Tigress And Bunny

Hello! Thank or checking out this new fic! With the help and support from Pen-Woman, I've been asked to do this small request. My newest challenge! Create what would happen if Kotetsu were a girl. Genderbend a few of the other characters as well! I have to admit, it's a pretty interesting idea. Since there happen to be a few fics on this site where Barnaby is the girl. Well, let's just flip that up, shall we? :3 Alright! Kick back, relax, and let's get this chapter rolling!

Disclaimer: Tiger and Bunny is under the rights of Viz Media. I am only fulfilling a request.

~Episode One: Times are Changing~

Sternbild City. If anyone had a say in what this city was, the words that would come to mind were: Crime, lights, celebrities-over-night, heroes, and villains. The megalopolis stretched far and wide across two large bodies of water, lights shining everywhere, seeming to be a city that never slept. For entertainment, and for most of Sternbild's crime coverage, was based on a television program called HERO TV. Under the help of sponsors around Japan, Heroes from all over, with the incredible abilities that dubbed them as NEXT (Noted Entities with eXtraordinary Talents), were stationed and ready to help those in need. HERO TV was a sort of competition for the NEXT, to see which the best of the best was. The King of Heroes. All of this was rallied by points.

On an ever-so cool night, a crime spree was taking place. Across the busy streets of Sternbild was a speeding get-away van, manned by three robbers. With large sums $tern dollars (Sternbild's currency). In hot pursuit were the Sternbild police, though their attempts at shooting the wheels down were useless as the get-away van drove faster, beyond their reach. It was only until a group Sternbild's finest Heroes arrived, aiding with incredible abilities that no one in the world had seen.

Super-sonic fight, incredible masses of strength, the powers over fire, ice, and even lightening. While one hero had yet to show their own ability, it seemed that those of NEXT were going to arrest the bank robbers, all the while ranking in amazing points.

However, just as two of the capers were caught, one had managed to slip away from the grasp of the group of justice, and now had control over a monorail full of passengers. As screams of terror were let out by those upon the Poseidon Line, the main helicopter to HERO TV was zooming around it, the whole tragedy reported to the HERO TV news van via camera.

In the high-tech van, a gorgeous woman with hazel-blonde hair and green eyes gave a fixed look.

"So, what now?" Asked the lead camera man, his hair in a curly brown afro and his eyes a deep brown. The woman groaned, pressing her hand to her forehead. "We should probably pull out and not interfere."

"And ruin my show?" Growled the woman, narrowing her eyes. "To Hell with it!

"But there are innocent people involved now." Though as he said this, the man new that his boss would have none of it.

"Hey, what's that?" Asked the lead audio girl, zooming in on something that was happening on the monorail. All three peered forward as they tried to make out the tiny figure, a hue of blue along the curves of it. The widening her eyes, the woman groaned again, shaking her head.

"Great, she's here."

On televisions everywhere, a woman's profile photo was presented, her face masked by a blue domino mask with her blue and white outfit garbed on her, two tuffs of brown hair that resembled cat ears were styled on her short brown hair.

"I don't believe my eyes! It's the Crusher of Justice. The Heroine of Might Roars. The Queen of the Jungle. It's Wild Tigress! Let's hope she's careful." Announced the narrator of HERO TV. Albeit, he didn't sound as enthusiastic as he put out.

"Cut to commercial!" Hissed the woman, before yanking away the blue tooth from her cameraman and hacking into Tigress's set.

"We need you to hold up for a thirty second commercial." With wide eyes, Tigress activated her blue tooth.

"You cannot be serious here, Agnes!"

The monorail was blazing along the suspended metal bridge, the blue-clad heroine feeling her own body twitch for an action. Shaking her head and ignoring her boss's yell, she closed her eyes and released the stored energy she had.

"A real hero only cares about one thing . . ."

Her muscles enlarging the slightest and her eyes reopening again, becoming a magnificent color of aqua-blue.

"And that's protecting those in need from those who bring harm!" With a burst of light, she strut a pose. "WILD ROAR!"

"Stubborn bitch," Nonetheless, Agnes gave back the blue tooth and muttered bluntly. "Keep the cameras rolling."

With an awkward nod, the cameraman went back to the action.

