Saving and Meeting

Caius's P.O.V

Aro had been acting weirder than usual in the last few days and I was curious to see what he was planning, Marcus had been giving him his hand more of late, both of them keep exchanging excited glances and I swear I saw a toddler's toy on the floor somewhere!

A few rogue vampires were wandering round the city some had been taken care of but there was one that always slipped away when we found him, today I will be going out with Demetri to end him.

I got up from my throne bidding my brothers good bye while signalling to Demetri to follow.

Aro's P.O.V

"Well, well brother it won't be long now before we have a new member of the family, we have to get set up soon for their arrival" he pronounced to Marcus.

"Yes the bonds are growing stronger even though they are not in each other's presence, it is simply amazing" Marcus amused

"Jane, Alec and Felix please go and make the room ready for our little member" Aro clapped his hands excitably; the three of them were gone in a flash.

Caius's P.O.V

"Let's get going Demetri, I want to be back before dawn, track him down and kill him I want no excuse, no mercy is given" I ordered.

"Yes Master Caius" my most loyal guard bowed acknowledging.

We sped off down the winding corridors old while cracking in time, though still as grand as their first day and out into Volterra.