I am sorry for the wait, but I have several excuses. I was taken to my grandmother's house to celebrate Winter Solstice for the day, and this fic is super long compared to others. It was supposed to be longer, but I had Tooth make it cut into half in the end with food. This has to be the longest chapter if not the next in this story. It should be finished in less than ten chapters, the ending is still a little rusty in my head... Okay, I admit, there's no ending. But I work as I go. Thanks for sticking with me! Oh, and check out the video North made, I would totally download it.

Chapter Five

North is the Daddy, Tooth is the Mummy, Bunny and Jack will be the two squabbling brothers and Sandy can be the nice Uncle who gets nasty when their freeloader Uncle Pitch starts giving the neighbors nightmares.

Where North makes an equivalent of a YouTube video

There was noise when Jack entered the warren with Tooth.

He didn't want to come, but Tooth eventually found him at Jamie's place not very surprisingly and took him along with her. She held him by his wrist all the way, and all the way his mind screamed about how he's going to look like a fool in front of Bunnymund, and the thousands of ways that would make him so, and of course, the one reason that made him even think about all this nonsense in the first place…he had a teensy weensy crush on the goddamned kangaroo.

But it could still be just the Spring fever. Like Tooth said, rise of hormones and that adult stuff. Jack doesn't really consider himself as an adult, not even physically. Too much responsibility and boring things.

Jack and Tooth saw three men huddled by the river, and walked up towards them. Jack didn't expect North to be here as well, but they seemed to be having fun, what with the laughter and all.

But a second later, his ears picked up a familiar song.

'Hey guys, what are you doing?' Tooth broke into the crowd while pulling Jack along. Jack saw the snow globe placed on a rock so everyone could see its contents within. He saw himself dancing to the music with his staff as a walking cane, while the elves and yetis cheered and sang along off tune.


By North's sleigh, Tooth's teeth, Sandy's hair and Bunnymund's ears.

'Hey, Jack Frost! Good to see you!' Jack was suddenly pulled into a hug, and was nearly suffocated by North's belly. 'I'm just showing everyone else your little show the last time you came to my workshop!'

In the snow globe, some of the elves started mimicking Jack's moves in the background. The young Guardian in there then slammed the bottom of his staff onto the wooden ground and froze it in place. Jack wanted to reach out and keep the snow globe away, but North turned out to have a very firm grip. So he just groaned and covered his eyes, not wanting to see what was next.

Then he started pole dancing.

Silence ensued in the warren. An Egg Sentinel twisted its joints in a corner out of exercise, the sound of the rocks sliding echoing loudly throughout the place.

Sandy suddenly went and rolled over several times while he did little hiccups, which might be his odd way of laughing. Tooth gasped, but only for a second before she burst into laughter as well. North's belly shook violently, and he finally released Jack so he could rub the tears off his eyes. Bunnymund was also laughing so hard his leg started thumping on the ground, which was actually kind of adorable-

Jack quickly took the snow globe and shook it, so the snow within would blur and clear the image. 'Stop it!' he snapped, first at Bunnymund of course. But he was thrown off guard when Bunnymund's expression softened, and then that he was just giving Jack a simple smile.

His stomach did another flip, and Jack convinced himself he was just hungry.

North suddenly snatched the snow globe away from Jack's hands. 'What are you doing? They haven't seen that part where you start taking off your hoodie!'

Tooth gasped again. 'Jack, you sly little thing! Doing a striptease in Santa's workshop!' she started pinching his cheeks. Jack quickly swatted her hands away. 'Come on, I want to see it!' she reached for the snow globe.

'Okay, mate,' suddenly the globe disappeared from North and Tooth's hands. Bunnymund kept the globe away in a pocket of his egg bomb's harness, and hung it on the low branch of a nearby tree. 'You said you're here to help paint me eggs, so let's get to work.' He said, and pointed to the piles of paint boxes in a hollow hole of the same tree. Everyone started to gather supplies enough for their own from the tree hole. Bunnymund saw Jack still feeling a little disturbed.

'Oh, come on, Frostbite.' He wound an arm around Jack's shoulders and started to lead him towards the tree, being oblivious to Jack's stunned expression. 'Let's get you going on your egg painting again.'

