Abandoned Child

Disclaimer: I do not own Twilight nor will I ever even though me and the author, have nearly the same name, nor do I own any of the characters only the idea of this Fan fiction story.

Caius x Bella story starts out as Bella young.

In the beautiful but mysterious city of Volterra, there living on the streets was a small, pale five year old girl, her name was Isabella Swan, and her parents Charlie and Renee Swan had been savagely murdered in front of her.

A rogue vampire had come across the family as they were taking an evening stroll before bed, Isabella had fallen over earlier that day while playing in the garden of their traditional house, and her mother had kissed her knee telling her that she would be alright while her father soothingly whispered words of comfort.

Isabella Swan was alone, she had been living on the streets for a few days now, she couldn't remember where she lived as they had, just moved to Italy not that long ago. Bella ran away from the scene of her caring father and mother covered in the last few drops of their blood that they had left.

She shivered chillingly her mattered clothes were torn slightly and caked in dried blood, mud and dirt. Isabella was huddled into the old alley way trying desperately to stay away from the cold, winding weather.

Isabella's P.O.V I miss my Momma and Papa, they had left me all alone now, I want to go home but I don't know how to get there. My Momma and Papa had been hurt badly but the nasty man bit them and toured them up before my eyes.

I had ran as far away as my little legs could run, before finding an alley to hide in, it smelt bad but it was shelter.

The weather started to change, getting worse, shivering from the cold I pulled my dirty clothes closer to my body to keep a little bit of warmth.

I couldn't sleep my eyes to scared to close in case that scary mean man came back to hurt me, I sat backed up against the grimly wall it felt like a long time until I heard a shuffling noise near the alley, I looked slowly toward the sound, gasping I pulled back against the wall trying to hide by moving into the shadows.

It didn't seem to work he had already heard me, turning around he spotted me, his red eyes glaring at me "Ah there you are I knew that I would find you again, you can't escape now little girl".

"Please don't hurt me" I whimpered.

"Oh no I'm going to enjoy this" he lunged.