One millions of screen everywhere, a tiny stop-watch with a five minute mark appeared, the announcer taking his stand.

"Hold the phone! It looks like Wild Tigress is activating her Hundred power! This increases her physical abilities by hundred-fold!"

With a victorious smirk, Wild Tigress grabbed the metal railing trail and threw it in a series of complicated knots, causing the rickety ride to finally pull to a stop with sparks flying all over. Tigress leapt over and delivered a sucker punch to the window, shards flying everywhere as the driver ducked away from the debris.

"Come on out, ya scum-"

"Idiot! He's bellow you!"

The heroine blinked, giving an awkward grunt as she realized that the robber had taken the door and climbed under the monorail. Cursing under her breath, Tigress looked out the shatter window, gasping as she saw that the criminal was latched onto a blimp.

"The Hell!?" She shouted, sneezing as a sudden gust of wind passed her, light blue eyes linking with the coating of silver and white armor. The hero flew in high-rising summersaults and threw a mock-salute to the copter-cam. The hero noticed her, pointing at her with both his hands in a sort of 'catch you later' sort of way.

"Jerk, I got here before you. Quit flirting." She mumbled, before leaping of the monorail and landing on metal pillar. She raced after the running blimp until she took another large jump and latched onto it, her hands clinging for life. She began scaling the rubber surface before she felt a tremble go through the air. Clutching tighter, she looked up and yelled as a missile was launched her way, most likely from the caper. The weapon zipped this way and that through the air, exploding itself as soon as it made contact with the engine of the blimp.

Groaning in exasperation, the super-strong heroine swung her body forward and grabbed the criminal by the hand, hauling him out of the descending blimp.

"Bitch, let me go! Sky High should be saving me!"

"Take me or leave me, dick! I'm the only one able to save you right now!" Barked Tigress, hiking him over her shoulder and looking ahead. The blimp sputtered and wheezed with its dead engine, drawing closer and closer to one of the rivers of Sternbild. Tigress made a move to try to stop it, but a the sound of a harsh crack ripped through the air, stopping her in her tracks.

From a hundred-square radius, the whole body of water was covered in ten-foot deep thick ice. Like crystals made over a thousand years, the ice caught the sinking blimp just in time.

"Having fun, Tigress?"

Looking up, the hero in question made a face as a smirking face met her own, ice-blue eyes looking at her rather impishly as a young man with light blue dyed hair done in a boyish cut with a dark blue host club suit on him, logos of Pepsi designed on him.

"Gee, thanks, Blue Thorn." She muttered, wanting to slap that pretty-boy look off the youth's face. 'Kid thinks he's so hot.' She thought sarcastically. Blue Thorn smirked, throwing a childish wave at her before looking at the camera.

"I'm the king who makes you freeze," He threw his ice gun in the air and winked. "So prepare to bow to me!"

"He's so full of himself." Muttered the cat-themed hero, shaking her head as the male hero threw his best poses at the camera. Tigress jerked went something lodged itself into her collar bone, a small tickle bouncing along her spine. She looked at the smoking piece at her clothing, plucking off the small pellet.

" . . . Did you just shoot me?" She asked, looking at the robber with confusion. The man growled and ran pass her, sliding down a pillar of ice.

"Damn right, hero!" He yelled over his shoulder. Snarling, Tigress sprang into the air and gave a wild cry as she increased her power, ready to catch the criminal. Her muscles suddenly went weak, and they were slender once more, her body dimming and her eyes turning into an amber-brown.

"Remember, ladies and gentlemen! Wild Tigress's Hundred power only last for five minutes! Tough luck, kitty cat!"

Screaming in panic, the heroine began to plummet through the cold air, her hair flying and her eyes sealed shut as she waited for the rough impact. Her weight was suddenly caught and she felt the light bump of two bodies landing on the iced ground without harm. Nervously, she peeked through her eyes, cocking a brow at the mechanical face staring back at her.

"Who are you supposed to be?" She asked. Even if the light blue, mechanical eyes were for show, Tigress swore she could see a smart-aleck look in them.

"The guy who just saved your life." Replied the mysterious hero, his voice slightly muffled by his glowing pink armor. A bullet flew past their heads and the two looked over to the nervous robber, his hands shaking as he handled his gun.