'Stop mothering me,' Jack could only speak with his instinct. 'I'm not Sophie, you know. Have you visited her recently?' he finally dragged himself to a change of topic.

'Last week, and she cut her hair short quite a while ago.' He answered as he picked a paint box that had decent amount of paint tubes in it. 'I preferred her the way she was, though, cute little squeaker.' He handed the box to Jack, and their hands brushed as he received it. Without any warning from his conscience, Jack's head turned up to face Bunnymund, and the rabbit looked back at him.

Their hands entwined slowly under the paint box. Jack liked the feel of Bunnymund's paws between his hands, it feel so surreal, like everything was a dream.

That dream from last night.

Jack suddenly pulled away while trying not to tip the paint box and its contents over. 'I, uh, I'll go and sit next to Sandy.' He said.

'You sure you alright, mate?' Bunnymund asked after Jack as he walked towards a shady tree in another corner of the warren where Sandy sat.

Jack didn't trust his mouth enough to answer.

Behind Jack was a confused Bunnymund, while Tooth flew up to his side after her secret fit of giggles and started to distract him from the little Guardian.

Jack sat down right next to Sandy with a grunt. The Guardian of Dreams seemed to be doing great on his own, with the interesting fact that he only used the yellow paint tube. He acknowledged Jack's presence with only a smile before returning to his handiwork.

Jack prepared the palette and brush on his lap, and looked around. He saw a few egg minions dancing by the riverbank, and whistled. The egg minions spun around, and one of them fell into the river, only to be saved by the Rainbow Elf that stayed in the warren ever since last Easter.

They marched right up to Jack, and one of them jumped into his hand. He smiled at its legs kicking at nothing, and picked a light green color with his brush from the palette.

Suddenly, the memories from yesterday morning came rushing back like a pail of cold water in Jack's face, and only to have them frozen in place.

He shook his head violently, and looked at Sandy. The dwarfed man only smirked and continued to paint yellow onto a yellow coated egg.

He started coloring green swirls onto his egg, which reminded him of the moss paintings on the huge walls of the warren. He wonders if Bunnymund did everything in here, he must have been quite the artist before he rose as a Guardian-

Stop thinking. Next egg.

The painted swirly egg minion hopped off his hand and started to wiggle his legs in the grass, while the unpainted eggs surrounded it in envy. Another egg no sooner hopped into Jack's hands, coated in pink, and he picked blue after cleaning his brush from its last color. He tried to paint a blue bird on it. He once saw a kingfisher in the summer while all the Guardians were taking a vacation and North decided fishing was the best thing to do. Jack almost died from boredom, but Bunnymund tapped his shoulder, and when he turned away from Sandy's floating Zs on his head, he made him see the prettiest bird in the world.

Oh my God, a kingfisher! I saw a kingfisher! In a flurry of happiness Jack stood up on the boat, and it started swaying dangerously to his side. Everyone started yelling, you're gonna tip the boat! Jaaaaaaaaack! Jack, sit down! But it was too late, and it tipped. Bunnymund was about to fall into the water as well, but Jack saved him by grabbing his elbow, and they shared another glance-

Stop thinking. Next egg.

The kingfisher egg minion went to join the swirly egg minion in being admired by their friends, and another egg hopped into Jack's grasp. It was coated in a simple, pure white. Jack was getting annoyed at himself for constantly thinking of Bunnymund, and decided to pick a bright red instead of gray, which was the color of that stupid rabbit's pelt.

But what if he starts drawing little heart shapes? God, no, Jack Frost can't live with that.

Suddenly he was nudged in the side. Sandy nodded his stubby chin in a general direction, and Jack turned to look. Bunnymund was coming with more egg minions in tow, some painted while some not.

'Sandy, Tooth asked for you.' He said, and the man blinked. He put his brush down, and started to float across the river and towards Tooth and North.

'Looks like you're doing good, mate.' Bunnymund smirked as he sat down where Sandy used to be, next to Jack. He noticed when the boy shifted a little further away from him, but didn't say anything.

