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Previously: Jack beamed, wrapping his arms around Harry's waist.

"I'm planning on it."

Pitch moved through the shadows, the darkness clinging to him, urging him to join them. He could feel the new power surging through his veins, it was incredible. Pitch sneered as he felt the new addition stir. Honestly, what were the idiotic guardians thinking? Giving him Frost? Not that he was complaining, soon he would have winters powers too. Then, nothing could stop him.

Well, nearly anything. Pitch glanced up and the moon, he wasn't worried, when was the last time the man in the moon actually interfered? He didn't. He made Spirits to do everything for him.

But this time, there wasn't a spirit to stop him. Even the mighty Sand Man had fallen to the force of his attacks, and that was just with Halloween's power combined with his own.

Pitch swooped into a child's house, scowling. Now that the guardians had successfully saved Easter, most of the children had their faith restored. He had to work double time to break that faith again, and he had to do it fast. Because of the tremendous set back, he had stopped keeping an eye on Harry. And God knows what Jack was doing. He waved his hand over the sleeping child, the dolphin swimming around her head turning into a shark. Slipping out of the house, he continued to the next one. This work was absolutely tedious, the worse thing was that he couldn't even make his Nightmare's do the job for him, they didn't have brains. They were more of a brute force to use against the Guardians.

Waving his hand over the next child, the tiger cub that pranced around changed into a ferocious full grown tiger. He felt another stir from Jack, but shook it off. Jack couldn't do anything, and it was highly unlikely that he would find Harry.

Pitch took off again, heading for the next house.

How long had he been at this? Almost two days? Taking over the world was hard.

Pitch felt a more powerful twitch from Jack. He worried his lip, hesitant to choose whether to enter the next house or check on the two. The only way they could escape was if they felt no fear. Well, as long as they can't find each other, they will fear for the other.

It will be fine, he reassured himself as he glided into the house. Hallows will be too caught up with the doors, constantly finding something else to fear. And he was sure that the heavy and strange effect the place had on Spirits would keep both on them in check.

Never the less, it was time to speed things up. He barley gave much thought for the next kid, changing the golden puppy floating above her into a three headed Cerberus. He remembered Hades showing him the guard dog three hundred years ago. Quite a frightening creature, so of course he loved the fear it could strike into the dead. He had almost gotten drunk off of it.

Ducking out of the house, he flew to the next one. This little girl was dreaming about dragons, she seemed to riding on its neck, whooping in joy. With a flick of his hand, she fell off, hurtling to the ground.

Stepping back into the shadows, he re-appeared in the street. That was the last house in this country. All in all it hadn't taken that long, two days for an entire country was pretty impressive.

Pitch stepped into the shadows, foot disappearing into the inky blackness. He froze suddenly, eyes growing distant. He could feel something. It was…building in strength. His eyes widened and with a scream of pain, Pitch collapsed to the ground, clutching his head. His head throbbed, sending waves of pain through his body. He convulsed on the ground, his heart beat synchronized with the pain. Digging his palms into his eyes, he gave another wretched yell. He couldn't think straight, all he could do was crawl into a foetal position.

The pain stopped as fast as it had come. Pitch drew in a shaky breath, realising he had been holding it. His limbs twitched from the memory of the pain as he pushed himself onto his hands and knees. Sweat dripped off his brow, he reached up a hand to brush it away. What in the hell was that?!

Pitch struggled to his feet, muscles weak. He swayed slightly, trying to get his bearings. If he could only draw from his power he could-

All thoughts rushed from his mind as panic settled in. The power he had gained was gone. He fumbled around, trying to find any trace of Jack or Harry.



Pitch started to pace. Oh this was bad. This was very bad.

Jack and Harry were gone.


Harry groaned, blinking open his eyes. The ground he was on was soft and springy and there was a weight on top of him. Whatever was on him started to shift, before rolling off him.

"Harry?" Came a croaking voice from next to him.

Harry looked up, eyes bleary. He could make out a mess of white hair.

"Yes?" He replied, trying to sit up.

