My head is pounding...the only I can see is pitch blackness. There was slight ringing in my ears, I guess I still haven't fully recovered from the explosion. With this sack over my face I can't even tell where I am or if there's other people with me. And who knows how much time has passed. I can feel just a single light bulb above me though...and something else. Like a generator? Well, I'm not inside a building. I knnow that much. If I was I would be able to feel the electrical current throughout the entire structure. But here, there's only a light and a generator.

"Uh...Hello?" I call out. Honestly a part of me wants to provoke whoever blew up the front door to Shion's apartment but I was blinded, partly deaf and bound to a chair. Not really much I can do really. But my voice grabbed the attention of someone, I could hear footsteps walking toward me, then away for a moment, and then nothing. "Hmm...ok me. How can we get out of this mess?" Whatever they have around my body was tied tight. So tight in fact, I could barely move. If it was rope I could easily just burn through it but that was when I realized another powers weren't working. I try just to light just a little spark but nothing happens.

The ground under me shook, I could feel many footsteps heading my way this time. Seeing as I can't escape I may as well stay and face my kidnappers. I sit still and quietly as they were all close by now. I can feel someone circling around me, they all started speaking. It was difficult to make out but they were speaking in Japanese, so even if I could hear them, I wouldn't be able to understand them. After what felt like a minute, the blindfold was pulled away. My vision was blurry. I guess the bomb hit me harder than I thought...around me were guys in hazmat suits, carrying rifles in their hands. In front of me though stood a man in a suit. He looked down at me with a frown. "...You look like my 4th Grade teacher." He really did too! Bald head, glasses, mean looking expression. "Anyway, can you untie me? I need to kick your ass for blowing up my friend's apartment like that."

It was then I got a good look at what kept me bound. It looked like a metal harness. Well, even if my powers worked they wouldn't be able melt through something this hefty. Looking around as well, we were in a tent. Behind the guy in the suit I could see the entrance flapping slightly in the wind. I couldn't make out what was outside though. If I had to guess we were probably just outside of the village.

" are the boy that can conjure lightning." He finally spoke, "I've heard about your exploits from one of our agents. How powerful you are. You're unnatural abilities...but I am a bit disappointed. I thought you would put up more of a fight, but instead you were rendered unconcious by a tactical breach."

" caught me off guard. Also, I was feeling a bit unwell. A bit unfair if you ask me." I kept my cool even though there wasn't jack I could do to break free or fight back right now. "Anyway, what do you want exactly? If you want a fight just get me out of the hell this is and I'll show you what I can do!"

"I don't think so. You see...we've been studying your kind for a long time. I may not be impressed but I'm not foolish. We may be equipped to deal with you but we are not foolish. If we take those inhibitors off of you, it will be difficult to put them back on you. Well...without injuring or killing you that is." It looks like I'm not going to be let go anytime soon. He had no intention of just letting me go and...I honestly can't think of a way out of this situation.

"Did you do all this just to impress me or something? If so I'd give out of 10. You did capture me I'll give you that but..."

"Your bravado means nothing to me." He interrupted me, he clearly wasn't happy with my attitude. Probably expecting me to cry and shake in fear. "You asked what we have planned for you. I think it's only fair that we tell you that much..."

"Ah, finally some answers. Please go ahead."

"We have reason to believe another of your kind will appear in Japan very soon. Seeking only to destroy. Of course...we had no reason to believe it until we saw reports of you. The electric boy, every report seeming more outrageous than the last and yet it was happening right here. In front of the resident's eyes. Now we have to take action, we can't risk someone like you destroying our country. So, you will be dissected and studied. We need to figure out how you came to have such power and awaken more powers in others to combat this unknown enemy."

"'re talking about The Beast aren't you? If it's The Beast you're after then we don't need to be fighting eachother. We should team up! We could help eachother, you can still study me...of course I would like to remain intact and you can help me by helping me get stronger."

He didn't say anything, but I could tell he didn't like my suggestion. "And what if you were to become a threat to us? How can I trust that you won't become a bigger threat after we've dealt with this Beast?"

"I've been risking my neck for complete strangers ever since I got here! I've been preparing for when The Beast gets here too, why would I suddenly turn against the people I've done so much to protect?"

"I wish I could believe your words. But if The Beast is as dangerous as we are led to believe...then we can't risk it. No...we need our soilders, our government to deal with this enemy. Not some western boy who wants to play superhero!" It's clear that my words won't reach him. But we have the same goal in mind, it would be better if we could find some way to work together. Instead, he'd rather just cut me up and give my electricity gled to everyone that wants it. I'll have to try to sort this out peacefully another time though, right now I should focus on getting out of here.

"But enough chatter. We need to begin the experiments sooner rather than later. You may not survive what we will do to you. But your death will not be in vain. Through you we can find a way to defeat this monster and in turn, make our armies stronger. Gentlemen...if you would."

Before I could respond, the sack was put over my face and I could feel myself being dragged away. It's been a long time since I've felt this helpless, I've almost forgotten what fear felt like. I was going to be cut open, experimented on if I don't find someway out of this godforsaken place. Shion could also held prisoner somewhere too. I have to get out of here and's not just my life on the line right now...

Been a while hasn't it? Sorry if this is a bit late but you know how life is. I don't have as much time as I did when I first started writing this story back in High School. Now, so much of my time is dedicated to work and whatnot. But having a hobby is good too right? Anyway, I'll try not to take as long for the next chapter (no promises...). I do hope all of you enjoy this latest entry, I'm honestly not sure how well this will be recieved but I guess I'll find out.