"Oh, right," Dropping Tigress with not a single care, the hero slid against the ice with the upmost form of grace, dodging the bullets. Lifting his foot back, he swiftly kicked the layer of ice the criminal was on and he grabbed him in the air, hurling him to the port.

"And our mysterious hero has caught the criminal" The announcer shouted with glee. "Could this be the birth of a new hero? Not only has he caught the robber, but he saved a damsel in distress as well! Swept off your feet, Tigress?"

Said hero blushed and sputtered in denial, though she wouldn't argue that her head spun when she was picked up like that. She couldn't remember the last time she was picked up like that. She glanced at the newest hero arriving on the scene, not a single logo and sponsor on him. She watched as he flew into the air and began to fly away.

'Oh no you don't, buddy,' She thought, kicking her feet off the ice and skating after the man. After a good chase of skating on ice and running on ground, the two stopped at the other side of the river, not a soul in sight. The mysterious visitor stopped and turned around, his mask down and his emerald-green eyes watching Tigress carefully. Stopping, the female hero walked over.

"Hey, you're new around here, right? Who's your sponsor?" She asked, catching the slightest golden curls peeking around the young man's pale-peach face. His cheekbones were high and his nose was straight, looking very youthful. 'He looks so young. Just how old is this guy?'

"Don't have one," Said the young man, his voice richer without his helmet.

"Wait, you're saying you're free agent?" Wild Tigress gave a scowl. "Then why did you stick your nose into this?" Her irritation sparked when the blonde looked away with a haughty smile.

"Come on, does it really matter?" He began walking away. "I made the arrest, didn't I?"

"That's not the point!" Tigress began to catch up with him. "And what's with showing your face in public? Are you insane?" She continued even as he gave a bewilder look. "It's a basic rule! A hero's secret has to remain that; a secret, and-"

"Secret, huh?"

Now it was the brunette's turn to look confuse. The blonde gave a chuckle, walking past her again.

"Times are changing, old bat." Tigress's face flared up, her teeth grinding.

"You jerk! I'm not old! I'm twenty-five!"

"Congrats, want a cookie?" Asked the stranger with sarcasm. He looked back at her before giving a pointed look. "And I happen to be twenty-three. You're an old bat to me." With that, he took off from the ground and flew away, his eyes becoming light-blue like every other hero. Standing in the night air, Tigress clenched her feet.

'Why are all the male heroes such bastards?' She asked, sneezing at the cold, sea air.

"What were you thinking, Katsuko? I mean, twisting the train tracks? And smashing the windows on the monorail?"

Wild Tigress, now called Katsuko since she was with her boss, eyed the ground with her domino mask off, revealing a smoother face with tan skin. Her boss looked at her solemnly as they stood behind the arena that was announcing who would become this year's King of Heroes.


"And all of the destruction caused. Do you know how much I'm going to have to handle?" Asked her employer, brown eyes soft but his voice firm. Katsuko gave a weak smile, trying to brighten the mood.

"Come on, Ben, if I worried about that stuff, I couldn't do my job." She said, though rather weakly when he boss gave a sigh.

"That's the thing. Keep acting like that, and soon you'll be out of the job." He gestured to the logo printed on her costume, Top MaG.

"Ben, I'm sorry, I really am." She said genuinely, smile fading.

"You do remember who made you a hero, don'tcha doll?" Asked Ben, his worker scratching at one of her cat-like tuffs before standing stiffly.

"My sponsors, sir!" She said, Ben nodding with approval and a smile.

"Good girl," He patted both her shoulders. "Better get to that ceremony. You're already late."


A hero dressed in a mechanical suit with bull-like horns and drills on his shoulders looked to his side, Katsuko standing next to him with her mask on. Cameras were covering every angle and fireworks were being launched into the air, the colorful splashes painting the dark skies as millions of people within the crowds cheered for their favorite hero.

"You're late," Whispered the male hero.

"Have they announced the winner yet?" Asked Wild Tigress, ignoring the man's question.

"They're gonna. Right about now."


"You know it's not going to be you, right?"

A nudge was sent to his ribs, the brunette sticking her tongue at him childishly.

"Shut up."