His vision slowly started to clear. They were in a forest, sprawled in a grassy clearing. The moon was perched in the sky, showering the two in light. Harry looked over to Jack, who was rubbing his temple.

"A-Are we out?" Harry asked hesitantly. If they were, he couldn't guess why. It looked real enough, but so did that house. Harry shuddered; he didn't think he could take it if this was another one of Pitch's tricks.

Jack's head snapped up, taking a deep breath.

"I think so." Jack said, a grin breaking across his face. Harry's breath was knocked out of him as Jack tackled him. He landed on his back Jack hovering above him grinning.

"My magic seemed to be working." He said, cackling as a whirlwind of snow surrounded them. Harry rolled his eyes, a smile breaking out across his face.

"That means we're back."

"It does." Jack pressed his lips to Harry's, he could feel the smile on his lips.


Harry sighed happily into Jacks lips, reaching up a hand to bury it into Jack's hair. Jack let out a sound from the back of his throat, his mouth opening slightly. Harry darted his tongue out, touching the winter Spirit's lips for permission. Jack's mouth opened further and Harry delicately dipped his tongue in, exploring his mouth.

Jack groaned, flushing himself up against Harry. Hands gripped Harry's hips. He pulling his mouth away, instead pressing light kisses on Harry's jaw.

"I have no idea what I'm doing." Jack mumbled into Harry's neck.

"Me either." Harry said, running his free hand up Jacks back.

Jack went back to kissing down Harry's neck, drawing gasps from Harry as lips tickled over his erogenous zones.

Hands snuck under Harry's shirt, lightly skimming over the skin. Lips returned to Harry's as he moaned quietly, arching up into the hands exploring his chest. Harry's breath hitched as Jacks fingers skimmed over his nipples.

"Did you like that?" Jack smirked, running his hands back over the pink nubs.

"I might have." Harry squeaked.

Jack kissed him again, this time letting his tongue slip into Harry's mouth.

Well he picks things up quickly. Harry thought dazedly. Jacks hands wouldn't leave his chest, brushing his thumbs against his nipples.

Harry hips snapped up, thrusting into Jack's. The both froze, shocked.

"Uh- sorry." Harry apologised, a blush spreading across his face. Jack was also blushing, his usual pale cheeks flaming red.

"I…didn't mind." Jack gave a hesitant smile. "Not something I would be against doing."

Harry blinked up at him, cheeks turning a darker shade of red. His erection was now standing to attention, pressing painfully against his jeans. He glanced down at Jacks erection, lips darting out to wet his lips. The jumper he was wearing covered it up pretty effectively, but he was sure he could feel it when he brushed up against it. Harry looked back up to see Jack's eyes trained on his lips.

Closing the distance between them, Harry leaned up and kissed Jack again. Gathering all his courage, he grinded his hips into Jacks. They both let out moans, pulling their lips away before crashing back in. Jack pushed down on Harry, pressing his erection onto Harry's. They rutted against each other, pleasure blossoming in Harry's mind.

He gripped Jack's hip with more force, nibbling Jacks lower lip as their clothed erection continuously rubbed together. Harry was panting, arching up into Jack.

Jack buried his face into Harry's neck, breathing heavily as their hips sped up. Moving up and down, creating friction against fabric, their members only separating by a few scraps of cloth. Harry could feel a pressure building up in his lower stomach as the pleasure rose.

"Fuck." Harry muttered, letting go of Jacks hips. He pushed up Jack's Jumper rubbing his hands against Jack's nipples. The winter spirit gave a small cry at the pleasure, pressing his fingers desperately into Harry's skin. Reaching down, he pulled both erections from the restriction of the clothes. He pressed them together and shivered at the new intensity.

Harry threw his head back, moaning loudly as the pre-come slicked their penis's, allowing them to slide more effectively against each other. Harry could feel his orgasm coming. He placed a hand over Jacks, rubbing the heads.

"Jack!" Harry shouted, crying out as his orgasm crashed into him. Stars appeared behind his eyes as waves of pleasure shot through him. He vaguely heard Jacks shout of pleasure as he came. Their hips slowed their movements and toes un-curled. They were both covered in sweat and come, but Harry didn't have the energy to move.

