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"Mum, I'm fine" sighed Misaki in a tired voice. "Don't skip work for my sake"

"But Suzuna won't be here and you have an extremely high fever" Argued Minako in a worried voice "I can't just leave you alone like this".

"I'm 16 years old, I can take care of myself, please go to work, I'll be fine"

Her mother reluctantly agreed and left her room. Misaki heard the front door close after about five minutes and she sighed.

"I really feel like crap" Misaki said to herself with a tired sigh before she suddenly heard her stomach growl at her.

She didn't want to get out of bed but she reluctantly pushed herself to get up and went to the kitchen and started the kettle to make some soup.

She went to the cupboard to get a soup packet when suddenly her head pounded and she found herself losing consciousness. She fought hard to stay awake but she collapsed on the floor and fell to sleep.

Just as the kettle steamed loudly there was a gentle knock on the door.

When the person hadn't been answered another knock came from the door but louder. Suddenly someone was pounding on the door shouting in a worried voice. It was a guy's voice.

The door was forced open by a blonde and handsome man.

Misaki flickered her eyes open a little to see a silhouetted figure shouting her name.

"Ayuzawa! Oi Prez!" the boy shouted

The voice was familiar to Misaki


"Prez, Usui said in a worried voice, are you okay?"

"Usui, what... are you doing her, shouldn't you be at school?" she asked angrily but softly.

Usui chuckled at what Misaki had said

"Why are you laughing so suddenly baka Usui?"

Usui chuckled and said "its Sunday idiot" in an admiringly gentle voice

Before she could make a comeback, she felt him sliding his arms under her and bringing her up into a bridal hold.

"Oi, Usui, wait..wha..what are you d-doing all of a sudden?" She tried to struggle out of his iron hold but it was no use. "Perverted.. ali…."

Misaki lost consciousness again and as Usui tried to wake her up again she flickered her eyes open but looked different than from before.

"Don't scare me like that Prez…" He whispered in her ear while hugging her while at the same time carrying her upstairs"

Misaki couldn't remember a thing and thought she had just drifted in a dream so she took it as an… opportunity.

As Usui tried to place her down on her bed he said "Time for Prez to lie down"

"No way! I want more hugs!" she said in a spoilt pout.

Wide eyed, Usui had Misaki clinging to him like she was holding on for dear life and started rubbing her face on his.

"Prez..p-please let go of me". It seemed Usui was finding it hard to control himself. As much as he might regret it, she was sick with a fever and couldn't take advantage.

"No! If I do you might leave" she said with the cutest pout Usui had ever seen in his life.

"I want to be with you at least until this dream ends, I get to be spoiled and have you to myself in this dream."

Usui, calming down his eyes started to move very carefully and closely to her ear and whispered "If you lie down I'll come with you". What could it hurt to have a little bit of a tease.

He carefully placed her down and sat on the bed. She pulled him under the blankets and said while shivering "I'm so cold!"

Usui got up but was pulled back by a gentle yet forceful hand on his shirt.

"Where are you going" Misaki said sadly.

"To get some extra blankets for my Girlfriend" He said happily with a smirk but was quickly pulled on the bed by her with wide eyes.

"Don't leave me baka Usui" She said quietly in a shy voice while red faced, although it probably wasn't blushing.

He touched her forehead with the back of his hand and found she was burning up so he got back in the bed, put his arms around her waist and pulled her back towards his chest so that they were very close together, making sure he was keeping warm.

"You idiot" he said as he kissed her hair and hugged her tighter, bringing her closer.

He turned her and moved in to kiss her but she gently put her hand on his lips and pulled the blanket up to her mouth.

"I don't want to make you sick" she said in a shy and quiet voice.

He chuckled and whisper in her ear

"Ayuzawa is too cute to leave unkissed right know" and kissed her just under her ear. He gave her small kisses which led to her mouth finally and he pecked her on the lips lightly.

"Are you happy with that Prez?" he said in a mocking voice with a smirk on his face.

He thought she'd react and hit him or kick him and explode at him but she covered her mouth with the blanket again and shook her head. She suddenly uncovered her mouth and kissed him deeper. He was surprised and tried to resist but he couldn't hold it any longer and kissed eagerly back but still slightly holding himself back to not go too out of control. They kissed deeply until Usui was getting to a limit of resisting and had to regrettably gather the rest of him that kept control and pull away. She pulled away as well breathing a little heavily from the lack of oxygen and then looked into Usui's eyes. She started to blush and hit under the sheets.

"What are you doing Prez, too embarrassed to face me now?" he said in a mocking voice.

She cutely peeked out of the sheets.

"I'm hungry" she said in a really shy voice.

Usui laughed as she went under the sheets again. He stood up and he was about to walk to the kitchen but he heard Misaki quietly say something under the sheets just loud enough so he could hear.

"Thanks Usui"

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