The man laughed, he and the female on his side silencing when the lights dimmed.

"And the points have been tallied! Now it's time to see who will be our next champion!" Said the master of ceremonies, the large screen in front of the arena scoring up points with every heroes' name on it. "One of these faithful heroes is just one heartbeat away from obtaining the title of ultimate glory!" Spotlights were flying everywhere, streaming on the different heroes on the stage. Katsuko took a gulp, closing her eyes once before she looked up.

(Poseidon) 1. Sky High: 12730 PTs

"With unprecedented twelve-thousand, seven-hundred and thirty points, the newest King of Heroes is Sky High!" The crowds roared ferociously as Sky High stepped up and raised a hand.

"I could not have done this without everyone's help!" He called joyously. "So thanks, and thanks again!" As more fireworks were shot into the air and Katsuko gave a grimace at her score, seeing that she was second-to-last.

"And now, here with a special announcement, let's give a big hand for the president and CEO of Apollo Media, here's Albert Maverick!" A man with grey hair and a large body stood at the podium, smiling kindly with his eyes behind thing glasses.

I'd like to take a moment to introduce someone special to the viewers," A murmur of excitement swept the crowd. "Come on up."

All of the Heroes looked as someone came walking up next to Maverick, Katsuko holding back a gasp as she saw familiar blonde hair (Though more free, looking short, a little wavy and curly) and dark green eyes. It was the hero from before, only he was dressed in a fine and expensive-looking suit, and he had tinted shades over his dark eyes.

"This bright young man has just won the approval of the Justice Bureau. So you'll all being seeing a lot more of him," On the screen, the young man appeared on it with his hero suit only, his name shinning in golden letters. "Please welcome the city of Sternbild's newest hero, Barnaby Brooks Jr."

Barnaby gave a cool salute to the crowd, Katsuko imitating it with a goofy look and a spat.

"What a clown."

"Be nice," Said, the bull-themed hero, his friend only turning her nose away.

"His super power may sound similar to you," Maverick continued. "When activated, this young man's physical strength is increased a hundred-fold. It only last for five minutes, and yes, it is similar to Wild Tigress's." All eyes were on Tigress, the latter trying to ignore the burning gazes. "However, he knows the importance of youth and maturity. Hopefully, Wild Tigress will follow his example." Laughs of amusement were erupted and Katsuko held back the urge to pounce on Barnaby when she caught him smirking in her direction.

As Maverick went on explaining the basics of NEXT, Katsuko spun on her heel to make her leave.

"I'm out."


"I didn't come here to become the punch line of a joke," She paused and inclined her head in the man's direction. "See ya." At that, she left, though unnoticed as the celebration continued.

Katsuko stuffed her hands into the pockets of her off-white, open-vest, a green wool sweater under it with along with black suave jeans, a green and white skirt that reached above her knees, and black boots. Covering one of the tuffs of her kitten-head hairstyle was a black and white hat and around her neck was a black chocker with a bow. She walked over to a card stand, nodding at the seller, before picking up her own card and sighing when she spotted that her cards were barely picked.

"Ten of these, please." She asked, the cards handed to her with the exchange of money. She looked at her picture, eyes trailing around the small piles of what was left of the other cards. She felt a buzz on her backside, and she pulled out her cellphone, smiling and answering. "Hey, Antonio. What's up?"

"Nothing really. Oh yeah, are you seriously not coming to the after-party? It's pretty cool and everyone's here." Her friend said, the latter shaking her head as she began to walk.

"Nah, those parties are full of stiffs. 'Sides, there's nothing much to do at them. Iva will be either off in a corner, or making those weird poses, or worrying about everything, Natalie will be off throwing herself at every man and woman there, Keith will be trailing me like a puppy or go off shouting, "Thanks, and thanks again!", Kyle will be either complaining or trying to insult me 'till I turn purple, and Pao-Lin is just going to be off at the buffet. Come on, I didn't even have that much fun at prom, you remember."

"That's kind of the point, too. Please? Natalie has been trying to corner me all night! I'm running up the wall here, Katsuko!"

"Have you told her you're not interested?"

"Not a day goes by when I do! But she doesn't listen! Please, just be my date for tonight." Antonio was begging, but Katsuko only laughed lightly.