Jack was dead weight on top of him. He wrapped his arms around the other boy, nuzzling into the crook of his neck. He breathed in deeply, taking in the thick smell of sex. It was then that he realised it was snowing.

"Did you do that?" Harry asked, snowflakes settling into his black hair. Jack looked up, shrugging.

"S'pose." He mumbled, before going back to using Harry as a pillow. Harry sighed, pressing his lips to Jack's temple.

"Come on, we need to let the guardians now we're out. I don't know why we didn't do that in the first place."

Jacked looked at him, a rare expression of vulnerability on his face.

"You regretted it." He winced, shifting to stand up.

"No!" Harry said quickly, pulling him back down. "I really don't. It's just that there's a psychopath on the loose. I…uh, I wouldn't mind doing it again sometime. You know, after Pitch is put away."

Harry cursed himself for blushing again, but his words seemed to have reassured Jack.

"I can agree with that." Jack smirk, pressing his lips to Harry's quickly, before standing up. Holding his hand out to Harry, he pulled the Halloween Spirit up. "You're right, we need to get going."


They freshened up in a nearby lake, before returning to the clearing.

"You wanna try North's place first?" Harry asked, smirking as he accessed his magic. He hadn't realised how much he had missed it.

"Yeah, they should be there." Jack agreed, shooting of in the direction of the Noth Pole. Harry was right behind him, tailing the winter Spirit. It was so nice to be able to fly again. He closed his eyes as the air rushed past his face, the grin on his face growing wider. He's eyes snapped opened when he felt a hand slide into his.

"If you're gonna keep your eyes closed, you're going to go the wrong way." Jack said, keeping his head looking forward.

"So what, are you going to drag me there?" Harry asked, smirking.

Jack glanced over at him, smiling.

"If I have to." He simply said. Harry's arm jolted forward as Jack sped up suddenly. Harry tried to match jacks speed, failing miserably.

"Okay okay, Jack! You can stop!" Harry yelled over the wind. Jacks only response was to slow down a tiny amount, just enough for Harry to come up next to him.

Neither of them let go of each other's hands.


The two spirits hovered outside one of the windows into the workshop. Jack pushed on the window, sliding it open. They hopped inside; the warmth from the fire place ablaze hit them. North was asleep on a stool, hunched over a desk and snoring away. The pictures of North's reindeer pranced around his head, suggesting that Sandy was here somewhere.

"Honey I'm home." Jack called out. North jolted from his spot, toppling off the seat.

"Jack? Harry?!" North stared at them from the ground, mouth agape. "BOYS!" North bellowed, getting to his feet, a smile threatening to break his face.

North bounded up to them and swept them in a hug. Their feet dangled as they struggled to slip out of North's arms, they needed to breathe after all. North dropped them, they staggered to their feet.

"You're back!" North laughed joyously. "SANDY! They're back!"

There was a crash is the next room, and the door swung open with a bang. A short yellow spirit zoomed out, stopping suddenly in front of the boys. Sandy gazed disbelieving at them before throwing his hands in the air with a beaming smile on his face. Harry could have sworn he was buzzing with excitement.

"Sandy, send the signal. The others should be here to congratulate the boys." He said before turning spinning around on the spot to face one of the Yetis passing by, "Get some of the elves to bring up some drinks and food. Another celebration is in order!" North whooped.

Sandy rushed over to the panel in front of the globe. Grabbing the lever, he twisted it and pushed it down into the panel. Lights coloured rainbow shot up around the globe, sending the signal for the guardians to gather.

"Where is everyone?" Jack frowned, "I thought they would all have been here."

"What are you talking about Jack?" North said, turning back to face them. He glanced in between Harry and Jack, "You've been gone for two days."

"What?!" Jack gaped. "No. It barely was five hours."

North frowned, "Where ever you were must have messed time for you."

"Wait a sec." Harry said, stepping forward. "Then how long was I away for?"

"Around a week, my friend." North sighed. "But you are here now, and that's what counts." He said, placing a heavy hand on the lithe Spirits shoulder. North beamed down at him, and Harry couldn't help but return an uneasy smile.

