Title: Not My Body
Author: Christy
Rating: FR 15
Fandom/Theme: Buffy/Dresden Files
Disclaimer: I own none of the characters featured here. They belong to their respective creators and production companies.
Part: 1/?
Distribution: and TtH
Spoilers: None for Buffy; Right after "Small Favors" for Dresden
Challenge: Response to Challenge 4148: A Harry Dresden Halloween
Summary: YAHF- Harry suddenly finds himself in Sunnydale
Author's Note: For all the stories I've written, this is my first Halloween fic and I have a feeling it might end up being a bit of a doozy by the time I'm done with it...we shall see.

The first thing I noticed when I woke up was that I was on a street decorated for Halloween while little demons ran around screaming and screeching. That was my first clue something wasn't right, since when I'd been shot, it had been April. What had happened in the past few months that I didn't remember? Then one of the little imps tried to attack me; I quickly had my staff up and yelling "Forzare". Light like I hadn't seen in a while erupted from my staff, tossing the imp down the street. He got back up, took one more look at me and my staff and wisely ran the other way. And then, per the usual run of luck I get, my night reallywent to hell.

"Xander!" a woman called out. I turned around to see a young, transparent redhead in a revealing outfit while a shellshocked brunette in an old timey dress wandered up behind her while sneaking panicked glances at her surroundings. I Looked at them both a little closer and could see the remnants of a spell surrounding both of them. Then I happened to glance down when the brunette grabbed my arm, babbling away in French. And since I hadn't turned my Sight off yet, I noticed the same fraying around my own aura. Hells Bells, what the fuck is going on now?

Shutting down my Sight and looking back at the ghostly woman while wracking my brain for what little rudimentary French Justin had drilled into me, I felt a familiar weight in my pocket. Grinning, I pulled it out as I motioned the Frenchwoman to follow me. "Bob, a little help here would be great right about now," I informed the skull.

The familiar orange lights soon brightened the eyesockets, though a bit brighter than I remembered. "Harry! You're back! Well, kinda. What the hell did you get us into this time?" he demanded, just as the brunette screamed "Sorcere!" and tried to run.

"Xan-Harry, grab her! She'll get hurt and she's our friend," the little redhead yelled out, so I acted on instinct, pointing my staff in her direction and yelling out "Incarcere!" She stopped in her tracks as I turned back to Bob.

"I need your help figuring out what happened. Last thing I remember is waiting for Murph and getting shot," I explained to him.

"Well, um, I"m not sure what's going on either, but I think Giles might be able to help us- he's the school librarian and well, Buffy's Watcher," the redhead said, then off my look, elaborated a little bit more. "See, Buffy, the brunette who's actually a blonde, is the Slayer, I'm usually a less ghostly Willow and you were my Xander-shaped friend. Well, you're still Xander shaped, but I don't think it's Xander in the driver's seat, cuz he doesn't know all those cool spells," Willow explained to me, in one breath, which I found more of a superpower than my bits of magic.

After releasing Buffy, we headed towards the library, Bob attempting to pick Willow's brain on what, exactly, a Slayer was. After explaining to the older man about all three of us apparently getting our costumes from the same shop, Mr. Giles definitely seemed rather upset. "So, we have the Slayer incapacitated, Willow is a ghost of some sort and you, sir, are?"

"Harry Dresden, Wizard, formerly of Chicago, I believe," I told him, having stowed Bob again after his constant stream of questions had petered off. I could see Rupert was reluctant to believe that this apparent 17 year old body in front of him was a wizard, but after assurances from Willow seemed to convince him to give me a try, at least.

"So what was the name of this costume shop everyone seems to have gotten their outfits from?" he asked, his eyes darkening in anger as he grabbed a couple things out of the weapons case and indicated I should follow, muttering under his breath about Chaos Mages and finally giving Ethan what for.