"That bad? Hmmmmm, I still dunno. Wait," She stopped as soon as she reached her apartment. "Wait, is that Bar . . . B-Baru . . . Barry-"Her lips puckered, her words sounding like gibberish as she tried to pronounce the newcomer's name. Man, English was not her strong point. "That guy going to be here? From the ceremony?"

"You mean Barnaby?" Antonio paused, most likely looking around the room. "Yeah, he's talking with Mr. Maverick and Agnes." Katsuko winced, shaking her head.

"All three of them are there? That's just peachy." She muttered, digging into her pocket for her key. Antonio gave a laugh from the other side of the line.

"Come on, don't be like that. Agnes doesn't look mad, and Mr. Maverick was only kidding around. And Barnaby isn't that bad of a guy. He's kind of cool."

". . ."


"I'm hanging up now."

"Aw, come o-"But the end button was already pressed, Katsuko sighing as she entered her apartment and removed her boots, slipping on her slippers and almost tripping on the empty bottles of sake she left around. Her home phone suddenly rang, and the young woman shook her head and walked over.

"Coming!" She called, walking into her living room, taking a seat on the couch, and answering the holograph phone.

"Hello? Katsuko speaking."


"Princess!" The brown-eyed woman sat up, an enormous grin taking over her face. "Hi, sweetie! How are you doing, Kaede?" She was happy, glad to hear from her daughter. Due to her job and the small distance, Katsuko didn't have much time to visit or see her daughter.

"Everything's fine," Said Kaede. "My skating recital is next week. You didn't forget, did you?"

"What, forget my baby's recital? Never!" Katsuko gave a smile. "I'd promise I'll be there, so I'm gonna be there!" She promised again.

"Really? Seriously, mom? You don't have work, then?" Her mother scratched the back of her head, thinking over it for a second. While she wasn't sure whenever danger would be in Sternbild, she was determined to be there for Kaede.

"I promise! Maybe I'll have to move around a few meetings, but I will definitely be there! I'll be the proudest mommy in the world, with the hugest bouquet of maple flowers!" She promised.

"That's what you promised the last time, dear. I thought you promised roses the last time, though?"

"Ha-ha, very funny, mom," Said Katsuko, nonetheless smiling. "Though seriously, warn a girl when you want to talk on the phone!"

"I saw you on television dear," Said her mother. "Made sure the damages were paid?"

"Again, funny."

"I mean it though, dear. Be careful with what you do, that bullet could have killed you, had it not for what you could do," Her mother sighed tiredly. "It would break my heart if I told Kaede about your powers at your funeral. She would feel so hurt that her mother kept her from this." Katsuko walked over to the staircase of her apartment, leaning back on the railing.

"I know, I know. Try not to worry." She said, apologetic. She looked around the room and spotted her long line of pictures displayed on a counter. Like a timeline, it caught many evens; the day Katsuko was born. Her first day at school. Her and Antonio as teenagers at an amusement park. She, Antonio, and a man with raven-black hair and grey-brown eyes at a party, both men's arms around her shoulders. The man with his arms around Katsuko while the two stood in front of a Ferris wheel. The two of them, only as bride and groom, Katsuko held bridal-style. The man and Katsuko in a hospital room, a baby Kaede in Katsuko's arms. Several pictures of Kaede growing up. And the last one of mother and daughter eating ice cream, smiling happily.

Amber-colored eyes turning soft, Katsuko talked with her mother for the rest of the evening.

"Wh . . . What the . . ."

The notice in front of her work place surprised Katsuko, flabbergasting her, and causing her to drop her bag of lunch the next morning. In front of the giant doors of Top MaG, a notice read that her sponsor's workplace was bought out by Apoollo Media.

"I'm sorry, Katsuko."

Said woman spun around, eyes widening at a tired-looking Ben.

"Ben, what is this?" She asked, pointing to the notice.

"It was the only option," Sighed Ben, wiping his sweating forehead with the handkerchief. "We're were lucky to find a buyer who could handle our debts." From his pocket, Ben pulled out a business card and handed it to his charge. "Here." Katsuko took it, raising a brow at the name.

"Who's this, 'Lloyds?'" She asked, looking at the card.