Just then, three elves came wobbling into the room, holding a plate of cookies on top of their heads.
"Ah, you read my mind!" North bounded over, taking the plate swiftly from them.

Jack leaned against Harry's side, looking at North as he gave the begging elves some of the sweet snacks. He gazed over to the white headed Spirit, who was smiling contently. They didn't notice North's knowing smile.

They all jumped as Bunny suddenly appeared from the floor. The Australian accented bunny brushed himself off before looking up at North, whose smile just seemed to broaden impossibly.

"So what was so important? I was in the middle of cleaning up the mess you made mate."

North nodded in the direction of Harry and Jack, anticipating the rabbit's reaction. Bunny turned lazily, only to stiffen when he laid eyes on the newest additions to the team.

"Blimey." He breathed. "You actually made it."

"Happy to see us Bunny?" Harry smirked.

Bunny quickly changed his expression to the familiar scowl. "Yeah well, don't get a big head about it."

"Bunny, care for a cookie?" North asked, holding out the tray.

Shrugging, he picked one up.

"I wouldn't mind a biscuit."

North rolled his eyes, putting the tray back down. "Whatever you say bunny"

Harry lead Jack over to one of the plush couches, tired and wanting to sit down. Jack seemed to be in the same position and plonked himself down next to Harry with a sigh. North, Sandy and Bunny hurried over as well.

"So how did you escape?" Bunny asked.

"We…uh…don't really know ourselves." Harry said, "Jack found me and then-" Harry paused, blushing, "And then we, um, just got out."

"Strange…" North said, with a thoughtful expression.

"What was it-"

Bunny was cut off as the room was suddenly shrouded in shadows. The fire in the hearth blew out and there was a high-pitched, gut wrenching laughter.

"Did you think you could get away so easily?" Pitch's voice echoed around the room. They all sprung up to their feet, cursing.

"Where the bloody hell is Tooth when you need her?!" Bunny asked them, pulling out his boomerangs.

"Oh I wouldn't worry about her. We will be long done before she gets here." The voice echoed again.

Bunny growled in anger "Where are you, you coward?!"

"I'm right here," There was an enormous sound of glass shattering at nightmares stormed through the windows. A nightmare leapt for him, teeth bared and ready to strike. A rush of adrenaline course through Harry. He lashed out at it, cutting right through it. Blinking, he looked down at the scythe that had suddenly appeared in his hands. It had carved skulls running up the small wooden handle, with a blade seemingly made out of shadows.

Harry didn't have time to think as another Nightmare attacked. The arm holding the scythe shot out again, carving through the next shadow horse. Shrugging, he tightened his grip on the weapon. It sure was a step up from Pumpkins.

Harry looked around frantically, trying to find Jack. He could hardly see anything in the mass of darkness galloping around him. His blade came around in a curve, dispatching multiple Nightmares. It didn't seem enough, however. No matter how many he cut down, two more would take its place. Harry started hacking his way through, dodging kicks and charges.

A hoof hit his back and he went down, scythe sliding across the room until he couldn't see it.

Another Nightmare charged. He quickly formed a pumpkin in his hand, throwing it clean through the horses head. He scrambled to his feet and ran in the direction his weapon had disappeared. He couldn't lose it now, it was the handiest thing he's had since his wand.

Taking the risk of being plumbed by a Nightmare, he left the chaotic safety and shot up into the air, into the open. His eyes skimmed around, seeking either his scythe or Jack. A shot of ice skittered past his face, turning around he saw Jack backed into a corner with five Nightmares closing in.

Oh shit this wasn't good.

His eyes desperately searched for his weapon, finally landing on it. It must have been kicked away, for it was on the far side of the room. He darted down, grabbing the hilt before rushing over the Jack, who had taken care of three of the five Nightmares. Bringing his scythe down on the last two, they disappeared.

"Where did you get that?" Jack asked, as he flattened his back against Harry's, so they were covering each other.

"Dunno. Just appeared." Harry replied, killing another Nightmare.

"Have you seen Pitch?" He heard Jack grunt as he brought down a Nightmare.

