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Warning (if continued these will be in the chapters to come): Blood Gore, Supernatural, Swearing.

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Reid was asked to go out with Morgan and Garcia but once again he declined, wanting to stay in. Reid locked his car and started for the building, an attraction brunette walked pass with a smile, Reid of course thought she was attractive until something horrible happened. Her face it was as though it was decomposing, her eyes were hollow and dead. Reid stopped in the middle of the road unable to draw his eyes from the horror that he was seeing. He was pulled out of his stare when the lights of a car peered and now glared at him. His nerves were unresponsive and frozen. Before the driver could even think of slowing down, the loud thud caused fear to run down the drivers spin, had he just hit somebody. He raced out of the car and there laid the motionless body of a young man. The brunette ran over to the scene.

"Go call 911!" She screamed at the man, "Sir, can you hear me?"

Reid fluttered his eyes open only to meet the brunette but this time her face resumed the beauty that he saw before but he still couldn't get that image out of his head.

Reid tried to move but pain surged through his body.

"Sir don't move help is nearly here," She reassured him but he felt like he was being pierced by a hundred knives.

He heard the wailing of sirens and the flashing lights. He felt a sense of relief when they surrounded him. What the hell had he just saw?

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