Title: All's Well That Ends Well
Author: Christy
Rating: FR15
Disclaimer: I do not own any of these series...I'm just borrowing the situation for a bit
Genre: Gen/AU
Fandoms: Angel/Labyrinth
Word Count: 397
Timeline: Set after the movie
Written For: twistedshorts Fic #11
Summary: Faith deals with life in the Labyrinth

In the end, things stayed about the same in the kingdom beyond the Labyrinth. Imaginative children continued to find copies of the play and continued to wish their annoying siblings off to the Goblin King, though more and more copies of the story started to circulate with a male protagonist and a Goblin Queen. Purists continued to insist that there was only a Goblin King, but magic, as it relates to stories of this nature, has a way of writing things as they change. And with the Goblin Queen currently trying to keep track of both her own three year old as well as the five year old that had been wished into her care, magic would have been helpful. As it was, she had most of the goblins keeping the little girl entertained while she went to look for her wandering son. She found him in the throne room on his father's knee, babbling away about what all he'd been doing that day. Jareth looked up with a grin when he saw Faith walk in and sigh at the sight of their offspring covered in fairy dust. He looked down at his son who was currently smiling at his mother as if he hadn't done a single thing.

"Now Wesley, you know better than to disappear on Momma," he cautioned his son as he got to his feet and walked toward his wife. Handing her Wesley, he gave her a kiss as he looked into one of his crystals at the progress of the child currently in their Labyrinth. Looking back at his smiling son, he said, "Now, if you behave, I'll let you play with the goblins in the Escher Room after Jenna is done with the maze, but you have to obey Momma."

Wesley nodded soberly as Faith looked around the room. "Do you ever get tired of granting these wishes? I know I'm new at taking people through, but you've been at it centuries longer than I have. Don't you ever want it to stop?" she asked.

Jareth gave her another kiss. "Why?" he countered. "If I'd stopped listening to the people wishing themselves into my kingdom, I would have never met you, and then where would we be? I'd say we're both better off for me still finding enjoyment in when and how people will still enjoy and believe in fairy tales."