"Not yet, but we're bound to."

They had been fighting for what seemed like hours and the Nightmares were finally thinning out, Harry was sure he was black and blue from all the times a stray hoof had gotten him. Harry glanced around, panting. North seemed to be doing fine, Bunny too. If only Pitch would come out.

A flicker of black robes caught Harry's eyes.

"I think I found him!" He called out to Jack, before rocketing off in the direction he had seen him. Harry landed next to the globe, where Pitch was extinguishing lights.

With an outraged roar, Harry swiped his scythe at Pitch. The black clad Spirit jumped back just in time, missing the blade by an inch.

Pitch looked disdainfully down at the weapon. "Is that one of your powers? A bit boring, don't you think?"

Harry didn't say anything, instead taking a threatening step forward. This…thing had tortured him. The image of a torn and bloody Teddy flashed in his mind before he shook it off. He lunged forward for another swipe, only to misjudge the distance and miss. Pitch was backing up against a book case, and Harry smirked. This was his chance.

The blade swung in a deadly arch, aiming for pitch's throat. The boogyman's hand snapped up and grabbed the hilt before it could cut him. Kicking out Harry's legs from under him, Pitch slammed his body into Harrys shoulder, forcing them to switch positions. Pitch pinned Harry against the bookcase, scythe trapped in between their bodies.

"That was obviously you're first time wielding such a weapon." He smirked. "Maybe you should learn how to use something before you try it on a being hundreds of thousands years old."

Pitch pulled a hand back, black sand forming into a knife. Harry looked on in horror; he could not be in a worse situation. He gulped, heart rate speeding up in panic.

"You smell that harry?" Pitch said, pressing it to Harry's throat, "That's the smell of your fear."

There was a loud thunk, and the blade fell away. Pitch collapsed, revealing Tooth standing behind him, fist still stretch out.

"Oh my goodness, are you alright Harry?" She asked, pressing her hands over his gaping face, "He seems to have nicked you with the knife before I got here. Sorry it took me so long, but Pitch dropped by to make sure I wouldn't show." Harry noticed what looked like rope burns around her wrists.

"He tied you up?" He asked, rubbing his neck.

"And set a Nightmare on me. Had to fight it with both hands behind my back." She winced, before looking at all the others fighting. "Come on; let's help them get rid of these last ones."


Jack's ice tore through the last of the Nightmares. They were all covered in bruises and cuts as they gathered around Pitch's unconscious body.

"What are we going to do with him?" Harry asked, who had Jack's arm slung across his shoulder.

"Good question." North muttered. "Any ideas?"

"I could bury him under a slab of ice." Jack said, shrugging.

"It won't last, when he wakes up he's sure to throa but It'll have to do for now. At least until we find something more permanent." Said Bunny, nudging Pitch with his toe.

"We'll have to check his lair to make sure he didn't leave anything behind. And we can't forget Tooth's fairies that are there. Anyone know where it is?"

Sandy raised his hand, looking sadly down at Pitch.

"Oh Jack!" Tooth perked up, "You're memories are probably with the others at Pitch's. You'll be able to see them." She beamed.

"Y-yeah, they might be!"

"It's settled then. Jack, Bunny and I will bury Pitch. Youse can go with Sandy to Pitch's to free the fairies and gather the teeth." North nodded. He bent down and picked up Pitch's limp body.

"You didn't hold back, did you Tooth?" He chuckled.

"When have I ever held back?" She said innocently.

"Good point." He nodded to her.

While the guardians were bantering, Harry had turned to Jack.

"So, I'll be seeing you in a bit then."

"I suppose so." Jack grinned.

"I'll bring your memories back stat." Harry stated leaning into Jack. Arms wrapped around him and he sighed. "Are you as tired as I am?"

"Yeah, I could just do nothing for days but lay down."

"You already do that." Harry snickered. He squirmed as Jack poked him in the side.

"Come on ya love birds, we have work to do." Bunny called over to them. They pulled away blushing, but not without sending a glare Bunny's way.

"See you in a mo." Harry said, pressing a quick kiss to Jack's lips.

"I'm counting on it."



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