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I woke up in a daze, I felt pain surge through his body as he tried to move.

"Hey kid, don't try to move," I instantly recognized that voice it was Morgan maybe he could explain what had just happened.

"Morgan?" I said weakly turning his head to the side to find Morgan sitting right next to me, "W-what happened?"

"That's what we would like to know pretty buy, what do you remember?" Morgan looked over me.

"Not much, just walking to my apartment and then- then seeing something and then everything goes black," I couldn't remember anything further then that but I do remember one thing, what I saw, it wasn't human, it something that only lives in nightmares and that night those nightmares came to life. I remembered so many times when I saw the victims we couldn't save decomposing before my very eyes but this time it was so very real like I could touch and feel the maggots and decaying skin beneath my fingertips. I watched her decay before my eyes, I couldn't tell Morgan or any of the team for that matter they would just laugh and tell me it was nothing but it wasn't nothing.

"You saw something?" Morgan asked.

"Ahh I can't remember what I saw but how am I?"I had to know exactly what happened to me.

"Well kid, you were hit by a car, they found two fractured ribs, and your left arm was broken. The doctors didn't find any internal bleeding and none of his organs were punctured, they said it was a miracle that you weren't in a worse condition."

I almost chuckled at that statement, I sure felt like hell had frozen over.

"I'll go tell the others that you're awake," He got up and walked towards the door.

"Ahh, hey Morgan," I had to ask him this.

"Yeah Pretty Boy?" He turned around to face me again.

"What happened to that girl who was there?" I felt haunted to ask this question.

"I don't know, she disappeared when we arrived," Morgan was about to walk out again but hesitated and turned back again, "Hey kid, how did you know that if you can't remember?" How was I supposed to answer that I knew that she was there and I couldn't help but feel that something terrible had just happened.

"Ahh she lives in my building, I know she was there because I saw her when I walked out of my car," I tried to explain it the best I could and it was true that I had seen her when I walked out of my car I just left out another detail.

"O.K," He nodded his head and walked out of the room. The thought lingered with me, what if something had happened to her, I saw her decay and I felt like I needed to help her. I had the feeling of death surge through me.

A few moments later, the whole team walked in, JJ and Prentiss were both smiling down at me, Garcia had her eyes lit up at the moment she walked in, Morgan was right beside her and Hotch and Rossi were both looking like they had just come off a bad case.

Garcia walked right over to me, her eyes had change from happy to angry and her eyes dart straight at me, "Don't you dare do that again, you scared me half to death," She sat down and her eyes simmered down.

"I'm sorry Garcia," I said in sorrow, I had put the team through another ordeal and I felt terrible about it.

"Yeah you better be, we had to listen to these two flirt for hours on end," Prentiss playfully said towards Morgan and Garcia.

"Hey," Morgan looked like he had taken offence to what Prentiss had just said, "You're just jealous because you're not getting a little lovin'," I smiled at this, I felt like this had lighten everything up and I always enjoyed listening to my team play around like this.

Prentiss snickered back at him before they all turned their attention back me, "So how are you feeling?" Rossi asked to me, I could have given him a three hundred word report on how I was feeling but that would just get me laughed at and then there would be the questions at the end about what I had seen and I could do that.

"Sore but I'm fine," Was all I decided to say at that moment in time. I couldn't think of any other way to sum it up without seeming boring and mind numbing.

"Fine?" Prentiss looked like she didn't believe my response to Rossi question, "Reid you just got hit by a car and all you have is fine?"

"What else can I say, I was stupid, I wasn't paying attention to the road and got hit by a car," I did blame myself for being hit, I wasn't paying attention and that was the reason I got hit.

"You know what I think," Morgan spoke up, "Reid was eyeballing a pretty little lady," He snickered at me. JJ, Prentiss, Garcia, Rossi and even Hotch started laughing at Morgan's comment.

"Shut up Morgan," He looked down; he always had to embarrass me like this. Although it was true I was distracted by a girl and she was attractive but it was for a different reason, a reason that wasn't going to be pleasant.

At night, all I could see was her face, her face kept on haunting me. Every time I closed my eyes I could see her in a grave, buried deep in a grave and she would start to pull me in. I dug me nails so far into the ground that I felt my nails tear from my skin and I was pulled down the long and damp fall. I fell on hard concrete, it felt cold and the air was musty and it had something else in it, the smell reminded me of a wine cellar. I got up and looked around this room looked abandoned. Boxes were empty and papers were scattered across the room. That was when I noticed the blood splatter across the walls and pieces of paper drenched in blood. My eyes fell on the mutilated body on the floor, it was her. That woman that I saw before the one that haunted me. It looked like she had been murdered in a most horrendous way. Long, deep cuts formed all over her body, the worst part was her face looked like it was burnt off. I took a few uneasy steps towards the body, not knowing what this scene was or even if I was dreaming. In a flash the body raced towards me and pinned me to the wall, her hands felt moist with blood. She the movement of her facial muscle, it looked like she was trying to speak, I wasn't sure though, her face was that mutilated that it was hard to tell.

"Help me please," She begged at me her hands loosened but that didn't last.

She gripped tighter and I felt like I was suffocating before she slammed my head onto the brick wall.

I wake up in a sweat, I put a hand around my throat and it felt moist. I slowly took my hand away from my throat. Blood. My hand was drenched in blood. How, how is this possible? It was just a dream, I frightening one but a dream none the less. Did it happen? I felt like out team was going to be called out on a case and I would walk into that very room once again.

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