"Your new boss."

Gasping, Katsuko grabbed Ben by the shoulders.

"Hold on a second! Ben, you're my boss! Just what the Hell is all of this?" She asked, Ben prying her strong yet soft hands off him.

"Listen, at the start of the new season, only seven of the major corporations are going to be sponsoring Heroes. Ours was dropped from the list." He said. Katsuko gave him a look.

"Does everyone else know this? Ben, seriously, what the Hell? What the actual Hell?" She gave a broken look. "Are you seriously gonna drop, just like that?"

"Business is business," Sighed Ben, giving a weak smile. "Sorry, ol' girl." Katsuko could only stare back at him, hat tilted off more awkwardly than usual.

"So, what'll happen to you?" She finally asked as the two of them began to walk out of the bought-out building. Ben sighed again, looking as if almost all life was sucked out of him. However, for some reason, he still looked happy.

"I'm taking a break. I'll grab my employment papers, and then look for work in a few months." He replied. Katsuko jumped in front of him, looking worried.

"Wait, you mean I'm on my own on this!?" She cried, only to be patted on the head.

"You'll be fine. No matter what line of work they put you in, I'll always be Wild Tigress's number one fan," Laughed her ex-boss. He then gave a careful look, a little bit of sorrow in it. "Times are changing, Katsuko."

'Great, now you're saying it.'

The next day, Katsuko took the next train over to the main HQ of Apollo Media. Tiger-lion statues led a path to the gain complex, a few people coming and going in it with some walking near it. Dressed in her usual clothing, Katsuko walked up a path of trees and statues, when she noticed someone walking out of the building.

'Oh, him again,' She thought with a sigh as she saw it was Barnaby. The two found each other catching the other's eyes. 'Take a picture, blondie, it'll last longer.' She thought as they walked past each other. She could still feel his cold eyes on her from the back of her head.

'Burn in Hell.'

Barnaby felt some odd feeling go in him, but he shrugged it off. He stopped, and looked back as he watched Katsuko walk up the concrete path. He recognized her as Wild Tigress, since the resemblance was uncanny. His eyebrow raised as she stopped suddenly. From where he stood, he could see that she was eyeing something with great intent.

'What is she doing?'

"I got it!"

Katsuko swung her whole body on a lamp post as she flew in the air and caught a blue balloon caught in a tree, landing on her feet and a few of her cards falling out of her back pocket. Smiling kindly, she held out the balloon to the astonished child that lost the balloon.

"Here ya go. Keep a firmer grip next time, 'kay?" She asked.

"Thanks, ma'am!" Chirped the kid, looking behind the woman. "Oh, you dropped your . . . Cards . . ." Katsuko gasped and made a wild scramble for her cards, embarrassed. "It's OK, ma'am! I get it!" Katsuko looked back at him, before laughing and tucking the cards back in her back pocket.

"Seriously? Aw man, you caught me-"

"You like Wild Tigress 'cause she has kitty ears like you, right?"

"Um . . ." Katsuko scratched at the ear-like styles in her hair. "Sure?"

The little boy giggled and he pulled out a deck of cards from his pocket, handing the woman a copy of the many cards she already carried.

"You can have my copy, then!"

"I-I couldn't!" Katsuko waved her hands in front of her. "It must mean a lot to you, and-"

"Nah, I'm more of a Sky High, fan! Wild Tigress is alright, but she's really clumsy, too!" Giggled the boy, handing the card to the surprised super hero before walking away with glee. Sighing to herself, Katsuko stood up and looked at her card, shaking her head.

"I guess that's how it is." She muttered, before tucking the card in her pocket and making her way back to her walk to Apollo. From the distance, Barnaby shook his own head before walking away.

Katsuko looked around the giant office, feeling awkward since it looked more advance than what she saw at Top MaG. Noticing that the man at the desk with the fine suit, grey hair and eyes, was still looking something over a clipboard, she quickly removed her hat and tried to fix up her kitten-eared hairstyle before the man looked up.

"So, you're Wild Tigress," He stated, looking Katsuko up and down. "Well, I see your name here, but it's rather hard to pronounce . . ."

