Stefan poured himself a large drink; she was listening to that song again. You know that one about 'not giving up' and how true love will prevail etc? That one. He took a large swig form the crystal tumbler and threw himself down onto the couch. What was she still doing here? It had been just over two weeks since she'd arrived back at the boarding house with Bonnie in floods of tears. Unable to stop himself he's asked her what was wrong but she'd just pushed past him and fled upstairs. It had been left to Bonnie to tell him that Damon had finally set her free and she was wasn't as mopey any more it was worse she seemed relatively hopeful about something, he knew it must be about Damon and it was like a knife in the heart. But she could be at the own house now, Jeremy was still with Damon at the Lake house, she could be listening to her love songs in the privacy of her own home but no, she was here at the boarding house. They avoided each other here and at school but he could still hear her playing her songs, he could hear her calling Damon's cell and leaving messages and he was certain she was getting up at night and going to sleep in his bed too. And as for his brother- well Damon had called him a few times to check in but he was ignoring the calls, he was so mad but he was waiting to see him in person before he would speak to him. At least Damon was ignoring Elena's calls… that were something.

Elena hit replay on the controls of the cd player before she stepped into the bath. Her whole body relaxed as she sank down into steaming water, bubbles settling around her naked body. She'd taken a lot of baths in Damon's luxurious tub over the past couple of weeks, they really helped her to relax and oh my god the tub was amazing, especially when she lit lots of candles. She closed her eyes and sang along to the music for a moment. She stopped when she heard the front door slam below her. Stefan must have gone out. She sighed and opened her eyes. She knew how much he was hurting because of her and Damon but he had no idea how much she was hurting and she knew this was killing Damon too. It was a horrible situation but there was no getting past it, they all just had to find a way to get on with it and when Damon and Jeremy finally came home she was going to make Damon change his mind, they were going to be together. When the water started to cool down she got up and wrapped herself in a large fluffy towel. She switched the music off and walked over to the counter to look for her moisturiser. That's when she heard it- tyres pulling into the drive way, she'd recognise the sound of that engine anywhere, Damon was home. Elena quickly ran to the bedroom window and sure enough she saw Damon opening the trunk of his car and pulling out his bags. As quickly as she dared she tossed the towel on the rack and hopped back into bath thanking her lucky stars she hadn't pulled the plug. She lay motionless waiting for him to find her.

Damon opened the front door to the boarding house and walked in.

"Stefan?" he called. No answer. He sighed; clearly his brother wasn't home at the moment. That fight would be later. He climbed the stairs slowly, he was tired from the long drive and wanted nothing more than to crawl into his bed and sleep for a week, he wanted to stay hidden from everyone, especially Elena. He was so miserable without her but he couldn't let her see that, it was going to be hell. He opened his bedroom door and stopped. The bed was unkempt and he certainly hadn't left it like that. Oh God he thought, Elena must have been here. He dropped his bags on the floor and sat down on the bed. His hand traced the space where she must have slept and he wondered if this was where she had lain as she'd left him all those voice messages begging him to change his mind. He was pulled from his thoughts when he heard a small slosh of water. He stood up quickly and walked around the wall into his bathroom. Elena was lying in his bathtub, god she looked beautiful. She'd filled the side with candles and looked utterly relaxed, she eyes closed.

"Elena?" he asked when he could remember how to speak

Elena's eyes fluttered open and settled on him. He really wished she wouldn't look at him like that.

"What are you doing?" he asked when she said nothing.

"I'm having a bath…?" she said in a voice as though he was being ridiculous

"I'm my room?" he said

"Yes." She replied "Does it bother you?"

Damon shrugged, he wanted to say "Yes." But instead he turned to leave, he could do this.

He heard her move and then she spoke. "Does this bother you?"

Against his will he glanced back over his shoulder, she was standing on the bathroom floor, naked. Water was cascading down her beautiful naked body and dripping onto the tiles.

"Don't…Elena…" he pleaded

"Don't what Damon?" she said innocently

"Don't do this to me!" he said angrily turning completely to face her

"What am I doing to you?" she said raising her eyebrow suggestively.

Damon walked slowly across the bathroom to her, he could she her rapidly breathing in anticipation, saw her biting her bottom lip.

Lifting the towel he carefully wrapped it around her body, her sigh of disappointment crushing him. "Please leave." He said gently

Elena sighed and began walking away from him. "This isn't going to work you know." She said angrily before she slammed his bedroom door behind her.

Damon walked to his bed and collapsed into it. He was screwed.

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