisky" he croaked out before finding enough voice to continue. Once he was finished, he sat back, sipping on the other half of his drink while Gordon processed it all.

"My first question is, what do you plan to do with this knowledge? Regardless of how you came about in the first place, how you have decided to live your life for the past twenty years has been a collection of decisions you yourself have made. So your DNA is from someone else- all humans are a sum of what they are born with and how you are nurtured. What you learned and utilized in your life shaped the man you are today. Don't let he fact it started from a spell detract from all the good you've done in your life," the chef told him.

Booth nodded and, thanking him, wandered back to his car while Gordon reached into his pocket and pressed speeddial on his cordless. "Ah yes, Dr Brennan? He was just here but I do believe that the matter is mostly resolved now."

Temperance thanked him profusely and the Englishman marveled, as he enjoyed his own Middleton in the twilight, how much motherhood seemed to be softening her.

He hated bugs, he really did, but other than basics, he really couldn't afford right now to live in an area where people would pay attention to him and his habits. Just then, the phone in his useless excuse for a hotel room rang and he answered with a terse "What now?"

"Well, obviously, Mr Rayne, your plan to discredit Mr MacLeod as a prelude to getting the International Watchers Council under more scrutiny backfired and now they are aware you were released, since that Staff Sergeant former boyfriend of the Queen Slayer still stays in contact with them. So now we get to do things MY way, so you get to go hide in Virginia a little while longer. I'll tell you when I need you," the fellow mage growled out and Ethan, already knowing he was the superior practioner, readily agreed.

Not to worry, folks...this is a two parter with NCIS next...will post it as I write it~ Christy