"It's Katsuko!" Said the heroine quickly, shoulders flinching when her boss looked at her skeptically. Her hair-made ears almost lowered on their own. "Katsuko Kaburagi." She added in a softer tone.

"Hmmm," Her new boss, Alexander Lloyds, hummed, before standing up. "Very well. You will be briefed on your new costume in the design room."

"Oh," Katsuko gripped the edges of her hat. "I actually wasn't planning on starting today, per sue-"

"Or would you rather not join at all, Miss. Kaburagi?" Her boss's eyes turning cold and frosty.

" . . . You know what? Today works out just great! First-hand experiences and all, right?" She laughed lamely, not wanting to screw this up. A red light suddenly flashed in the room, along with a loud siren. On the big screen of the room was the Industrial district of Sternbild, a giant metal statue wreaking havoc.

"The giant hammer statue?" asked Katsuko, tilting her head and narrowing her eyes. Lloyds looked just as confused.

"Why is it moving?"

"I bet it's a NEXT." Stated Katsuko, knowing that no other person could handle over any robotic engineering over stone.

"You better get going, then."

"Oh? But, I don't have my suit with me-"

"No worry," Lloyds smirked, "We have your new one ready. And it's the perfect opportunity to debut your new look." Katsuko only looked more uncomfortable.

"I don't think I can do that," She added quickly, "Sir."

"And why is that?"

"Well, it's just that I wore my old suit for my entire career, and-"

"I've told you not to worry. The tech on that suit is better than the one you use." Stated Lloyds. Katsuko shook her head.

"That's not the issue, though," Argued Katsuko, formalities cast aside. "I've used that suit for my whole life! It's made me who I am as a hero! A symbol of hope, and justice! It's what makes me, me!"

Alexander gave a coy smirk, shaking his head at his new charge.

"Just wear the thing, or you're fired."

'Gee, who could argue with that?'

The new suit felt heavy, though it was more advanced than her old one. Like a mechanical body suit, it covered every inch of her body in green and white armor, her newest sponsors shown to be SoftBank and S.H. Figuarts. The helmet on her head was more like a visor with a light green scouter, not covering her chin or head, and still evidently revealing her 'cat ears.' Along one of Sternbild's highways was she riding a green and white motorcycle, passing cop cars that were heading to the seen as well.

"Actually, this is pretty cool!" She said to herself as she stopped at the site, looking over the sea for a second before looking at her mechanical gloves. Something made the bridge sway, and she looked up to see the giant, stoned statue stare down at her.

"There you are, little bastard," She commented, ready to fight. She paused when she remembered what Lloyds told her before she left.

"By the way, we decided to give you a partner."

"Say what now?"

"Apollo Media is going to debut it as the first ever heroic duo. That's why another hero will be with you for now on."

"Nobody asked me about that . . ."

"Because you don't have a say in the matter."

" . . ."

"Where is that new partner anyway?" Asked the newly-suited Wild Tigress as she hopped off her motorbike and ran a little closer to the scene. "Just who did they partner me with-"


Yelling herself, Tigress leaped out of the way of the giant object that came hurdling at her, Rock Bison landing on the ground with a groan.

"Damn, hurt like Hell . . ." He groaned. Wild Tigress blinked behind her scouter.

"Wait, they're pairing me up with you, Rock Bison?" She asked, looking him over.

"Hm?" Rock Bison looked up, bewilder and giving Katsuko a double take. "Tigress? . . . Damn, what happened to you? You look different!"

"Answer the question, dude! Did Apollo Media pair us up as a duo?"

"Gonna keep lying there, old bat? Or are we gonna get to work?"

Snapping her head at the familiar snarky voice, Katsuko groaned when she met the mask of unforgettable mask.

"Oh, no . . ."

'Times are changing WAY too much for me, danmit!'

Katsuko: Hi all, it's Katsuko Kaburagi! The 'cat-eared' hero of Tigress and Bunny! Holy crap, a statue's gone wild! And a NEXT could be pulling the strings! Next time, on Tigress and Bunny; Happy- Uh . . . Be, be-guhhh . . . En- dahhhh . . . Screw it, I can't say this stuff! Just make sure to catch the next episode, ya hear?

Tigress and Bunny: Episode Two: Happy Endings and Sad Beginnings!

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