Welcome to my first ever fanfiction. There are many other drabble collections in this fandom, I know, but I try to put my own twist on those little stories and make them as interesting as I can. I have little writing experience prior to this, but I got to improve a lot while writing these (this is not my original AN, I have 56 chapters written as of right now). So the writing gets better in later chapters. And so does my English.

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The sound of a hundred musical toys almost drowned Bunnymund's victorious roar as he won his dart match against Phil the yeti. Elves ran on small colorful pianos to create what they no doubt believe to be masterpieces. North laughed heartily, enjoying the celebration of their victory over Pitch.

"Tooth! Will you stop your fluttering around and just enjoy the party?" he shouted at the fairy, raising a mug of eggnog to his mouth.

The Tooth Fairy gave a sheepish smile as she turned away from the small fairies she had been sending away to gather teeth all around the world.

"Sorry, but the children need me to do my job now more than ever!"

"Still, have some cookies."

The party had been going on for quite a while, now. There was much to be celebrated, after all. Not only had they beaten Pitch, but the Guardians had a new member. Speaking of...

"Sandy, have you seen Jack?" he asked the dozing Guardian of Dreams. "Sandy!"

Sandy woke up with a start, forming a question mark in sand above his head.

"Jack. Have you seen him?" he repeated.

Sandy shrugged and shook his head. North frowned. The boy had been there not long ago. He had spent most of the evening staring at the party with a large smile that seemed to be happy, relieved, baffled and giddy at the same time. And more than a little overwhelmed. North stood, determined to find the young Guardian.

The sound diminished considerably once he left the room, but elves ran around everywhere in the workshop. He was used to it and easily avoided tripping on any of his pointy headed helpers. He had to wander around for quite a while before he reached a significantly colder area of the complex. A window had obviously been left open.

He expected to find the white haired teenager sitting on the windowsill, but when he found the wide-opened window, Jack Frost was nowhere in sight. North frowned. Maybe he had left when he had heard him come. Was he avoiding the others?

On impulse, he poked his head out. He found him there, balanced on his staff. The end of the shepherd's crook rested on a lower ledge, a little to the side of the window. He held something small and blue in his hand as he stared out at the lightly falling snow.

"Not enjoying the party?"

Jack almost fell off his staff in surprise. When he recovered his balance, he gave him a strained but sincere smile.

"Ah... of course. It was just... getting really warm in there."

North did not doubt that the heat as everyone danced and played and ran around could have gotten uncomfortable to the Spirit of Winter, but he suspected that there was more to it than that.

"You look upset. Is something wrong?"

Jack ran a hand in his hair.

"No, it's just... a lot happened and I didn't really have time to think about any of it. Becoming a Guardian, Pitch, my memories..."

"Your memories. So you had time to look at them, yes? Did they help?"

Jack looked excited now. A bright smile lit his pale face as he looked at him.

"Yes! I saw my family. My sister. I had a sister!"

The sheer joy on the boy's face made North a little the boy be this exited about his long-dead family had he not spent his new life alone and isolated? North swore to himself that he would not let the young Guardian get lonely again. He was part of the family now.

"And you know how you became Jack Frost?"

"Yes! I went ice skating with my little sister and the ice broke and I saved her and I fell in the frozen lake and drowned and Man in Moon pulled me out as I am now," he said in a rush, gesturing wildly as he told his story.

The boy's face held a bright grin and it was somewhat upsetting to North how little Jack seemed to care that he had died. It was like he was not even considering it. Not because he was trying to block the memory, but because it really meant nothing compared to the knowledge that he had saved his sister. North could see that the boy made a good Guardian.

Jack's smile suddenly faded and sadness clouded his features.

"I remember her, you know? From after I died, I mean. It took me a while to recall. It was a long time ago. But I remember the little girl who lived near the lake but would never get near it. She always refused to go skating with the other children. I remember the look on her face as she would sometime stare in the direction of the lake..."

North reached out and placed a large hand on the boy's bony shoulder.

"So you remember who you were now. Do you know who you are?"

Jack opened his hand and looked at the small blue wooden doll in his palm

"Yes. I'm a Guardian."