Elena was still rather shaken as she made her way to the top floor of the hotel she'd chosen. When the elevator pinged she exited it and followed the porter across the hallway.

"Here Miss." He smiled handing her the card "The key to the loft."

Elena took the key and tried to smile. She'd never done compulsion on this scale and she felt oddly guilty about it. She'd chosen the highest level for safety reasons, she figured she was further away from harm here; it was nothing to do with snobbery.

"And you bags?" the man said looking puzzled

"I don't have any." She said awkwardly

"Planning a shopping trip?" the porter smiled

"Yes." Elena lied "If no one else is going to treat me then I'll treat myself, right?"

"Exactly." The man smiled "If you need anything just call down to reception, and remember you have full access to the gym, spa, sauna, pool…anything you want."

"Thank you." Elena smiled "Goodbye."

As the man called for the lift she slipped the key card into the lock and opened the door into the luxurious loft she'd compelled herself.

"Holy crap." Elena muttered her eyes bugging at the enormous room.

The furnishings were all black except for a luxurious gold satin bed spread that fell gloriously across the vast bed. She immediately walked to the far wall which was made of pure glass and she gazed at the view, it was breath taking.

After she explored the whole room and off rooms she took out her phone and called Damon, he answered after the second ring. She told him where to find her and he promised to get there as soon as possible.

With nothing to do but wait (and Damon had instructed her not to leave the hotel room), she decided to freshen up. She filled the round bath up with hot water and bubbles and sank her stressed out body into it. Any other time she would be in paradise but all she could visualise when she closed her eyes was Damon's body crumpling to floor with Vaughn's weapon protruding from it. She worried about him, where he was right now, was he being followed…When she'd had her fill of 'relaxing' she got out of the bath and dried herself of on the white fluffy towels and wrapped her body tightly in the oversized bath robe that was hanging on the door. She sat herself down in a stylish leather recliner and waited for him; checking her phone every few minutes and watching the sky outside grow darker.

Damon raced from the Elevator and knocked on the door "Elena, open up, it's me."

He heard her get up and move to the door. She flung the door open and he raced inside and closed the door. She was wearing a robe and an angry face.

"Are you okay?" she asked him

"I'm perfectly fine, I told you." He replied honestly, he was so relieved to see her, his heart could explode.

In a flash Elena's fist made contact with his face.

"Ow!" he complained "are you insane?" his hand moved to his cheek, she's split it good, blood trickled down his face

"You made me run!" she said and he was alarmed to see tears cascading down her face

He gripped her upper arms, trying to look into those beautiful eyes

"I know I did but I needed you safe, Elena."

"You made me run, and I couldn't go back to you. And…and Stefan came and… I couldn't go back to you, Damon!" she sobbed

"I know, I know." Damon said quickly "I'm sorry I upset you…"

"What if you had died? What would I have done?" she said irrationally getting hysterical

Damon was at a loss for words, he hadn't thought about how much he'd upset her, he had just needed to get her away from Vaughn as quickly as possible. So doing the only thing he could think of to calm her down, to show her how sorry- he was he kissed her.

Elena was taken aback when Damon kissed her, his lips crashed with hers and he kissed her so urgently that her whole body exploded into butterflies. Her anxieties melted away instantly as she matched his enthusiasm, her arms going around his neck. She happily let him deepen the kiss, his hands moving over her, making her lose her mind.

Damon released his hold on her only for a second to untie the belt on her robe and she dropped her arms so he could remove it from her body. Gently he then pushed her backwards until her naked body came into contact with the cold glass of the window. She gasped and arched her back off the cold surface making Damon laugh as he kissed his way along her jaw. All she could think about was the madding time they'd spent apart and how much she wanted him; her hands opened his belt and ripped open the buttons on his jeans. She yanked them and his boxers down his thighs. Their urgency was too high to rid Damon of his clothes and Elena bit her lip and she felt his hand roughly lift her thigh around his hip. All she could do was grip onto his leather jacket for dear life.

When they had both ridden out their world shattering orgasms she stripped Damon of his clothes and shoes and she led him to the bed. She crawled on top of his naked body and he held her tightly there, just trailing his fingertips lightly up and down her spine and catching her off guard with kisses. Neither of them mentioned Vaughn again that night or Stefan or Caroline or anything.

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