My friends.

So, this is it. The chapter you're all going to hate me for. I guaranty by the end of it, you're either going to be screaming 'WHAT?!' or stare shocked at the screen. Either way, you will all end up wanting to kill me. *smirks* I've been planning this chapter for a while. I really want to see what kind of response I get, so, on with the show! But before that, you know what I would love to see? A Harry Potter/Skulduggery Pleasant crossover slash story and dear god I'm way over my head with the amount of different stories I want to write.


They didn't notice as the child stirred from his bed. Nor did they notice when he reached for the flashlight. They all however, jumped to attention when the light landed on them.

"Santa Clause…" The boy gasped in wonder. "The Easter Bunny?"

"Heh." Bunny gave a small shocked laugh.

"Sand man…the Tooth Fairy! I knew you would come."

"Surprise! We came." Tooth said, chirpily as ever.

Harry looked sadly over at Jack, who looked so excited he would burst. He knew the boy wouldn't be able to see either Jack or him. But Jack looked so hopeful it broke a small piece in Harrys heart, knowing that the hope would be soon shattered.

"He can see us?" Jack said, stepping hesitantly towards the child.

"Most of us." Bunny said. Just as he predicted, Jacks crestfallen face sent knives through him. No one dissevered to utter isolation Jack was put through. Putting his hand on Jacks shoulder, he hoped it would give some comfort. Harry decided that after all this Pitch business had blown over they visit his Godson. Those two were like an unstoppable force of pranks when put together. He hoped it would sooth the older Spirit somewhat.

"Guys, he's still awake!" Tooth whispered, buzzing over their heads.

"Sandy, knock him out." Bunny ordered. A smiled grazed his features at Sandy's antics. Sandy walked forward, catching his fist in his palm.

"With the dream sand, you Gumby!-" Everyone froze as they heard a growling of a dog. Seeing the greyhound, Harrys wondered exactly where it had come out from. He was sure it wasn't there before.

"No stop, that's the Easter Bunny! What are you doing Abby? Get down!" Jack and Harry shared an amused glance at the 'deer in headlights' look on Bunny's face.

"All right, nobody panic." Bunny said, backing up slowly.

"That's a um…that's a greyhound. Do you know what greyhounds do to rabbits?" Jack sniggered.

"Well it's a pretty safe burdies he's never met a rabbit like me. 6 foot 1, nerves of steel, master of tai chi and-"

Harry pretended not to see Jack set off the alarm.


The crisp noise of the alarm snapped the greyhound into attack. Harry dodged out of the way as Bunny ran past him, nearly pushing Santa to the ground, It was utter chaos. The dream sand was bouncing off walls, hitting anyone who wasn't quick enough to dodge. Soon enough, everyone was down for the count besides Sandy, Jack and Harry.

"Oh I wished I had a camera right now…" Chuckled Jack as he watched the golden carrot above Bunny's head dance with North's Candy Canes.

Sandy gave him an amused look. But when his eyes widened Harry knew something was wrong. Both Jack and Harry swivelled around, to see one of Pitch's fearlings peeking in through the window. Harry had barely got a glance at it before it shot off, Harry on the back of its hoofs.

There were two of them and without speaking they split up. Jack with Harry and Sandman by himself. Wild whipped through their hair as the two boys whipped through the buildings, gaining on the black horses. It was Jack who killed it, shooting a well-aimed ice shard, freezing the thing over completely.

Harry noticed the shadow looming over them a second too late.

"Jack Frost and Harry Hallows." Came the chilling voice behind them. Whipping around he shot a pumpkin at Pitch, who dodge easily. He disappeared, reappearing above them, on higher ground.

"You know for a mutual party, you're rather chummy with those losers." That's when he noticed Sandy standing next to him. Leaping out of his skin, he retreated of few steps. Sandy then proceeded to do one of the coolest things Harry had ever seen. When Sandy was done beating up Pitch, Harry stared in wonder.


"Remind me not to get on your bad side." Jack said, a smile tugging at his lips. Sandy gave them both a nod, before floating down to meet Pitch. Harry and Jack followed him down.

"Ok, easy! You can't blame me for trying, Sandy. You don't know what it's like, to be weak! And hated! It was stupid of me to mess with your dreams. So, I'll tell you what?" Harry felt dread override his systems. This would not end well. "You can have them back."


Harry had noticed the majority of the Nightmares had chased after Sandy. And in a moment of hesitation, he looked between Jack and Sandy, who was still spiralling up into the sky. He followed Sandy.