'Say, Frostbite, Tooth told me that you seem fidgety recently. Something wrong there?' he asked as Jack quickly painted the small heart over with a cat's face.

'It's nothing, really, can you guys stop bugging me?' Jack continues to draw the cat's body, which winded up being disproportionate and weird. He sighed and let the egg go. When the little egg minion spun, it looked like the cat was chasing itself in anger.

'We're just looking out for you, is all. Come on, don't get your feelings all bottled up, it ain't good for ya.' Bunnymund snapped his paws, and an egg jumped into them. He picked up Sandy's brush and started to wash it off with the glass of water between the two Guardians.

Jack's heart is beating so fast he thinks it might just suddenly stop and make him dead on the spot. It felt like hours for him to conjure a whole other reason that does not involve I think I fell in love with you ever since yesterday morning, maybe a little later that but I just blame it on the Spring fever so it's nothing. And then there's also that other reason that he wasn't willing to take even half a step closer to Bunny before Easter. 'I…'

Bunnymund paused in his painting to give Jack his full attention. It wasn't making it any easier for Jack, but knowing Tooth, everyone is just going to bug him eventually about him being distant to Bunnymund.

'I'm sorry.'

'For what?'

'I'm sorry for last Easter.'

Bunnymund scoffed. 'I don't blame ya at all, mate, we all know it's Pitch that tricked ya.'

'Yeah, but I was so desperate on giving myself back my memories, and I just didn't think of anything-'

'Hey, slow down there.'

'-to the point I couldn't recognize it was one of your holes I was jumping into, and this is like destroying North's sleigh on the night before Christmas, and I ruined it, I ruined Easter and I didn't want to repeat-'

Bunnymund knocked him in the head. Hard.

'Ow!' Jack rubbed his temple. 'What was that for?'

'I trust you.' Bunnymund said, his voice stone firm. He gestured with a hand to the three other Guardians just within their vision, talking nothing and laughing like they always do when they're together. 'We all trust you. Look, I was also to blame, I shouldn't have jumped into conclusions too, and I'm sorry on my part. We should've known better.'

'But I…I don't trust myself.' Jack brought his knees up to his chest, and he started rocking himself back and forth like a frightened little child.

'That was last Easter, mate.' Bunnymund tapped his shoulder, and Jack looked at him in the face. 'I'm the Easter Guardian. Easter is all about looking forward to Spring, and I never look back.'

Jack smirked. 'But you seem pretty held up on my doing in '68.'

'Well,' Bunnymund coughed. 'That was different, mate. You made some of the kids risk their lives just to hunt for the eggs, and one of them nearly died from freezing.'

Jack's expression fell, and Bunnymund quickly came back to topic. 'Anyway, you say you don't trust yourself. But you should. In the end you did the right thing, no? You came back, and you made that kid believe in me. For that I thank you.'

Jack smiled. 'I guess I did.'

Suddenly, he dove into Bunnymund's lap and wrapped his arms around his hips. His face was buried in the other's stomach. 'Thanks.' He said, before he came to his senses and realizes he was showing too much affection and that he should back off before the Pooka starts to question him.

But instead Bunnymund just let him lay there, and he even stroked his snow white hair. 'I can't believe you're worryin' over something in the past. What's the fun in that?'

Jack snorted into his fur. 'Don't you start.' It was like yesterday all over again.

Maybe the Spring fever isn't so bad after all.

'What are the others doing now?' Jack asked as he turned to lie his head face front on Bunnymund's lap.

'They're…staring at us. Tooth is waving at 'cha.'

Jack jerked back into his sitting position, and Bunnymund grabbed the glass of water before it fell. Jack could see the Fairy waving enthusiastically at him, while Sandy was making symbols which looked suspiciously like the song 'Jack and Bunnymund sitting in a tree.' Or to be specific, they're currently under a tree.

Jack could feel his cheeks reddening. From a corner of his vision, he saw Bunnymund's ears droop as he looked away from him. They were like two kids in high school experiencing their first love, and Jack was very, very embarrassed to the core right now.

'We should have some brunch now, I'm starving.' Tooth declared. 'I'm going out to get takeout. Who wants McDonald's?'