Keeper of the Flame

Chapter 27

And Epilogue

Disclaimer: This is a work of fan-fiction using characters from Stephanie Meyer's Twilight series. The following story is fictional and does not depict any actual person or event. This story is for entertainment only and is completely made up from my head.



Edward jumped up, "Oh my God! Bella! He reached the door and threw it open. There in the hall just outside the door, Bella was laying in a heap on the floor.

Her nurse was just coming out of Bella's room to find Edward and tell him that Bella was not in there. She immediately rushed to the spot and knelt next to the unconscious woman.

"Oh Mr. Cullen, I just stepped out to go to the restroom and get myself a different book. When I came back she was gone." Mrs Webber wrung her hands together. "I'm so sorry."

Edward wasn't paying attention to the unhappy nurse, he only had eyes for Bella. She had risen to the call and was 'present' enough to know to come to them in their need. He looked at Alice and, she nodded.


Just as Edward was about to send someone to get a cup of hot tea for Bella, they heard sirens blaring in the front yard. Tyler ran out of the room to see what was going on. Edward could not be pried away from his love.

Tyler came running back into the library shouting for them to all come look what was going on. The nurse told Edward she'd stay with Bella so he could go see what Tyler was so concerned about.

When they all were out on the front porch they could see heaps of something strewn around the yard...bodies still smoking laying on the ground.


Once human beings?

The stench in the air was unmistakable.

Edward knew at once what had happened.

The Thule wanted to burn his house down and kill everyone inside. They thought they'd catch the Keepers unprepared. Those black hooded figures were in fact very physical humans carrying torches with which to burn his house down.

As above. So, below.

Tonight, on the inner planes, Edward had barely managed to hold them at bay, but when Bella arrived their combined force/power had been enough to disable, even kill the intruders. Had she not come back, Edward shuddered to think about what would have happened.

This was the way they were destined to be together when they worked the inner planes. A strong defensive unit able to take on the strongest forces of Darkness. Bella and Edward had always been meant to be the ones who would defend the other Keepers. This was the first time they'd been able to operate in that intended capacity, but Edward did not want to have to ever do that again.

He was pulled out of his thoughts when Alice's voice reached him.

"But who called the police?" Alice wondered. "And why didn't I see this coming?"

Edward smiled and answered, "Leah must have, the nurse would have said something."

Leah was talking to a sheriff who looked like he was taking a report, must have heard what he said. She turned her head toward Edward and nodded. She then left and came over to Edward and his friends.

"I'm sorry I guess I should have warned you, but you were all locked in the library and you'd told me not to disturb you when you were in there." Leah Clearwater was the daughter of the chief of the American Indian tribe whose land adjoined with Edward's.

Chief Clearwater had heard that Edward was looking for a new cook/housekeeper and his daughter needed a job. Edward read her mind; she was not a member of the Thule, or one of their plants, but she was an "aware" human. So he hired her on the spot, and he was very glad that he had. It might have appeared as a coincidence to the casual observer, but Edward knew better.

Leah told them that she had been standing at the kitchen sink just looking outside because something felt weird to her. She saw figures approaching the house carrying blazing torches.

Instinctively, she knew what they were planning to do with those torches and she didn't want her new employer's house burned to the ground, so she called the County Sheriff and the Tribal Police.

It was the Tribal Police that reached the scene first. What they saw was something out of a horror story, but they'd seen far stranger things. However, they knew that that many people carrying lighted torches were up to no good so they radioed in a request for back up, as they got out of their patrol cars, since Edward's land was not their jurisdiction.

The intruders seemed totally unaware of the arrival of the Tribal Police as they appeared to just collapse and burst into flames. A few of them even seemed to explode just as they hit the ground.

The police were unable to reach any of them with fire extinguishers. None of the police seemed to be too broken up about it either.

One of the police officers was heard mumbling something like, "Karma's a bitch..."

About two hours later when all the law enforcement officers as well as all the EMT trucks and fire department vehicles had left the property, Edward and his friends went back into the house. The sight that greeted them had Edward smiling from ear to ear.

Bella was sitting at the breakfast bar eating soup and crackers.


Edward just stood there drinking in that sight of Bella eating all by herself.

It's not polite to stare Edward, Bella thought, come sit by me and let's talk. I think we have a great deal to catch up on.

She turned her head toward Edward and smiled. "I love you too".


Victoria shakily stood up from her armchair. All of the candles had been snuffed out around the room that had been the source of a light by a blast of hot wind that had blown through the room.

Sweat had her hair matted to her forehead and her body was coated in a layer of it also.

Fucking Cullen Dreck!

How they'd managed to pull it off, again? I did everything I was instructed to do. I don't understand how they managed to not only defeat us on the Inner Planes, but they managed to kill off most of my best 'operatives'.

Victoria was not used to defeat, and such a sound defeat at that.

It would take her years to rebuild what she's managed to lose tonight. How the hell was it accomplished? Well, she'd have to start recruiting in the morning.

Turning on the table lamp within her reach, Victoria made for her liquor cabinet and poured herself a stiff drink of Scotch, neat.

Her red lacquered nails drummed on the side of the glass containing the strong liquor.

We're not done Cullen.

Not by a long shot. You've only won round two. The next one will be ours!

Enjoy your respite. We'll be back again. I'm not surrendering.

Enjoy being reunited. It won't last long, if I can help it!

The End

A/N: There you have the second edition of the Light vs the Dark. I'm sure we'll see them all again in the future. I'd like to thank each and everyone of my readers who've supported me. Your PM's and reviews helped to keep me going. I could not have continued without your belief in me.

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Remember history - it will always be altered by those in power.

Remember it as it happens. That is being a Keeper of the Flame.