Harry caught up, Sandy giving a nod of appreciation. Picturing them in his mind and letting his magic seep out, five bats burst into existence, circling around their heads, ready to defend their master.

The nightmares were closing in and fast and a sense of impending doom creeped through Harry, slashing at his heart with razor sharp claws. Sandy and Harry fought next to each other, trying in vain to push back the Nightmares. Harry was firing small pumpkins at them in quick succession; they had barely left his hand before he was throwing another one. Both of his arms were a blur with motion. He had no time to make them bigger, or harder, but they seemed effective enough. But whenever he or Sandy would bring one down, three more took its place.

Harry's bats would dive at any enemy that would get too close to either him or Sandy, dissipating it before any could touch them. Pitch's chuckle drew Harry's attention away from the fight, sparing a glance at the maniac. When did he get there? A jolt of panic went through him as he saw Pitch aiming what looked like a bow and arrow at Sandy's back.

"No!" He yelled, as Pitch released the arrow.

Time seemed to slow down for Harry, the arrow inched closer and closer to its target. It was then that Harry felt something snap inside of him.

Harry had always been known to act rashly under pressure.

Now was no different.

Moving at a speed he hadn't known he had possessed, he stepped into the line of fire.

Everything came rushing back to normal, it brought pain with it.

"Gah!" Harry choked as terrible, crippling pain blossomed from his chest. It was nothing like he had felt before. A burning hot, yet icy cold sensation swirled in Harry's chest. Fear started to cloud his senses, however, the pain was sharp as ever.

He must have fell, because the next thing he knew he was kneeling on Sandy's sand platform. The roaring laughter drew Sandy's attention away from the Nightmares, who were still attacking. An exclamation mark appeared above Sandy's head as he saw this new Guardian, the youngest Spirit in Decades fall to his knees, black sand spreading throughout his body. A determined glare appeared on Sandy's face, as he turned to fight the Nightmares with more vigour than before.

"Oh I wasn't expecting that!" Howled Pitch. His voice sounded an age away to Harry, an echo in a tunnel. "Harry Hallows, the youngest and most unappreciated Spirit taking the hit. Though, I really shouldn't be surprised now, should I?" He sneered. A hollow feeling in Harrys chest made him look down. A wide gaping hole was where the arrow had hit. But there was no blood, or flesh. There was just black sand. Black sand that was creeping down his arms and up his neck.

The roaring in his ears made it hard for him to hear anything. Though he would swore he just heard Jack calling his name.

"What's wrong Hallows? Are you finally beaten?"

Harry gaged as sand started to spill out his mouth. Teary eyed, he looked up at Pitch and, without anyway to curse the thing that was Pitch Black, gave a defiant glare. Harry doubled over as the pain intensified. He went to cradle his head, but all his arms did was dissolve into the mess of black sand surrounding him.

"Don't fret Harry. We're going to be having loads of fun where you're going." Pitch said, smirking down at Harry.

Ignoring Pitch, he used the last of his strength to turn around. Sandy was fighting a losing battle, but it didn't look like he would be leaving Harrys side anytime soon. Their eyes connected and Harrys tried to convey his final message. Run.

Sandy gave him a sad look. Nodding, he quickly left the swarming black sand. If Harry had still had a mouth, he would have smiled. Only one Spirit would die tonight.

Harry, now nothing but a pile of black sand, heard Pitch give a bark of laughter.

"See Harry? Even in another life, no one loves you."

It was the last thing Harry heard before his last light of life was snuffed out.


Jack landed on the wing of Norths' sleigh, ducking to avoid Bunnys' Boomerang. Scrambling into the sleigh, he expected Harry to be there, smiling with the rush of the fight. But he wasn't.

Frowning, Jack looked into the sky, searching for his black haired friend. And, there he was, fighting side by side with Sandy. It looked as though they were losing.

Jacks' heart stopped as Harry narrowly missed the hoof of a Nightmare.

"We have to go help them!" Jack shouted over a noise of the battle. Shooting up in the air, Jack tried to let the wind rushing through his hair calm him. Of course Harry would be alright, Jack thought, trying in vain to swallow the lump in his throat. It was Harry, he was…no one could defeat him. It was impossible.

Looking back on this, Jack should have known what would happen next. Harry was too noble to do otherwise. He wished he could have moved faster to spare Harry the pain, stuck by his side instead of stupidly separating. But at that moment, Jack could do nothing more than stay frozen, shocked into place as the arrow hit his dearest friend.

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