When I first saw the word Jackrabbit and Frostbunny, I laughed so hard it hurts. I shipped it while watching the movie, but only for like a few seconds. But the Internet turns out to be more powerful than I thought, because there's already a whole fandom of it on Tumblr. So as my usual self, I say, why not?

Chapter One

A Guardian of Fun Needs To Have His Regular Dose of…you know, Fun

Where Jack Frost bothers North with an Army of Elves

A year had come and gone after Pitch had failed to stand up against the Guardians. Everyone went their separate ways after then like nothing had happened. Tooth's empire in Southeast Asia had been restored, and it didn't take long for her to return to her busy self again, but sometimes she also made rounds herself of collecting teeth and giving prize money.

Sandy continued to weave and whip his sands of gold in the darkest of nights, offering children happiness in dreams, letting them live their moment in their sleep. He was just relieved that the nightmares wouldn't come again anytime soon.

North just continued to spend time in his workshop with the yetis, making toys and eating cookies and cakes delivered by the elves. The Trumpet elf and his friend finally got promoted to being a regular band in a high corner of the vast workshop, constantly providing music for the yetis to work to. Everyone stayed happy.

Everyone also stayed busy.

Jack Frost, being the new Guardian of Fun, could find nobody of his mental age to play with. Of course he tried visiting them.

North only left him alone by the lounge with the elves to constantly feed him fruitcakes, milk and Christmas cookies in the middle of summer. So to get North's attention, Jack started marching the elves down to the workshop and started to dance to ABBA and Bee Gee songs Jack bribed the Trumpet elf to play. The yetis got distracted, and let's just say all the toys went to chaos.

North told him to never come back until Christmas.

Sandy was hard to track, not even the winds could help Jack.

So that leaves him the Tooth Palace. He flew there, only to be greeted by Baby Tooth. She seemed thrilled to see him, and they started flying around the place while Jack told her about his misadventure back at the Pole.

The fairies seemed to recognize him, and started to surround him and chipper and chipper and chipper away. Jack laughed and tried talking to each of them, but there were just too many. They were like cute, miniature hummingbird children Jack just couldn't seem to get enough of.

They reminded him of his old days with his sister.

'What are you girls doing?'

Every single fairy and Jack whipped their heads around. Tooth just came back from a field mission, her face furrowed while her hands were set on her hips. But when she saw who her visitor was, her expression softened a little. 'Oh, hey Jack! Get back to work, ladies! Those teeth won't stop growing, you know!' she ordered all businesslike, and quick as a flash all the fairies went back to work. All of them but Baby Tooth, who stayed and made herself comfortable in Jack's hoodie.

'Hey Tooth.' Jack made a gesture of greeting. 'I see you're getting out more often.'

'Oh Jack, what brings you here? You're always welcome of course; I don't mean anything bad.' Tooth laughed as she guided them towards her Tower.

'Oh, you know, just checking on you.' He smirked, but quickly his eyes widened and he took back his words. 'Well, not checking on you or anything stalker-like, just, you know, as a friend. I went over to North's last month too, as a friend.' He added the last three words quickly as well.

'Yeah, I heard of your mischief from him.' She smiled as they landed softly on the balcony of her Tower, which overlooked the whole Palace and the fairies that it shelters. 'So I take it you just want to find someone to play with, Jack?'

'Well, you know me.' He chuckled nervously as he fidgeted with his staff. 'I can't help myself. I couldn't find Sandy though, he's a hard one to track. Does he even have a domain?'

'Well, like me, Sandy's work doesn't come once a year.' Tooth said as they started strolling by the edge of the balcony. 'It comes every night, just like me and my fairies. But children's dreams don't fall out only once like teeth. He's the busiest Guardian out of all of us. So I don't think he even has time to build a domain.'

'Wow. I kind of pity him now.' Jack sighed. 'But I really have nothing to do! Winter's coming to an end on the northern part of the globe, and there's nothing much I can tend to anymore.'

'Well, have you tried looking for Bunnymund?'

Jack stopped in his tracks. Tooth stopped in her steps as well after him. He looked paler than usual in the face, and his was fidgeting with his staff more than ever.

'Um, not that we are still arguing or anything, but Easter is coming again, and I really wouldn't want to disturb him.' His voice trailed off, and so did his eyes. Tooth's head cocked to a side in curiosity.

'Well, he's going to have a lot of eggs to paint for the day, so you might be of some help instead.' She reasoned, and soon asked, 'What's wrong, Jack?'

Jack did consider going to look for Bunny in his warren. Quite a few times actually. But despite the little bond they share in that one night when the Guardians had to save Jamie, he still couldn't forget the saddened face that he gave to him last Easter.

He made the Guardian of Hope feel hopeless. That was a great enough sin to carry with him for life.

Tooth let him go over his thoughts in silence for a minute. She placed a hand gently on the shoulder of his hoodie. Jack turned back to face her, only to see her smile. She had a charming smile. She must have had a lot of admirers in her past life, before she rose as Guardian of Memories.

'It's nothing.' He lied, but he couldn't help smiling back at her. Tooth always told everyone that smiles and laughter are infectious. She was right.

'Do you want me to take you to him?' she offered. Jack was still a little unsure, but there was a chirp behind him, and he looked to see Baby Tooth nodding her head eagerly in approval.


'No buts, mister,' Tooth chirped, her voice clear and happy again, 'I have another shift in a few hours, so we need to go now. I'm sure he's in his warren, Bunnymund can't leave all that often now because of Easter!' She lifted off with her wings again, which became a beautiful blur of pink as she took flight.

Baby Tooth chirped again, nudging at Jack's cheek with eagerness.

He finally gained courage to take flight with Tooth.